World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 273
Fire Spirit very rare existence, in Chenwu Mainland only then Shen Xiang and Wu Qianqian have, that Elder Dan came from Purple Moon World, therefore does not calculate, big Chenwu Mainland also only then three people have, but Shen Xiang's Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit that Ancient Fire Beast gives, that is not considered as that the natural formation. in other words, Chenwu Mainland has Wu Qianqian's Blue Star Fire Spirit to be locally born. Before Long Xueyi and Su Meiyao them, has said that although piece of continent above Fire Spirit is scarce, but does not represent not to have, generally will hide, some people will obtain will not have used, will be burnt down by Fire Spirit lethal. In the Shen Xiang heart is secretly excited, because he must seek for world breeding quickly Fire Spirit. Liu Meng'er this fierce character does not have Fire Spirit, obviously Fire Spirit lacking how. What Fire Spirit can be? Can make this place turn into desert.” Shen Xiang was inquiring Long Xueyi. Does not know that in brief is not simple, at least is also blue Fire Spirit.” Long Xueyi said that in the heart is also anticipating. A day passes by, flying disc has been flying sky over the burning hot desert, more flies in the direction that Shen Xiang refers, Liu Meng'er more is feels hotly. Was getting more and more far from Fragrance City, what thing is that?” Liu Meng'er honk the mouth was asking, she has also asked several times, but Shen Xiang did not say. Waits again, I determined, told you, in brief that was the good thing.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. At this time the strange picture appeared, a desert of heat transpiration unexpectedly and a piece tied completely incorruptible ice connected together.

Liu Meng'er already discovered that here does not suit, after seeing this, does not suit, therefore she also believes that Shen Xiang said that here has something to affect the environment, makes here turn so. The burning hot desert and full is the ice of snow and ice, only then separation, Liu Meng'er lands on that connected middle, asked: This strange, what thing is initiates this phenomenon?” Shen Xiang stands in the desert and ice connected that online, then brings Liu Meng'er to proceed along the line, this is he acts according to the feeling in within the body, he believes the feeling of that Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit. Drew near!” Shen Xiang said excitedly that Liu Meng'er does not know that is anything, but in the heart has doubts, secretly is anticipating. Shen Xiang suddenly stopped, excited saying: Under this, Sister Meng'er, you a bit faster has dug the following thing!” Liu Meng'er tender sound track: Why makes me dig? Your isn't fight good?” The sound is full of the hidden bitterness, Shen Xiang is not first time makes her do this matter, solemn Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Empress, was directed unexpectedly. little rascal, you did not understand that shows tender affection.” Liu Meng'er tenderly snorted and said, during the speeches, her body emits formidable incomparable strength, making Shen Xiang as if be pressed by any thing is being same, cannot help but retreat comes. At this time Shen Xiang remembered this tender dī dī woman is Nirvana Realm, but his actually very haughty, because this woman was used the language to sexually harass by him frequently, moreover was very intimate with him. The ground had a very deep crack, this is Liu Meng'er opens with her powerful strength, Shen Xiang just took one step, feels one to be cold and hot qi flow spout from that crack, is powerful, previous instantaneous Shen Xiang was also frozen the whole body to tremble, but is in an instant hot like is burnt down, as the matter stands one is taking turn, was been weak by him immediately in the ground, he has not thought of this Fire Spirit unexpectedly belt ice cold strength. Liu Meng'er is more surprised than Shen Xiang, she cultivated Ice-Fire True Qi martial artist, is strong to the Ice-Fire resistivity, but she unavoidably is also uncomfortable, now she believes that Shen Xiang said that below truly is hiding a very fierce thing.

That thing has come up, Sister Meng'er is careful!” Shen Xiang suddenly loudly shouted, wants to throw to prevent that terror Fire Spirit, but he by that now cold now hot alternate qi flow was actually made is incapable weak. Liu Meng'er one startled, hastily draws back, sees only one group of purple things to fly to shoot from the crack, is bringing that cold air and scalding hot is more intense, making Shen Xiang more uncomfortable. Liu Meng'er knows that now that was anything, she with the hot person, has very deep understanding to flame, recognized this is lets all with the hot experts for it crazy Fire Spirit, but was having the ice cold nature, in her cognition, this was should not exist. Is purple Fire Spirit, Sister Meng'er, is about to receive, do not let this thing run away!” Shen Xiang hastily shouted, Liu Meng'er looked at Shen Xiang surprisedly, she does not know why Shen Xiang knows here has Fire Spirit, moreover knows that Purple Fire Spirit is very fierce. She thinks that young people will not have such profound understanding to Fire Spirit, let alone Fire Spirit, knows that the Martial Spirit person are not many, although Martial Spirit is similarly scarce, but are more than Fire Spirit. Shen Xiang looks at that group float in the air purple flame, he does not know that is any Fire Spirit, only knows that this Fire Spirit is the different races, Fire Spirit is different from he has seen. When Shen Xiang wants to urge that Liu Meng'er goes Fire Spirit received, that Purple Fire Spirit unexpectedly aware flew to leap up toward Liu Meng'er, submerged in the Liu Meng'er's body. Fire Spirit enters the Liu Meng'er body that instantaneous, Liu Meng'er that beautiful face the painful distortion, she has sent out a clear scream immediately. Shen Xiang has borne that pain, before Wu Qianqian fusion time is also same, seeing Liu Meng'er that pain the appearance, the Shen Xiang's heart to break to pieces. After Fire Spirit enters the Liu Meng'er's body, that type also suffered Shen Xiang weak weak cold and hot qi flow to vanish, after Shen Xiang restored strength, then has swooped toward Liu Meng'er.

The Liu Meng'er pain must send out wicked tenderness to shout that is swaying back and forth in the ground, Shen Xiang has not thought fuses Fire Spirit time unexpectedly can also make Nirvana Realm expert so painful. This is must, because after fusing Fire Spirit, her flame and body have the leaping promotion, but her present flame and fleshly body are very strong, the pain of therefore bearing is fiercer than you and Wu Qianqian.” Su Meiyao said. Liu Meng'er in severe pain thought one soon died was the same, at this time her suddenly caught Shen Xiang that powerful big hand. little rascal, my good pain......” Liu Meng'er hissing to call out, looks in the Shen Xiang heart the drop blood, he has held Liu Meng'er, lets her by in own bosom, like previous time is holding Wu Qianqian such. Although Liu Meng'er in severe pain, but actually knows that this was Shen Xiang grasped her, this made her shame the anger, but cannot reprove Shen Xiang . Moreover the pain also intensified. Liu Meng'er sits on the Shen Xiang's leg now, her double cultivation long powerful thigh closely clamps the Shen Xiang sturdy waist, the white hands firmly is also holding the Shen Xiang generous back, the nail penetrates the Shen Xiang's clothes, fell into the Shen Xiang's meat, moreover grasps bloodstains.