World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 265
Arrives at city gate, Shen Xiang sees that two to stand erect a blade sword by city gate, immediately expresses an exclamation, this blade sword is giant, is higher than the city wall, seems builds with the iron. After entering a city, Shen Xiang sees in the city a lively picture, here most shops are sell weapon and protective armor, moreover he can also hear many hammering the sounds, because refiner needs the flame, therefore each shop will have the refiner room, this causes the entire city to cover in burning hot. Here common social practice is valiant, each one is tall and sturdy, moreover is very warm, naturally, the person who came from other states are also many, majority are to come to here purchases the appropriate weapon, or is takes the goods to resell to other places. The east side of city is the Divine Weapon palace, gathered round by the red tall wall, inside is the same with Extreme Martial Sect, some every large or small courtyards, this is also Divine Weapon Sect originally, the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire principal organ, in is not only the disciple, some officials in inside, are responsible for processing various Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's types of things. Shen Xiang arrives at the entrance of Divine Weapon palace, after blocking, he put out Liu Meng'er to give his token. I must see Empress.” Shen Xiang indifferently said, he change appearance, has worn certain straw hat, on the face has been gluing on the full beard, but also blocks from an eye with the eye-shade, making people very difficult to recognize him. These guards of entrance see that token, does not dare to have neglects slightly, felt that the arrangement person goes in the Shen Xiang belt, because to his knowledge, can have the person of this token not to be many, if needed, but can also transfer the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's army with this token, can have this token, is Liu Meng'er relationship is extremely good, obtains the person of Liu Meng'er trust. These guards know that Xue Xianxian has one. If Shen Xiang is familiar with this Divine Weapon palace, he can also be able to take a walk in by that token at will, he has not known the significance of that token now. Shen Xiang with that guard across courtyards, went to a very remote place finally. Front is your majesty residence, I did not deliver to there, we do not dare to approach.” That guard said that in a hurry departs. Front is a very big courtyard, Shen Xiang can see inside to have a hill, in can also smell the flower fragrance that scatters, truly likely is the place that the woman lives.

Surroundings nobody in this yard, is very peaceful, can in once for a while hearing yard spread the birdcall. Shen Xiang walked, he wants to turn the wall to enter directly, to a Liu Meng'er pleasant surprise, but has not thought that actually shaking has drawn back by outstanding above strength, that is very powerful formations. Who?” Inside spreads together the noble and chilly tenderness drinks. Is I!” Shen Xiang should say low and deep. The gate opened automatically, Shen Xiang cracked into a chuckle, to walk quickly, just stepped into, that had automatic closing, this made him express admiration secretly, this Liu Meng'er was also too lazy. After going, Shen Xiang sees one to wear the white skirt outstandingly beautiful beautiful woman, sits in meditation easely in the soft lawn, her congealing eyebrow looks at a picture spirit pattern paper, beautiful eyes exceptionally glittering. Here is lingering the fragrance of precious flower, as well as makes the female subfield that one is infatuated with fragrant, looks simple and beautiful at present this refined, makings noble Liu Meng'er, in Shen Xiang heart self-satisfied, remembers he and Liu Meng'er has had the matters of all sorts of ambiguous, lets in his lower abdomen immediately a heat. Snort!” Although Liu Meng'er has not looked at Shen Xiang, but actually felt that the Shen Xiang's body temperature has the strange change, cannot help but lowly spat one, regarding Shen Xiang this little rascal, she has been unalarmed by strange sights. Liu Meng'er stands up, walks toward Shen Xiang, felt that the fragrant wind blows, being in a daze Shen Xiang recovers immediately, happily said with a smile: Sister Meng'er, I came to see you! Right, Xianxian? She not with your together?” I made her go to Icewind Valley, she with Youlan that girls was the same physique, went to there to have the advantage to her.” The Liu Meng'er hidden bitterness looked at Shen Xiang one, forks waist tenderly snorted and said: Had any matter quickly to say.” Looks at that beautiful such as the face of jade, Shen Xiang laughed: Sister Meng'er, I really come to see you and Xianxian's, then while convenient asks you to help.”

Snort.” Usual Liu Meng'er, is a cold and proud noble stance, but has met Shen Xiang, she did not have idea, comes out her real disposition exposed. Shen Xiang scratches the head says with a smile silly: Sister Meng'er, you did not ask me to sit down, then gave me to tea what?” Bah, you have the matter to look for me, why to make me serve you?” Liu Meng'er concluded that Shen Xiang has the matter to come, although she and Xue Xianxian shouted Shen Xiang to come to here frequently, but they knew the Shen Xiang's disposition, must come really time already came. Liu Meng'er sits on the lawn directly, said: Sits casually, nothing hurries, I am very busy.” Shen Xiang sits cross-legged to sit down, looks at Liu Meng'er to say with a smile: Sister Meng'er, you in my life Qi/angry?” Liu Meng'er tenderly snorted and said: Who dares to be mad your, you let our these old fellow massive hemorrhage, Hua Xiangyue this Little Fairy has given you actually pills, a value did not have.” Shen Xiang stares, his suddenly thought that this Liu Meng'er is being jealous likely, Liu Meng'er is interesting to him, this makes his heart thump thump jump immediately, in the heart has an inexplicable happiness. Sister Meng'er, you also are really, how you will send Southern Wasteland Youlan and Xianxian, that multi- danger(ous)!” The Shen Xiang blame said.. Speaking of this matter, Liu Meng'er life Qi/angry gets up immediately, she used jade finger to poke the Shen Xiang's head maliciously, such as the cheeks of jade cannot help but reappeared two to wipe the rosy. Is you, I did not make them go, but Youlan this girl unexpectedly said any big rabbit...... I do not make her go, she said...... humph, humph, I do not have the means finally, can only make Xianxian accompany her to go, so as to avoid the girl of this nerve big strip has any mistake.” The Liu Meng'er sound full is tender resentment, this was Shen Xiang teaches Leng Youlan to say. Shen Xiang embarrassed has smiled: cough cough, Sister Meng'er, here has 20 grains of Building Foundation Dan, your Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire need? The words that wants I sold to you.”

Liu Meng'er one startled, hurriedly said: Need, you open a price!” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile: Kisses my me to give to you.” Liu Meng'er spat tenderly: Do not crack a joke, hurried to say a price.” Smiling face suddenly on Shen Xiang face vanished, earnestly said: I do not ask for money, I only make Sister Meng'er help my busy.” A Liu Meng'er delicate eyebrows bunch, asked: Any matter, you said that's it.” Shen Xiang said: Sister Meng'er, do you have big furnace?” Liu Meng'er nodded: Has, I will use the big furnace to smelt the massive refiner materials frequently, do you want me to help you to smelt the thing? This for me is only the minor matter!” Shen Xiang shakes the head, the forced smile said: Does not smelt the thing, builds up me.” What?” Liu Meng'er suspected one misunderstood, builds up him? Isn't that the behavior of suicide?