World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 266
Shen Xiang sees the Liu Meng'er surprised appearance, gives Liu Meng'er beast skin. The Liu Meng'er's memory is extremely good, he remembers Shen Xiang obtains Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor time, this beast skin appears in inside, inside is Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique, at that time Shen Xiang must give her one, but she has not actually wanted. Opens looked that Liu Meng'er looks at inside these abstruse martial arts sutra, the breath cannot help but becomes heavy, the milk-white bosom is fluctuating, because this is very fierce divine art. Has not thought that unexpectedly is so fierce, but requests to be very high, needs Immortal Devil Body 2nd Stage, you should not achieve now.” Liu Meng'er said that in her his cognition, Immortal Devil Body 2nd Stage generally is the True Martial Realm 8th Stage 9th Stage people, she also arrived in that strength in the past. After having looked at that Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique, Liu Meng'er knows that Shen Xiang sought her reason, but she was actually considering now if wanted helped Shen Xiang, if did not do well, but will make Shen Xiang be killed. I have achieved.” Shen Xiang scratched the head, says with a smile. The Liu Meng'er tender body trembles, looks at Shen Xiang inconceivable, the slender white hands have grasped toward Shen Xiang like lightning, buckles on the Shen Xiang's wrist|skill, she said in a soft voice: Do not resist, I confirmed that if you were really Immortal Devil Body 2nd Stage, I helped you.” In the ordinary situation, Liu Meng'er cannot completely understand Shen Xiang, if not go to the careful investigation Shen Xiang's words, Shen Xiang is in her eyes same as the average person, now she entered the Shen Xiang's body by her Divine Sense, looks at his fleshly body strong degree, does not look does not know that looks to have a scare, Shen Xiang's fleshly body imagines her is much more formidable. Snort, you hide really deeply.” Liu Meng'er receives the hand. Shen Xiang cracks into a chuckle: Sister Meng'er, I must deal with a fierce fellow, I must be a bit faster formidable, therefore can only take risks, if can cross the first stage successfully, later becomes simply, but when the time comes I must come to trouble Sister Meng'er.” Liu Meng'er lightly snorted and said: How you do not look for Hua Xiangyue this only Little Fairy, her strength is very strong.”

Shen Xiang does not think clearly, after he arrived here, has not mentioned Hua Xiangyue, but Liu Meng'er mentioned excessively two. „Can Sister Meng'er, when start? I will give you 20 grains of Building Foundation Dan as the reward, this reward is not low.” Shen Xiang said. 20 grains of Building Foundation Dan are not naturally low, the matter that Liu Meng'er must handle is also very simple, she refines spirit tool time is much simpler, but favors the furnace, controlled good flame that's alright. Comes with me.” After Liu Meng'er has given careful consideration, decides to help Shen Xiang, even if Shen Xiang does not give her Building Foundation Dan, she will also help, she wants to obtain Shen Xiang to deliver Building Foundation Dan to come to her, because prepares to have big storm, at present is training are certainly many some fierce disciples to consolidate the fundamental strength. Shen Xiang she can feel to her good, although usually always sexually harasses her, but this has actually pulled closer their relationship. Sister Meng'er, our Dean asked me to buy be honest with you, I sold to her five hundred thousand crystal stones one grains, you were my Sister Meng'er, I while convenient gave to you, after , I had, I will also give you.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, carried on the material offensive the method to have the effect to the woman, for example Elder Dan, by him was made the clothing/taking was docile. Saying, Shen Xiang was taking 20 grains of True Elemental Dan, gives Liu Meng'er. These many Building Foundation Dan that Shen Xiang, which your comes?” The Liu Meng'er doubts asked that received looks, discovered that these Building Foundation Dan were the quality excellent. Shen Xiang cracks into a chuckle: I said that is I refines, do you believe?” Does not believe!” Liu Meng'er said immediately that she brings Shen Xiang to walk toward a front hill, has a cave entrance under that hill.

Shen Xiang smiles not to speak, he said: Later you see Elder Dan, asks that she knew.” Liu Meng'er does not believe that her in a tone with a touch of jealousy: How you and Hua Xiangyue this does Little Fairy gang up on?” Shen Xiang curls the lip: Sister Meng'er, do you such care about this matter? Xianxian does not have you to be so anxious.” Liu Meng'er pretty face one red, she does not know why one always such care, whenever she thinks when Hua Xiangyue ambiguous touches the Shen Xiang's cheeks, in heart association bewildered is uncomfortable. I was worried for Xianxian that you do have Youlan and Xianxian are insufficient?” Liu Meng'er whispered, she sees Leng Youlan to Shen Xiang that sentiment, knows that Leng Youlan sooner or later can with Shen Xiang dull together, but Xue Xianxian did not oppose, but also very nearly walks with Leng Youlan. How to suffice? Only if Sister Meng'er also marries me!” Shen Xiang touches the chin, said with an evil smile. Liu Meng'er bites the cherry lips, has turned around to hit the Shen Xiang's head: You cracked a joke that's alright before me, they do not say to Xianxian! Honest confession, you and Hua Xiangyue what relationship? Although she is a very fierce woman, but your this brat method are many, nearly also walks with her possibly has.” Including this keeping aloof Nirvana Realm expert, to Shen Xiang not any resistivity. I in secular world knew that she......” Shen Xiang has run into Hua Xiangyue's matter 1510 saying in secular world him, hearing Liu Meng'er to be very surprised, she has not thought that Hua Xiangyue unexpectedly ** Shen Xiang, she knows that the Hua Xiangyue's status is not low. At that time unexpectedly made Shen Xiang this not enter True Martial Realm little rascal to look at the body, moreover is intentionally. „The vision of this woman is quite sinister, unexpectedly can foresee you to have today this achievement, Xianxian and Youlan has not misread the person, you had not been enticed unexpectedly.” Liu Meng'er relaxed.

Shen Xiang asked: Sister Meng'er, this Hua Xiangyue what background? Danxiang Taoyuan is she governs probably.” I am not clear to her matter, suddenly many years ago jumps, said that is a Danxiang Taoyuan Dean maidservant, in the hand is taking the Danxiang Taoyuan Dean faith token, is responsible for processing Danxiang Taoyuan's many things, moreover before was some elders does.” Liu Meng'er shook the head: „Were you regret initially had not received her to be your daughter now?” Naturally does not have, now I must make her be my maidservant same.” Shen Xiang said proudly, although, this is also only cracks a joke. Wizard letter, this Little Fairy, although is coquettish, but the strength is very strong, at least is Nirvana Realm, moreover is usually few and man contacts, but why is she so good to you?” The Liu Meng'er doubts said. Shen Xiang does not think clearly, he said with a smile: That is my charm is, Sister Meng'er you by my charm were not said subdues?” Bah! Your let alone boast, kept a strength to wait to roar, definitely met the pain dead you.” Liu Meng'er spat one lowly. They have walked into the cave, at this time Shen Xiang induced to one strange sultry transmitted from inside, this made him somewhat anxious.