World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 276
Shen Xiang spits the tongue, although Liu Meng'er said like this, but in his heart somewhat was happy, because has not imagined like him now, before he thinks that Liu Meng'er will henceforth not pay attention to him, but Liu Meng'er actually has probably tacitly consented to this sentiment now. The flying disc speed became quicker, Shen Xiang knows that Liu Meng'er after fusing Fire Spirit, the strength has been increased, he was also happy for Liu Meng'er. Quickly to Fragrance City!” Shen Xiang somewhat excitedly said. little rascal, you are looking for Hua Xiangyue this Little Fairy anxiously?” Liu Meng'er immediately jealousy greatly fresh, said sourly. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Naturally is not! Although Hua Xiangyue is a good woman, but does not have Sister Meng'er to be good to me, she is sells spirit herb at most to me convenient some, Sister Meng'er has dead into the fresh experience with me.” Your this little rascal will use any monster technique, can charm Hua Xiangyue this Little Fairy.” In the Liu Meng'er heart, Shen Xiang and she has experienced the matter lets the foundation that their relationship hauls, but Hua Xiangyue is winning over Shen Xiang from beginning to end, relationship naturally does not compare Liu Meng'er and Shen Xiang. Soon to Fragrance City time, Liu Meng'er obstructed white gauze on the face, said: We will go to the Fragrance City Divine Weapon shop, if you have the important matter although actually looks for Hua Xiangyue, do not delay.” Liu Meng'er could see that Shen Xiang comes Fragrance City definitely to enter for Alchemy Competition, moreover must purchase some precious herbs, here will hold the large-scale auction, if through the Hua Xiangyue's words, will be naturally more convenient, she does not think that Shen Xiang because of her feeling, but delays something. Sister Meng'er, you are really good!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, Liu Meng'er like the virtuous wife, he knows that the Liu Meng'er's heart had been abducted by him, was only because of some reasons, they have not pierced that matter paper.

Shen Xiang puts on a hat, on face braves the black cloth, follows in Liu Meng'er behind, is walking in Fragrance City quickly, like their this type of attire, frequently can see in Fragrance City, because some people are worried to meet the exposed status, causes the unnecessary trouble, such will do. After entering the Divine Weapon shop, here shop owner sees Liu Meng'er, immediately had a scare, then respectful brought on Liu Meng'er and Shen Xiang three buildings. Liu Meng'er comes Fragrance City to purchase massive pills frequently, therefore here shop owner knows her, here also has her residence. After coming, Shen Xiang brazen-faced and shameless is entangling Liu Meng'er, Liu Meng'er was finally tenderhearted, kisses and hugs with Shen Xiang, this is also she in the state of mind clear situation and Shen Xiang kiss, moreover she also only complies this time. After kiss, passed the less than half double-hour, the Liu Meng'er whole face rosy, low snort|hum said: Not next, only if you can I...... With my justifiable together!” Shen Xiang sighed one lightly, to be justifiable with Liu Meng'er, although three wife six concubine normal matters in this world, but that must have the skill to be good, especially must like obtaining Liu Meng'er this goddess the person. Saw the Shen Xiang scared witless appearance, Liu Meng'er to spit one: Greedy little rascal, you had Xianxian and Youlan these two young beautiful women, unexpectedly had my idea......” Shen Xiang laughed: Who makes Sister Meng'er so appealing, does not have the means that moreover I also calculate a little skill...... cough cough, I look for Hua Xiangyue this Little Fairy, this Little Fairy wishes one could to be eaten cleanly by me.”

The Liu Meng'er jealousy is big, tenderly snorted and said: That hurries!” Shen Xiang walked, Liu Meng'er is licking the lip, was tasting a moment ago that feeling, cannot help but sent out a complex sigh: little rascal, I crossed the Nirvana Tribulation six tribulations, three tribulations have not known that can cross smoothly...... I do not want to make you when the time comes extremely sad.” Nirvana Tribulation is very terrorist, without experiencing the person is unable to realize that the Nirvana Realm person is how with trepidation, especially Nirvana Tribulation approaches, that is similar to the end is ordinary, Liu Meng'er crossed Sixth Tribulation not to be easy, but also almost the fragrant disappearing jade perishes. Shen Xiang just arrived at the staircase, actually hears Long Xueyi to pass on these words to him, this makes his fist grasp, he knows certainly that the Nirvana Tribulation matter, many Nirvana Tribulation martial artist hand down from generation to generation in the eighth Ninth Tribulation die matter energy flow, therefore this is also in some sect, although inherits many years, but Nirvana Realm few reasons. little rascal, you are few to disturb her, it seems like her Seventh Tribulation must come! If restlesses, will have very tremendous influence to transcends tribulation.” Su Meiyao said. She has Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk this grade of divine tool, but also fuses Fire Spirit, is helpful to transcends tribulation.” Bai Youyou said that she in comforting Shen Xiang, this lets in the Shen Xiang heart one warm. You can let Elder Dan or Gu Dongchen go saying that with her crosses the attainment of Seventh Tribulation, this is helpful to her, I thought or make Elder Dan say am quite good, she was a woman, will say will be quite more detailed.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang nodded, regardless of any price, he must make Elder Dan look for Liu Meng'er saying that transcends tribulation attainment, he knows that the Gu Dongchen strength is inferior to Elder Dan, therefore Elder Dan also crossed the Nirvana Seventh Tribulation person.

Strolled after outside, Shen Xiang inquired thing that many want to know, the first matter is the auction, second is to enter for the Alchemy Competition place, altogether the competitions of three ranks, the low level match is 1st Stage and 2nd Stage alchemy master, intermediate is 3rd Stage and 4th Stage alchemy master, advanced is the 5th Stage 6th Stage alchemy master, this is also the most well-known rank, moreover rewards richly, competition time also very much will have the quality of being worth looking. Three months have registered on the closure, I do not want to participate intermediate, I must attend the advanced competition!” The Shen Xiang fist grasps, then rushes to Danxiang Tower. At least is also the 5th Stage alchemy master, must become the 5th Stage alchemy teacher's request is very probably high!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang arrives at Danxiang Tower, in a building sign, above is dividing the rank of alchemy master, he 5th Stage alchemy master time, divides quite detailed. „The 5th Stage alchemy master is divided into low level and intermediate rank, high level, the request of low level must refine three Low-Grade Profound Level Dan to come, I can refine Elemental Spirit Dan and Building Foundation Dan now, but also misses one type!” The Shen Xiang fist grasps, is secretly excited: Has sufficed, so long as can become the low level 5th Stage alchemy master, can the registration advanced competition.” Elemental Spirit Dan and Building Foundation Dan this pills gold content is quite high, the Building Foundation Dan material are few, many people refine Low-Grade Profound Level Dan time, will not choose to refine Building Foundation Dan, the Elemental Spirit Dan material equally are also few . Moreover the refinement difficulty is very big, if not Shen Xiang has Fire Spirit also to refine the experiences of many Building Foundation Dan, perhaps he must be defeated many times, but he failed 99 times, this looks like in Su Meiyao, is very rare. Because refines the Profound Level Dan difficulty is very big, no matter what pill, so long as can refine one type, on behalf of the promotion of alchemy level, therefore above the 5th Stage alchemy master, will subdivide. Otherwise divides according to the front rank, at least must refine three grains of Profound Level Middle-Grade Dan.