World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 282
Eighth! Two, later offer! Sees the Hua Xiangyue's complexion, Shen Xiang hastily to ask: What beast is this?” Hua Xiangyue shakes the head, said solemnly: Receives Hundred Beasts Dan, this fellow is not good to cope.” After Shen Xiang Hundred Beasts Dan receives, Long Xueyi disdainfully said: Is White Tiger, but the age is not very big.” What? White Tiger!” Shen Xiang asked astonished. Um, is in Legend Slaughter God White Tiger, the White Tiger Clan distribution is very broad, almost each world has, but can arrive at White Tiger divine beast that situation finally actually very few, but White Tiger Clan is not a vegetarian, the strength is very strong, moreover Slaughter Qi is very heavy.” Long Xueyi answered. Hua Xiangyue has closed the eye, probably in inducing anything, after the moment, she said: Is White Tiger, strength possibly in True Martial Realm 7th Stage about, you must subdue the Spirit Beast words, not only need have the rich resources, but must show own strength, must first win it.” Shen Xiang grasps the fist, that is seven eight Spirit Beast, even if fierce point humanity, he also can only deal with reluctantly, but Spirit Beast be much stronger than humanity, although Spirit Beast does not have no martial arts, but has inborn powerful fleshly body, with the fierce fight skill, many martial arts founds according to the beasts, can see from this, the beasts compared with human stronger, Spirit Beast that the especially spirit wisdom opens. White Tiger, although is also quite rare, you can bump into one also to calculate well. If you feared that I lead you to walk, a bit faster the decision, the fellow must come.” Hua Xiangyue urged: Best to fight a battle to force a quick decision, receives this little brat, in this definitely has fierce White Tiger, if has alarmed that old fellow, we troubled.” Shen Xiang clenches teeth, decides to attempt: I give a try, good elder sister, in this that Old Bai tiger to be very fierce?”

Naturally fierce, can give birth to the White Tiger strength of young son not to be weak, at least in Nirvana Realm, generally before crossing Nirvana Tribulation reproduced, crossed the Nirvana Tribulation words, can melt the turn into a human shape.” Hua Xiangyue said. Profound Beast is the Peak Realm strength, upward is same as humanity, calls Nirvana Realm, because the beasts can melt the turn into a human shape by that time. little rascal, you are careful. If the Old Bai tiger also, perhaps is one pair, they discovered that their young son had been abducted by humanity, that troublesome was big.” Long Xueyi hee hee said with a smile. The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth are twitching, a pair of Old Bai tiger, that may be Nirvana Realm . Moreover the beasts can seek for the companion according to the smell generally, the found words, will really have very big trouble. Came!” Hua Xiangyue tenderly shouted, then jump arrives at high place, at the same time, a spoken parts shade flies to leap up to come, to plunge Shen Xiang. This White Tiger and ordinary tiger are equally big, but on it the wool is sending out the gentle white light, appears in the dark night pure and holy is very beautiful, but that is full of Slaughter Qi roaring hiss as well as the cut-throat look, actually just like one only understood fierce tiger that murders, is scary. Shen Xiang has not shown weakness slightly, feels Slaughter Qi of this small tiger the time, his Slaughtering Heart shakes, murderous aura tyrannical gushing out, winds around around his body the jar to call immediately. Time that this small tiger swoops, feels that compared with after he also strong Slaughter Qi, has sent out a loud exploding roar, but actually came up empty-handed. Shen Xiang's Slaughter Qi makes this small tiger feel very kind, but makes the heart of his militance rise suddenly, White Tiger Clan is likes fighting, likes murdering, even if will be similar will frequently also slaughter.

After this Small White Tiger even/including Hou several, that eye dodges suddenly, another swoops, the speed must make Shen Xiang unable to respond quickly, was knocked down directly, the shoulders also stubbornly held down by that pair of giant tiger claw, that sharp claw pricked his shoulders sharp, lets his severe pain. Bang, on this White Tiger energy, Qi Energy pair of claws shakes from it, attacks on the Shen Xiang's shoulders, shook the bone of Shen Xiang shoulders like to crush. Shen Xiang clenches teeth to endure suffering, he has not thought that this White Tiger so is unexpectedly fierce, the speed and strength are full of the explosive force, making the person ascertain airtight, if not his fleshly body is Immortal Devil Body 5th Stage, a moment ago again by the energy that this Small White Tiger released breaking. Small White Tiger was roaring several to Shen Xiang, seems feeling proud for the victory, because he overthrows existence that Slaughter Qi has compared it to be strong. Looks that full is the big mouth of snow white canine approaches slowly, Shen Xiang explodes roars, dragon roar shakes the release immediately, blows the leaf whinny to make noise, a azure ray spout from the Shen Xiang mouth, bringing a [say / way] to absorb the angry thunder of person, that is full of the astral wind direct bombardment of destruction strength in the forehead of Small White Tiger, enters the body from that mouth, after letting roaring that Small White Tiger sends out being depressed, then has let loose Shen Xiang. Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang's shoulders, although ache, but cannot help but laughs at this time, strength that a moment ago his Azure Dragon Roar spout, majority has attacked from the mouth of that Small White Tiger, is wreaking havoc in Small White Tiger within the body. Small White Tiger roars again and again, toward Shen Xiang is swooping like lightning, but the speed was slower. Had eaten owing Shen Xiang a moment ago, obtained the lesson, he has not moved aside, but is a palm whips, Universe True Qi exploded to well up from the dantian, turned into one type strength that was full of the violent shake, gushed out from his palm. Shocking Heaven Palm has been hitting to the Small White Tiger forehead, the palm has not moved the forehead of Small White Tiger, but the palm strength actually erupted, an intense shake wave is centered on Shen Xiang, like ripples in all directions, all around big tree immediately shaking to crack by that intense shake wave, the ground was shaken split open.

The Small White Tiger body is not small, but shaking flies away by the shake strength of that terror, hits on not far away bough, depreciation of heavily in the place, its white wool also occupied many sandy soil, looked like in an extremely difficult situation. „The brain of this fellow was too simple.” Shen Xiang laughed, a moment ago Small White Tiger by his Azure Dragon Roar spurted the time, within the body was harassed, will affect the display, if were humanity, certainly fast will eliminate the influence, attacked Shen Xiang again, otherwise own condition will be affected. Hua Xiangyue is also the exclamation again and again, the Shen Xiang's strength is truly terrorist, that overbearing strength is very surprising, she is knows that Shen Xiang cultivates five elements of True Qi, she guessed that Shen Xiang fused together five elements of True Qi, will have that invisible colorless, but actually exceptionally powerful True Qi. Small White Tiger low and deep roaring hiss, appears exceedingly indignant, sees only it to raise head a roar, earth suddenly trembles, afterward walks toward Shen Xiang slowly, every time will tread a foot, the ground will shiver violently, carefully looked that can discover its four limbs leave the ground, it will be walking unexpectedly hangingly, will be stepping on the air, moreover can release a invisible shake wave. Shen Xiang knows one have angered this Small White Tiger, he a moment ago that palm, if hits in the head of True Martial Realm 7th Stage martial artist, undying must be seriously injured, but this White Tiger is actually all right.