World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 263
Hears the Lu Jie sound to transmit, Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised, he comes time on restraining aura, but was induced by Lu Jie, obviously this Lu Jie Divine Sense is not weak. Shen Xiang does not plan and Lu Jie meets, he pretends not to hear, to continue, but above only hears to transmit the windowing the sound, the person's three buildings from hotel jumps down, stands in front of Shen Xiang. Lu Jie wears a magnificent and expensive white clothing, grasps a fan, is long very handsome, the straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards bright item, the skin is fair, he is sizing up Shen Xiang. Is you my Master killing?” Lu Jie asked lightly, could not see an anger from his look, this made Shen Xiang feel actually odd. The hotel entrance was standing many people, Shen Xiang and Lu Jie they knew that in looks like, the Lu Jie strength should compared with Shen Xiang in some, moreover Lu Jie Master dies in Shen Xiang's this is well-known, Lu Jie is hostile toward Shen Xiang that is also natural, but now the Lu Jie facial expression so is indifferent, this makes the people feel strange. Shen Xiang should say: Is I kills.” Lu Jie lightly smiled: I have aimed at defeating my Master, my Master has been killed by you now, therefore you are my goal, dares to come to hit one with me?” The opposite party is True Martial Realm 7th Stage, the strength be higher than two sections compared with him, Shen Xiang will not make this foolish matter, if not use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, his strength will be weaker, moreover he just entered True Martial Realm 5th Stage, has not been familiar with this Realm completely. Does not have the interest!” Shen Xiang said that he said these words, that Lu Jie complexion immediately changed, became very ice-cold. Shen Xiang felt that some are not right, when he just had this feeling, a feeling of danger(ous) raids.

Be careful!” Long Xueyi tenderly shouted, but, Shen Xiang only felt without enough time a strength fierce bombardment in his dantian, making his body be hit to be the same by 1 million jin (0.5 kg) strength probably, although he does not have to move aside with enough time, but the True Qi actually automatic performance of his within the body, hid Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor in his skin has also resisted majority of strength. Shen Xiang by strength that such as raided suddenly striking retreat two steps, his corners of the mouth overflowed a blood slowly, dropped in the place, but his five main internal organs (entrails) was similar to disrupts was the same, that feeling made him feel that a moment ago all of own within the body were been same by any pressure, probably must crush. Instantaneous, he was seriously injured, True Qi in dantian is hard to transfer, because his majority of meridians have damaged, uses the True Qi words forcefully, will only cause the meridians to damage seriously. Shen Xiang is gripping tightly the fist, his line of sight is somewhat fuzzy, but is restoring gradually, his complexion is somewhat pale, but is actually full of the anger. You how?” Lu Jie is sneering asking. The Shen Xiang whole body shakes, he discovered that Lu Jie has stood there, in the hand is also grasping that the fan, but can actually release the so powerful attack, a aura has not leaked, the surrounding person also strangely looks at Shen Xiang, they only saw Shen Xiang retreat a moment ago two steps, the corners of the mouth on the overflowing blood. Lu Jie, I will not let off your!” Shen Xiang wipes off the blood on corners of the mouth, unemotionally said that looks like is very tranquil, if not his somewhat skill, perhaps discarded a moment ago, this Lu Jie starts to be very heavy. Now can you compete with me?” Lu Jie has smiled, smiles very deceitfully. Shen Xiang knows that Lu Jie certainly used a moment ago any fierce method to attack him, but had not actually been seen, he has not seen, this method is very fierce.

„, I will massacre you directly!” Shen Xiang coldly said, he just did not go out two steps, that Lu Jie like lightning trampled his foot, kicks on his knee, making him knee down. All around person immediately one startled, fierce draws back, he knows that had a moment ago certainly anything, causes Shen Xiang to say like this ruthless words. On the Lu Jie face full is gloomy and cold: Extreme Martial Sect first young expert, the reputation of good power and prestige, I must make you kneel down now, I must have a look at you to have any skill but actually! Said, I am very repugnant your this face, I envy the reputation that you obtain very much, I must ruin! I will use the strength certificate I compared with you!” Saying, Lu Jie is clutching the Shen Xiang's hair, a foot steps in Shen Xiang another knee, wants to make the Shen Xiang knees kneel. Shen Xiang thorough was angry, he has not thought that this Lu Jie unexpectedly is at heart abnormal, his arm suddenly becomes fiery incomparable, has filled strength, this was Long Xueyi lends his strength, Long Xueyi cannot tolerate. Kneels down to me!” Lu Jie raises legs, ferocious sound shouted, steps on vigorously to the Shen Xiang's knee, he settles on Shen Xiang already the severe wound, cannot revolt. Shen Xiang arrives at the extreme angrily, a face is red, the appearance that scary murderous aura blots out the sky immediately in the entrance of hotel, many people slightly is shivering, at this time they thought one are probably same in Hell, that murderous aura as if can momentarily claim their lives. Shen Xiang has killed person, has killed demon is so many, murderous aura these Dean that cultivates feel ashamed of one's inferiority continually. Lu Jie at this time also slightly one startled, he looks at Shen Xiang astonished, at this moment, kneeing down Shen Xiang exploded has roared, that [say / way] was full of the angry sound is similar to dragon roar is common, shook the entire hotel to shiver slightly, the sound also reverberated in all directions, was very scary.

The roaring sound sends out at the same time, the Shen Xiang's fist is also similar to the thunder common bang hits, is ruthless and quick hitting sees only in two legs of that Lu Jie, that crazy fierce fist energy emerges in the body of Lu Jie immediately, Lu Jie cannot withstand, a fierce blowout blood, after terrifying fist energy enters the body of Lu Jie, but also shakes from his body, resounds strong winds, the floor that Lu Jie stands also becomes disrupts. Lu Jie is covering in the legs, whole body is trembling, his retreat several steps, the complexion became pale, what are more is shocking, Shen Xiang the might of that fist he was clear a moment ago. Either hurries get lost, either continues to keep Extreme Martial Sect!” Insulted my person, must die.” Shen Xiang that is full of the hatred the sound, such as the blade is common, making the person have a lingering fear. The Shen Xiang stride departs, although Long Xueyi's strength also has, but he actually cannot use again, his body caused heavy losses, obtains strength through the way of this damage body again, this will make him be hard to restore, the serious point words, will discard. That fellow had hit your fist a moment ago, but the speed is quick, moreover is quietly, I discovered he has hit!” Long Xueyi said. This martial arts is very rare, is in Legend that Ghost Martial Technique?” The Su Meiyao doubts said. Shen Xiang returned to Extreme Dan King Courtyard, that Lu Jie had been hit fist family jewels by him maliciously, but also is actually injured, he strength of that fist was not weak a moment ago, obviously Lu Jie itself defends is also very strong, this is an enemy.