World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 269
Shen Xiang arrives, Yun Xiaodao they relaxed, they have not thought that this Lu Jie so will be bold, dares to their fight, this has violated the sect rule here. The Lu Jie complexion changes, Shen Xiang suddenly appears, had not discovered including him, and has blocked his attack. Truly is the thing that is not concerned about face, knows that bullies demonstrates own strength small and weakly.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, is watching intently Lu Jie, he wants the high head compared with Lu Jie, moreover personal appearance also compared with Lu Jie tall and strong, contrasts from this aspect, Lu Jie looked like was weaker. At this time, Lu Jie behind also came three True Disciple, True Martial Realm 6th Stage, 8th Stage, 7th Stage, True Martial Realm in Extreme Martial Sect were not many, Shen Xiang recognized these three people. Lu Jie receives the hand, in heart is somewhat surprised, because Shen Xiang now looked like, this was only short five days, he thinks Shen Xiang at least must therapy for 1-2 years, but was only five days is good. Shen Xiang, did you forget the previous lesson?” Lu Jie receives the hand, one double belting the angry eye is staring at Shen Xiang. Naturally remembers that is because remembers that I look your! Your previous time almost massacred me.” The Shen Xiang fist grasps, sticks out suddenly in pā lā the skeleton sound thinks, in the sound is full of the anger. Lu Jie laughs: „Can you compete with me now? However you and I are not a rank, I will not accept your challenge, in order to avoid said that I bully the person! You have not coordinated me to fight, you are only a weak one, was almost compelled the trash of kneeling place by me.” A fist loosen that Shen Xiang grips tightly, the facial expression becomes exceptionally tranquil, but all around suddenly is actually covering murderous aura, but also appeared instantaneously, vanished.

This is the Shen Xiang extremely angry below appearance, a very angry person, but is calm, this is very fearful, the anger can make strength of person stronger, but is also very easy to lose the reason, when is very angry maintains the calm words, can stimulate to hide strength in human body, simultaneously can control this strength calmly. You want with the words that Lu brother fights, first crosses two moves with me, does not use weapon!” Side a Lu Jie youth said that the expression is very frivolous arrogant, does not pay attention to Shen Xiang, this is True Martial Realm 6th Stage, named Ying Qi comes, is Hao Dongqing Yao Haisheng the character of their same time. You, so long as is defeated to win the brother, I force with you......” The words have not ended, see only golden light to shine together, that is the Shen Xiang's fist, such as light general fierce pounds, is surging intermittent frigid murderous aura and destruction strength, simultaneously follows a Heaven-shaking tiger's roar, the howl fills to murder with wild, making the person tremble. This is White Tiger Divine Fist, does not use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade Shen Xiang to be equally fearful, because his martial arts is divine art. Fights with the fists, no one has responded that Ying Qi fills the face that disdains also without enough time to change color, Shen Xiang that braves the fist of golden tiger head on hitting on his nose, in peaceful plaza can hear the smashing sound of that bridge of the nose bone clearly, afterward is a Heaven-shaking rumbled sound explodes with the pitiful yell, that Ying Qi came the whole person to depart plaza, hit in a distant place Martial Courtyard fence, destroyed the firm fence, the life and death does not know. Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and on the Xu Weilong face full is the beads of sweat falls, a moment ago that move was really too wild, must let the speed that the person is unable to respond quickly, with the sudden terrifying explosive force, made people be hard to resist, a fist a True Martial Realm 6th Stage second, this strength has made all people shock incomparably. That Ying Qi thinks that Shen Xiang does not need Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade this not to have strong strength Divine Weapon, but he has made a mistake, his charming face completely was ruined by Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang that fist almost made him be killed, if were not Shen Xiang shows mercy, he will possibly discard, Shen Xiang also let receive an internal injury, has destroyed his nose. Now can fight with you!” Shen Xiang is rubbing the fist, when looks at Lu Jie indifferently.

Lu Jie also in surprised, if Shen Xiang that fought with the fists a moment ago to him, he is not possibly able to avoid, he was away from Shen Xiang and Ying Qi comes recently, can clearly know that the speed and strength of that fist, how he could not even see clearly Shen Xiang to knock out the fist, can only see golden light to delimit together, that Ying Qi flew. Within five days, the Shen Xiang's strength has been increased, cannot help but somewhat dreaded including Lu Jie, but he had not actually discovered that Shen Xiang's True Qi strengthens many, before is like that from aura above is True Martial Realm 5th Stage. Here hits?” Lu Jie asked that although couple days ago he almost made Shen Xiang kneel, but had not actually won others' approval, although Shen Xiang has defeated at that time, but the reputation actually did not reduce, this made him envy and anger. Here, life and death struggle!” A Shen Xiang character character said. Good, they have not come out while Dean, I solved you!” During the Lu Jie speeches, the eyebrow selects, Shen Xiang suddenly feels one strength, hits to his dantian, just started that strength to be very strong, but to finally actually became weak. Lu Jie is motionless, but actually released the attack, moreover was quick, this was Ghost Martial Technique, Shen Xiang previous time eats one time to owe, to no longer eat second owing, he endured three days of severe pain, cultivated Immortal Devil Body 5th Stage fleshly body. Yun Xiaodao they also in abundance draw back, their surrounding person hastily run off, this is two strong people, after firing off, this plaza possibly can also not have. Shen Xiang this time can feel clearly is a fist bang hits in his abdomen, the speed is quick, but this time he is prepared, therefore did not fear.

After his body trembles gently, that strength vanished, his fleshly body has promoted many times, before has the earth-shaking difference, now is very relaxed on keeping off has gotten down that Ghost Martial Technique. Compared with previous time also strong, but actually still how me.” In the Shen Xiang heart attaches darkly, sneers is looking at Lu Jie. The Lu Jie eye stares immediately perfectly round, was startled retreat several steps, Ghost Martial Technique unexpectedly that he is proud expired, cannot hit to lie Shen Xiang, couple days ago he displayed this time, strength also wants to be smaller, but actually hits the spitting blood severe wound Shen Xiang, but does not have the effect now. He is only True Martial Realm 5th Stage, I do not need to fear! I try one time again.” In the Lu Jie heart told itself, afterward was quietly has displayed one move, but did not have the effect, this Shen Xiang's body was motionless. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Played to suffice, to me!” Saying, he waves, five fingers, such as the eagle claw is common, azure light blows out, forms huge dragon claw, has grasped toward Lu Jie.