World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 283
Small White Tiger walks toward Shen Xiang, every step is shaking all around, shakes the Shen Xiang vitality to turn wells up, True Qi in dantian is hard condense. This makes him panic-stricken, cannot use True Qi, that is very awfully. Shen Xiang retreat, the whole body was shaken paralysis by the wave of that shake slowly, within the body five internal organs reduces, making him want to spit blood. This Small White Tiger does not have Shen Xiang to imagine that stupidly, is only rash, now it slowly has suffered Shen Xiang with shake strength that oneself released, that pair filled the tiger eye in proudly to tease completely, probably was grasping the mouse to be the same. This fellow......” Shen Xiang could not bear put out a blood, that shake wave was very frequent, moreover can always , when just start to condense gathered True Qi attacked, shook his whole body tingling pain, shook has dispersed his condense True Qi. Sees Shen Xiang to spit blood, the Small White Tiger yawn is roaring hiss, transmits with the shocking tiger's roar sound, the ground in a circumference of several miles as if fell into the violent earthquake to be the same, ground split open, earth-shaking power, but spout that shake strength from its mouth is the long jab to Shen Xiang's on, hit to fly Shen Xiang, has hit several big trees continuously. Also only then the person of Shen Xiang this fleshly body terror can in this case once again crawl, but his body severe pain is incomparable. Has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor fortunately, has resisted the majority of impulse, this fellow was too strong.” Shen Xiang just wiped off the blood of corners of the mouth, shakes suddenly continuously, making his throat one sweet, a blood has spurted. Hua Xiangyue is wrinkling the delicate eyebrows tightly, said to Shen Xiang sound transmission: Hits gives up, this fellow imagines compared with me formidable, you and it differ 2-3 ranks, let alone you now, even if your True Martial Realm 9th Stage, is not possibly able to deal with shake strength that it releases.” Excuse me, the elder sister you multi- and other, this fellow I had a liking, I must let its honest staying, in you give in my Profound Beast Bag!” The Shen Xiang response said that is self-confident.

Shen Xiang looks Small White Tiger that but proudly walks gracefully, said with a sneer: little brat, I will make you suffer the hardship.” Small White Tiger has sent out a lazy low roar, fills to disdain, does not pay attention to Shen Xiang, along with, even if tyrannical treads, greatly strengthened shake suddenly drops from the clouds, strikes in the Shen Xiang's forehead, making Shen Xiang spurt a blood crazily, lay in the ground. This Small White Tiger fierce place can release that terrifying shake strength, it seems mastering a mysterious skill, controls very ingeniously to shake strength. The Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art fierce place, can make Shen Xiang absorb any strength, now he has found out that shake the strength characteristics, he has come in being familiar with this fill shakes the strength environment, he revolves True Qi in within the body, but flows time also will be shaking, this is Shen Xiang is also shaken by own True Qi, such one, can avoid True Qi in within the body being shaken to say. A wave of shake raids, Shen Xiang has not felt any illness again, because True Qi of his within the body, as he uses the mysterious way revolution of Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, can make the wave that he has one type to be able with shaking fuse together strength. This is equal to shakes with that shake together, such one, Shen Xiang will not be affected, Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art is learned with a lively mind to manifest fierce. Small White Tiger one startled, then fiercely treads several feet, lets the shake wave continuous attack Shen Xiang, it thinks presented the mistake a moment ago, or is Shen Xiang is shaken by chance, but it actually discovered that now is not. Shen Xiang suddenly vanishes, presents in Small White Tiger, sees only Shen Xiang to the Small White Tiger buttocks is being maliciously a palm, Shocking Heaven Palm shake strength wants to be fiercer than Small White Tiger these shake waves, is full of wild and destruction.

Small White Tiger was hit loud voice to roar by this palm. White Tiger Divine Fist!” Shen Xiang drinks, innumerable fist image flutter in a twinkling, covers on Small White Tiger, golden tiger head are having the potential of wild murdering, flickers to check shells on the body of Small White Tiger, sends out an intermittent Heaven-shaking tiger's roar, covered roaring of Small White Tiger that genuine goods at reasonable prices. „Till little brat, I project on you to submit!” Was caught the opportunity by Shen Xiang, he laxly slightly, he stubbornly will not bite prey like the poisonous snake, he not to enemy any respite opportunity. Now he displays storm attacks crazily, is one sincerely fills dreadful murderous aura White Tiger Divine Fist, hitting of being relentless on Small White Tiger, probably a moment ago Small White Tiger was relentless shakes him to be the same crazily. Shen Xiang's White Tiger Divine Fist does not use White Tiger True Qi, but is Universe True Qi, just because of Slaughtering Heart and reason of White Tiger Divine Fist style, forms the wild golden tiger head fist. The body of Small White Tiger tiger head that opens mouth to roar is pounded by innumerable crazily, hits in its whole body various places, its fleshly body is very strong, at first is only some slightly ache, thinks that quick will finish, but it has not thought that this humanity so is unexpectedly abnormal, True Qi in within the body probably will not dry up to be the same, to its body endless attack, use that type lets its frightened White Tiger Divine Fist. in the air Hua Xiangyue, looks at small mouth half, on pretty face full is astonished, she thinks that before Shen Xiang definitely continuously gives up in that shake, but Shen Xiang actually suddenly does not come under the influences of these shakes, a palm hits on the buttocks of tiger, the shake results in the energy of Small White Tiger within the body to be chaotic, afterward then in one vigorous effort, erupts this type such as the river water to be generally incessant, terrorist attack continuously. Hua Xiangyue thinks of Shen Xiang to Nirvana Realm time, and she fights with this way, makes her tender body tremble, this is the potential!

Bastard, hit father to spit blood a moment ago thinks very satisfying, now my also satisfying!” Shen Xiang is punching Small White Tiger that falls to the ground to whin with the double fist crazily, while cursed, although this is Small White Tiger, but is very big, because just young, such said. Must want to subdue Spirit Beast, must frighten Spirit Beast with own strength, implants in the Spirit Beast innermost soul to his fear, how Shen Xiang must do now. little rascal, when you must project on!” Hua Xiangyue was also unable to continue watching, she is feeling sorry for that Small White Tiger. Projects on this Sir's tired time, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang is laughing wildly, fist energy became fiercer, had Hua Xiangyue here, he did not fear that consumed complete strength, he must make this Small White Tiger thorough dreaded him. Shen Xiang all around ground was affected, has resulted in rottenly cannot be rotten, under Small White Tiger is also a pit, actually hitting to get sucked by Shen Xiang that rainstorm common fist. The most of the day passed by, dawn, Shen Xiang was also tired, the eye of Small White Tiger was ajar, was losing fight strength. Shen Xiang is lifting its body, crawls from that pit, then throws Small White Tiger that unwieldy body in the ground.