World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 267
After entering to mountain side, Shen Xiang then sees one to reach as high as to the giant furnace of summit in inside, this square shape furnace is lending burning hot aura, although looks like very simple, but actually could see that this giant furnace had certain age. Big!” Shen Xiang exclaims. Does not build up you with this, too wasted! I with this.” Liu Meng'er has put out four foot cauldron furnaces, seems is White Jade creates, and is very small. Shen Xiang looks on the Liu Meng'er jade palm that small Jade Cauldron, cannot help but has smiled: Sister Meng'er, do not crack a joke, what can this little thing do? Builds up my small finger also almost.” Liu Meng'er white his eyes, said: Fellow who has not seen the world.” After she Jade Cauldron places the ground, sees only her forehead to congeal, Jade Cauldron emits a white light immediately, is increasing slowly, suddenly becomes has one person to be so high. Shen Xiang is dumbfounded immediately, Jade Cauldron that can suddenly increase, he knows that this type of mysterious thing is very certainly rare. Really, he hears Su Meiyao to shout tenderly: This is White Jade Dragon Cauldron, makes with Jade Dragon, with your Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace same thing, this woman is not simple! Otherwise she will not have that Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk, her parents certainly are in Heaven World the famous character.” White Jade Dragon Cauldron mixed in many rare and precious materials, can make this cauldron increase changes is small, should be have a hill most greatly to be so big, more than 10,000 years ago had appeared in Heaven World one time, has raised reign of terror, but afterward did not have the trail.” Long Xueyi is also very surprised: This White Jade Dragon Cauldron is much better compared with your Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace.” Shen Xiang swallows the saliva, said with amazement: Sister Meng'er, is this White Jade Dragon Cauldron?”

Is surprised this feedback to Liu Meng'er, her hastily asked: „Do you know? My parents told me, cannot reveal the name of this cauldron, will otherwise bring the fatal disaster to me!” Shen Xiang congealing sound track: Um, this cauldron raised one to snatch to kill in Heaven World in the past, I will help you keep secret, is your also your parents gives you Kiss of the Jade Dragon? Your parents were any background, unexpectedly so are fierce, have given your many good things!” Liu Meng'er also feels very confused, she shook the head: I do not know how you do know this White Jade Dragon Cauldron?” Senior told me.” Shen Xiang lets go smiles, he had already said with Liu Meng'er, he was under a mysterious Senior instruction, therefore knows many things. Liu Meng'er Youyou sighed, Shen Xiang and she has said that he must the status security to that Senior, therefore she cannot ask anything. My refiner time has this cauldron to help, can let my twice the result with half the effort, moreover thing that builds up good, but I usually little use, only if refines the fierce thing.” Liu Meng'er made White Jade Dragon Cauldron change small, was putting some iron slabs toward inside, waited for Shen Xiang to soak in the molten iron. Sister Meng'er, did you help the weapon that Youlan refined build up? In Southern Wasteland, that tattered that she uses, Xianxian's weapon is actually good.” Shen Xiang said. Relax, I will build up, do you think me the bias like you? Is only good to a person.” Liu Meng'er pouts saying that the appearance is very lovable, looks at Shen Xiang very much to want the hand to extend to pinch her face. My when bias? Do not be unfair to me.” Shen Xiang lets go to say.

50% I of that diamond alligator python did not give you, left Youlan to build weapon.” Liu Meng'er made White Jade Dragon Cauldron increase, then according to entered moving of fire in cauldron furnace following one, one group of flame gushed out from her jade palm, see only that snow white cauldron furnace to turn into fiery red immediately, but inside iron slab melted instantaneously, turns into the molten iron. Rubbish, you must be ready, in goes is not jokes.” Liu Meng'er weakened the fire intensity, has put then in several golden red stones, sees only inside molten iron to seethe with excitement immediately, blows out scalding hot air waves, this makes Shen Xiang cannot help but swallow the saliva, these molten iron really made people feel frightened. chant sutra anything's he already knew by heart, does not have what preparation to do, his took a deep breath, thinks because one strength is insufficient, was almost compelled to kneel down by that Lu Jie, this makes in his heart make a determined effort, the double fist grasps very tightly. Shen Xiang 2-3 have taken off the clothes, this makes Liu Meng'er send out a scream immediately, face one red, hastily casts aside goes excessively: little rascal, do you do!” Shen Xiang cracks into a chuckle: Naturally takes off the clothes, takes a bath to wear the clothes to wash, do you think satisfying? Although previous time you do not know sense of honor looked at your to me to the big white rabbit, but I know that this suffered a loss to the woman, therefore I decided that looks to you, like this we averaged.” Liu Meng'er seasonal delicacies anger, red to the root of the ear, she fiercely has stamped the lotus foot, scolded tenderly: You did not fear that I and other does burn you? Your this little rascal, always so is how repugnant.” Shen Xiang fierce jumps, stands in the nearby of cauldron furnace, looks at the following that golden red molten iron, in the heart is scared immediately, he deeply attracted several tones, the forced smile said: Sister Meng'er you do not hate to burn my.” Then, he jumped, Liu Meng'er just wants to say anything, hears Shen Xiang that to kill the pig same scream, this frightens her complexion to be pallid, hastily tenderly shouted: little rascal, are you all right? Do you think now what kind of? Cannot bear to hurry!”

Sees this noble solemn beautiful woman so to care about him, in Shen Xiang heart one warm, thought anything is not good to fear, clenched teeth saying: All right, I want become stronger, what pain I can withstand! Sister Meng'er, the heating, the temperature is not very high, I transport the merit not to have an effect.” Liu Meng'er is nipping the red lip tightly, why also will not know in the heart to pain, she will increase the fire intensity, will let in the cauldron furnace special molten iron fierce ebullition, but Shen Xiang that intermittent neighing sound, making her feel that the heart will pull out secretly is being painful. Why do I always accompany this little rascal to handle some crazy matters?” In the Liu Meng'er heart was asking itself, was biting tightly the lip soon bled was the same. little rascal you are listening, I will stimulate to movement in White Jade Dragon Cauldron strange formation, picks up your speed, my outside three double-hour, you in were three days! However must cover the cauldron furnace, if you have any improper, told me with Divine Sense directly.” Liu Meng'er said that she discovered she hears yelling of Shen Xiang that pain, is unable to calm down, controls not the good flame the words, Shen Xiang will fall short. Ok! Hurry up.” Shen Xiang discovered that the temperature is very unstable, moreover he has not transported the merit now. The cover covers, in mountain side is peaceful immediately, but the Liu Meng'er's heart is still not actually able to be tranquil, she is worried about Shen Xiang, can see Shen Xiang to long for strength in her a moment ago, but this is can make Shen Xiang fight steadily to obtain the strength way, she must help Shen Xiang.