World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 270
The speed of this claw is quick, is the same with that White Tiger Divine Fist that he made a moment ago, moreover is bringing tyrannical lightning strength. Although Lu Jie is surprised, but his fight experience is very rich, after the body, supine, has avoided terror Azure Dragon Claw, but his chest was exploded is spurting the lightning aura to delimit by the dragon claw point on, making on his chest present three burned black bloodstains. Shen Xiang does not want to ruin this big plaza, therefore move of time will not use that fierce martial arts, in order to avoid they were blamed by Gu Dongchen. Lu Jie retreat, frowned, his left leg moves hastily slightly, invisible Qi Energy suddenly rushes the Shen Xiang's right calf, Shen Xiang can feel this strength likely is sweeps the leg the time releases, has probably the leg of not being able to see to sweep away to be the same in the ground, and is very strong. Shen Xiang luck, both feet suddenly 1st level, slightly in the ground, that sweeps the leg to arrive, but swept a dust, but Shen Xiang was motionless, although his foot was swept away, but he actually could not feel the pain, now he is Immortal Devil Body 5th Stage, the whole body copper sheet gagger, this strength such weak attack, was only flexure is for him itchy. Lu Jie, your shady move was useless to me.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, the foot like the mist, has slipped into Lu Jie, brandishes the double fist, is one fiercely pounds, the innumerable golden fists rush, is similar to the tide sweeps across generally, is full of the tiger's roar of meaning of murdering to be stirring, reverberation in the air. The Shen Xiang's white Tiger King fist blots out the sky covers Lu Jie, the air/Qi is swinging the four directions, shakes the air to send out the intermittent dull thumping sound, this fist has filled wild strength, making people feel the fear, Lu Jie is also pretty good, the body presented ash-gray energy shield, covers him, resists these tiger head golden fist. The Shen Xiang instantaneous hundred fists, like the thunder, are shelling that black energy shield sincerely unceasingly, each wave of attack makes the Lu Jie heart tremble, he has not thought that Shen Xiang within the body that temperate True Qi displays through this martial arts, unexpectedly will become the so overbearing terror, as if will murder god tiger unremitting attack this him to be the same.

Snort!” Shen Xiang saw that energy shield brashly to become under his strong winds attack weak, then a palm whipped, plaza trembled suddenly, all around that Lu Jie stood immediately split open, this was Shocking Heaven Palm, by that energy shield, shaking maliciously to Lu Jie, has shaken the vitality of his within the body to turn is welling up. Those who let Lu Jie not think, after a Shen Xiang palm hits, is a palm, continuously, moreover is quick, was the same with that tiger head golden fist a moment ago. Shake continuously, stone brick in plaza starts to become less crowded, Lu Jie all around stone continuously was shaken the dust by the palm strength. Your shady move cannot use, does this have this strength? Where strength of your three [lineage/vein] to? You are three True Qi, wastes on you simply.” Shen Xiang shouted to clear the way coldly, the double palm did not have slowly, whipped unceasingly, in Lu Jie that became on very weak real energy shield. Universe True Qi that but Shen Xiang now welling up the five elements of True Qi fusion has become, this is he strongest True Qi condition, endures compared with True Martial Realm 7th Stage, through later that Shocking Heaven Palm displays, is much more formidable. The people looked have tarried, although some people had seen the Shen Xiang's fight, but saw still to be shocked each time, he thinks that does not understand why that type can be able continuously to put the palm strength that the mountain shattered, True Qi of Shen Xiang within the body was inexhaustible? Some True Martial Realm 7th Stage 8th Stage martial artist see, derives to be ashamed, this vigorous True Qi is really fearful, if other people, displayed hundred to hold was strenuous, but Shen Xiang was actually over a thousand palms . Moreover the aura was steady, did not have the exhausted appearance. The True Qi jar of Shen Xiang within the body was calling, continuous gushed out from the dantian, released from the double palm, in the Lu Jie mouth full was the blood, spat unceasingly, his whole body was shaken the hemp, although he three True Qi, but he actually cannot practice that evenly like Shen Xiang, but can also fuse, he can only the independent employment . Moreover the martial arts aspect was also inferior to Shen Xiang, True Qi cultivation technique was inferior.

He thinks he studies Ghost Martial Technique, can disregard all, is stronger than people to defeat him pours on this move, so long as a severely wounded move, after being seriously injured, whatever he slaughters, but actually has not used to Shen Xiang now. Immortal Devil Body 5th Stage strength adds on that vigorous Universe True Qi, making him feel oneself have without parallel formidable strength, the blood of his within the body is seething with excitement, explodes drinks again and again, with yelling is divulging within the body that excitement. stone brick on plaza was shaken to beat by his Shocking Heaven Palm, energy shield that Lu Jie releases vanished, the mouth spat Lu Jie of blood just to say anything, but the Shen Xiang palm was the fist, displayed wild White Tiger Divine Fist, was similar to the raindrop calls generally on Lu Jie, was only several instances, Lu Jie high and low is filled to murder the imposing manner golden fist to hit by this. The Shen Xiang's fist is also having a suction, does not make Lu Jie be hit to fly, such comes to make his White Tiger Divine Fist wreak havoc crazily. Can prevent him?” On tall tower, Wu Kaiming asked. Gu Dongchen shakes the head saying: Does not need, making him vent, this fellow in five days adolescence that many, to defeat this Lu Jie purely!” Wu Kaiming nodded.

By Lu Jie has challenged person, will be defeated bewilderedly, they have not seen Lu Jie to move, but has actually hit the strategic point! This Lu Jie has been missing for 30 years, I inquired his time, he also makes excuses dealt with, understood at a glance that was concealing.” Wu Kaiming said. What he uses is Ghost Martial Technique, Young Martial Uncle fleshly body was more formidable than before did not have the several fold, can therefore resist Ghost Martial Technique that attack.” The Gu Dongchen facial expression is solemn, looks at Lu Jie of distant place. Wu Kaiming stares, sighs: „The Dean Boss is experienced, I have not thought unexpectedly can be Ghost Martial Technique, this is taboo martial arts, cultivates this martial arts person, to be finally inhuman, becomes a devil.” Gu Dongchen long sighed: Lu Jie definitely went to Devil Yang Clan, only then Devil Yang Clan has this type of thing, but cultivated the sacrifice of Ghost Martial Technique to be very big, this was also makes the person lose the humane root.” For this reason, Gu Dongchen has not prevented Shen Xiang, Lu Jie the person who comes back from devil path sects, coming the Extreme Martial Sect's goal can be imagined, regarding this person, Gu Dongchen will not be lenient, the previous Southern Wasteland matter makes him take to heart, that has been he for many years the biggest shame, unexpectedly had been played by devil path sects, but also almost kills the hanger-on disciple. Thinks of this, Gu Dongchen is gripping tightly the fist immediately: Junior Brother, waits for Junior Sister to come back, starts to plan to attack Devil Path, before big storm approaches, wants devil path sects, except that!”