World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 274
„Is this talent of woman?” Shen Xiang is enduring secretly, Liu Meng'er's fleshly body is much more formidable than Shen Xiang, even if Shen Xiang is Immortal Devil Body 5th Stage is also grasped to bleed by her. Shen Xiang both hands are holding the Liu Meng'er slender soft jade waist, closely hugs her in the bosom, making her stick to itself, but the Liu Meng'er's body is now hot and now cold, feels the cold and hot feeling that that two groups of clear and flexible soft meat transmit, in the Shen Xiang heart is rippling. However Liu Meng'er actually grasps the innumerable bloodstains his back, his present pain is joyful, the Liu Meng'er's face buries on the Shen Xiang's chest, is nipping white teeth stubbornly, now her suddenly thought that felt better, she also knows that her nail has cut the Shen Xiang back skin, but she could not control herself, because she was too painful. little rascal, I was dying! Good uncomfortable......” Liu Meng'er to look up Shen Xiang, on the face full is the pain, in beautiful eyes reveals the complex color that one type does not abandon. Shen Xiang is also looks at the heart to pull out the pain, why also does not know, he sees Liu Meng'er that beautiful eye, cannot help but lowered the head, has collected the lip, seal in Liu Meng'er that bites on the cherry lips of hemorrhage. Liu Meng'er in severe pain shames, bit tightly the lip, but why actually did not know, by Shen Xiang that soft fiery tongue prying open. Shen Xiang is take risking now, because Liu Meng'er is enduring in the severe pain, if beautiful teeth suddenly closes tightly vigorously, but will cut by biting his tongue. After an effort, Shen Xiang entered in the Liu Meng'er's small mouth by own tongue finally safely, was quick he to find that was hiding the fragrant tongue, provoking, regarding this he was already skilled, Xue Xianxian frequently kissed with him, was already practiced ripe, previous time he was also made that Su Meiyao wanted to stop but cannot. This strange feeling is similar to electric current is ordinary, immediately emerges the Liu Meng'er whole body, because she knows the Shen Xiang's tongue in her small mouth, therefore she does not dare to nip vigorously, how even if to be again painful, simultaneously in the heart criticizes Shen Xiang to take advantage of somebody, makes this matter to come to her, she is Xue Xianxian's Master, but Xue Xianxian is the Shen Xiang's wife. Thinks that this relationship, Shen Xiang thinks more exciting, mixes fragrant tongue that Liu Meng'er that is not willing to coordinate.

How long Liu Meng'er could not insist, because she, whenever moved the Shen Xiang's tongue, can think to be healthier, that can drive out her many pain, this, Liu Meng'er jerky catering to Shen Xiang, used oneself that tender soft fragrant tongue and Shen Xiang's tongue is being tangled up...... In Shen Xiang heart secret straight happy, previous time he and Su Meiyao kisses is also this, although these two women lived were very long, but was actually not skilled to the matter of men and women, kissed has not tried, at this time tried the benefit, Liu Meng'er also and Su Meiyao like that regarding this love, initiative and fiery was kissing with Shen Xiang. Unknowingly, the pain in Liu Meng'er within the body was weaken slowly, but Shen Xiang also thought that has a strange feeling, at this time Long Xueyi called out in alarm said: Your Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit is releasing a special aura, flows in the Liu Meng'er's body through your mouth, suppressed that different Fire Spirit.” The Liu Meng'er's pain vanished, at this time her the feeling and a moment ago was one in Hell, in the fairyland, she can feel clearly on the Shen Xiang's tip of tongue emerged a strange energy, after entering her body, accelerated that [say / way] different Fire Spirit and her fleshly body soul fuses together. This is a very marvelous feeling, the fine deeds that under mistakes arising out of chance circumstances facilitates, especially regarding Shen Xiang, this are his long-awaited matter. Ring inside Su Meiyao tenderly snorted and said: This little rascal, is really bad enough, bullies including oneself wife's Master!” Remembers itself previous and Shen Xiang kiss, her face was red immediately, her suddenly a little longs for that feeling, but she actually cannot open the mouth. Night, Liu Meng'er suddenly one soft, then has fallen asleep, after two lips separate, Shen Xiang is very satisfied, simultaneously yearns for incomparably, he looks to be incapable of lying down in his arms beautiful woman, in the heart haughty, is caressing her beautiful hair lightly, cleans teardrops that on her jade face is falling. Liu Meng'er along with, that pain has made her exhausted, but her within the body Fire Spirit fusion is still conducted, Shen Xiang knows that own back will be definitely horrible to look, but he thinks the value. He is motionless, he worried that can awaken Liu Meng'er, he does not even dare to breathe heavily the atmosphere, but the love is staring at Liu Meng'er that beautiful face.

little rascal...... hee hee, you are bad enough, but this miss likes.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile, she also wants to exit to touch the face of this beautiful woman now. „It looks like she fuses Fire Spirit time, is bigger than the pain that Wu Qianqian bears.” In the Shen Xiang heart was sighing lightly. This is natural, but her strength Nirvana Realm, has not died well, moreover that Fire Spirit is very strange, purple Fire Spirit was also very good, brings ice cold purple Fire Spirit, for her is most appropriate! This is different Fire Spirit, utilizes well, does not need your Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit difference.” Su Meiyao envies said. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Sister Meiyao, after me, is competent, I will certainly help you seek for fierce Fire Spirit!” Bai Youyou not cold did not say pale: Junior Sister, this brat definitely thought the woman fuses Fire Spirit time, he has gains!” Elder Sister Meiyao fuses Fire Spirit time, this brat can justifiablily, occupy your convenient plausibly.” Long Xueyi hee hee said with a smile. Shen Xiang mumbled: One group of bad women, by villain's heart gentleman's abdomen, I are the sincerity are Sister Meiyao are good.” Only heard Long Xueyi their three females to send out tenderly snorted immediately, filled to the Shen Xiang's words does not believe. Shen Xiang was worried after Liu Meng'er awoke, will alienate him, when the time comes he was hard to see Liu Meng'er again, he thought of a moment ago and feeling of Liu Meng'er kiss.

Shen Xiang sighed one lightly, thinks one can kiss one time with this generation of female expert, should be content. Dawn, Liu Meng'er has opened the eye slowly, she awoke. Shen Xiang and Wu Qianqian fuse Fire Spirit time rested was very long, but Liu Meng'er was also only an evening. The Liu Meng'er eye is ajar, on her face post Shen Xiang's chest, can feel the Shen Xiang's heartbeat, she whole body is still incapable at this time, that said that Fire Spirit has not fused with her completely. little rascal, you awake...... My body started......” Liu Meng'er weak saying, Shen Xiang has opened the eye painful fiercely, in the heart secret straight happy, but Liu Meng'er also gained ground, looks at Shen Xiang charmingly, in beautiful eyes full was the complex extraordinary splendor. Shen Xiang loves tenderly to stroke her pale face, lowered the head, kisses with Liu Meng'er, this Shen Xiang was very relaxed entered in the Liu Meng'er's small mouth, was complicated together in that soft warm fragrant tongue, through the tongue, Shen Xiang instilled into Heavenly Sun Fire fire Qi to the Liu Meng'er's body, but they also immersed in this blending joyful......