World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 272
Sees Shen Xiang happily to become that appearance, in the Liu Meng'er heart low coldly snorted. Now walks.” Shen Xiang said that cautious feeling makes him not feel better very much. Sister Liu, this brat asked you.” Gu Dongchen traces Shen Xiang to nod, says with a smile. Shen Xiang has not thought that Liu Meng'er's is unexpectedly older than Gu Dongchen, Liu Meng'er smiles lightly, said: Two feel relieved.” Shen Xiang left Extreme Martial Sect with Liu Meng'er, he rides Lotus Flower shape flying disc that Liu Meng'er emits, this flying disc is very big, after Shen Xiang sees is far away from Extreme Martial Sect, has lain down, has exuded one satisfied **: Really crisp!” little rascal, you and Gu Dongchen their relationship are good!” Liu Meng'er spat tenderly, has pinched the Shen Xiang's arm vigorously, unexpectedly such optional rested on her flying disc. That is natural, Sister Meng'er and isn't relationship good?” Shen Xiang lies down on that Lotus Flower flying disc, looks at Lan Tian: Sister Meng'er, many thanks you help me to practice the body, I blew away that fellow very much with ease!” Liu Meng'er sees the Shen Xiang big mouth to suck in her body to be fragrant, face blushes slightly: Is that fellow who little rascal, you blow away very strong? Said that looks.” Shen Xiang told Liu Meng'er with conflict that Lu Jie had, this made Liu Meng'er very surprised. „The fellow uses certainly is Ghost Martial Technique, my parents have said that will practice the Ghost Martial Technique person to turn into a crazed person finally, moreover now only then Devil Yang Clan also has, even if will be Devil Yang Clan, will be the restriction practice, this will be taboo martial arts!” Liu Meng'er pretty face changes color slightly. Then, Liu Meng'er listens to Shen Xiang to narrate various matters that he and Lu Family has, she definitely said very: Lu Family was Devil Yang Clan colludes certainly with together, has not thought that your Extreme Martial Sect was also hiding this danger(ous) person.” But was removed by me!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile.

Can kill a True Martial Realm 9th Stage elder regarding Shen Xiang, Liu Meng'er has thought Shen Xiang is fortunately, but now actually some suspicions. Kills depending on your strength really? I remember this matter passes on, your strength has not arrived at True Martial Realm 5th Stage!” Liu Meng'er said. Is believed by you!” Shen Xiang had not explained that because that he was to rely on Long Xueyi's strength, his happily said with a smile: Sister Meng'er, you also lie down, very big place!” Liu Meng'er purses the lips, tender sound track: Believes me to throw you?” Shen Xiang puts out the pillow that jade has made, the pad , a face enjoys is lying down, looked at Liu Meng'er to twist meat on his arm. Sister Meng'er, I give your spirit pattern, how did you study? When you teach me refiner!” Shen Xiang asked. Told you honestly, my clue did not have! Because these spirit pattern are not that I know very well, moreover that many, only then knows that each spirit pattern characteristics, I can carry on the analysis combination, lets various characteristics different spirit pattern fusions, displays spirit pattern strength to come, this is very vast project.” Liu Meng'er said. This Lotus Flower flying disc is White Jade builds, although the speed of flight is not quick, but at least can fly, moreover flies very high. Sister Meng'er, can you help me make this flight the thing?” Shen Xiang asked that if, he later took the long journey time can lie down above. This is treasure tool, is not easy to refine . Moreover the material that needs is also very precious, when I collect the appropriate material, finds a time to help you build up one again! However Youlan and Xianxian's arrange in front of you, Xianxian frequently entangles me to want, I cannot eccentric, therefore must give Youlan one.” Liu Meng'er strokes beautiful hair, Youyou was saying that caresses the beautiful posture of flattering charming, looks at Shen Xiang to be lost in thought. treasure tool, is very expensive! Probably Dean also by you black.” Shen Xiang said that treasure tool are not many, because is hard to refine . Moreover the material is rare, the person who can refine is also few.

Sister Meng'er, will you receive my crystal stones?” Shen Xiang was asking. When the time comes again said that I have not started to refine in any case.” Liu Meng'er stands up, looks at the distant place. Well!” Liu Meng'er shouted surprisedly, looks at the distant place. Shen Xiang also stands, after seeing the front that desert, thinks some swift pace, they now the road is goes to Fragrance City to be recent, Shen Xiang passed through this road before, he remembers on the road not this desert. The front desert was covered by heat, looks from afar that the desert probably slightly is the same in distortion, at this time Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er feel some people. This road I pass through many times, here surely does not have the desert, but will I immediately appear now?” Liu Meng'er whispered. Shen Xiang also thinks strange incomparable, said: if wanted we go to have a look, to have Sister Meng'er, I think that should not have what to be good to fear.” Liu Meng'er nodded, making Lotus Flower flying disc change quick, but Shen Xiang has lain down, Liu Meng'er stands in the, the facial expression somewhat dignifiedly looks at that vast desert. Visits Liu Meng'er that beautiful beautiful figure, Shen Xiang wants to grasp her from behind, is kissing then her cheeks...... Recollections Shen Xiang, body cannot help but slightly gives off heat in close succession, Liu Meng'er five feelings strong, one induces to behind that little rascal's lower abdomen in really slightly is feeling hot. Liu Meng'er turns the head, sees Shen Xiang to stare at her with the evil look, she shames the anger, stared Shen Xiang one, tenderly snorted and said: little rascal, you are letting one's thoughts wander anything!”

Shen Xiang has not thought that this Liu Meng'er's feeling is so strong, unexpectedly can know that he in the letting one's thoughts wander thing, he does to say with a smile: Anything, has not recalled some happy past events truly......” flying disc entered sky over the desert, lay down Shen Xiang on flying disc actually fierce jumps, on the face full is a strange facial expression, because shivered in strength of his within the body a moment ago slightly, that is his Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit is shivering, but now also has the intense unusual feeling, this type felt that he does not talk clearly. Is Fire Spirit, here had Fire Spirit born!” Long Xueyi startled shouted. Shen Xiang fierce stares, that strange feeling of his within the body is directing him to seek for that Fire Spirit probably, he has not thought that Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit also has this use unexpectedly, can induce to Fire Spirit is. Liu Meng'er had discovered the Shen Xiang's difference, hastily asked: little rascal, you how?” Shen Xiang is pointing at a direction, shouted: Sister Meng'er, flies toward that side, that side has the good thing.” What good thing? But that side north, is very cold there.” Although Liu Meng'er said that but controlled Lotus Flower flying disc to fly in the direction that Shen Xiang referred. Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: I had not determined that now that is the same with the thing that I think.”