World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 287
Refines Building Foundation Dan regarding Shen Xiang is very relaxed matter, now his Divine Sense compared with his first time refines the Building Foundation Dan time not to know that many times, his pressure does not have. alchemy time, he is a face is relaxed, but also looks at Hua Xiangyue this beautiful woman once for a while, no matter what looked that he always thought does not look greasily, moreover more looks is more comfortable, especially today this wear magnificent and expensive Hua Xiangyue. Shen Xiang guessed that Hua Xiangyue was possibly affected by Liu Meng'er's, puts on likely an empress, but she does not have that type the imposing manner of showing disdain for world, does not have Liu Meng'er that chilly noble makings, but has the flavor, the character and style ten thousand types, caress flatter, but noble aura, is attractive, can bring back the conquering desire of man very much. suddenly, Shen Xiang felt in Profound Beast Bag to move, after that Small White Tiger since entered Profound Beast Bag inside, has been sleeping, when Shen Xiang finally she awoke. little brat, this inside narrow a point, but also asked you to endure patiently a period of time much, waited for the opportunity, I changed the big point place to you.” Shen Xiang said temperately. No...... Good, I think good.” That Small White Tiger timid sound resounds in the Shen Xiang mind, understood at a glance that she was frightened heavily by Shen Xiang, has dreaded to Shen Xiang thoroughly, this makes Shen Xiang some not adapt but actually. „Do you have the name?” Shen Xiang asked. No, Lord...... Can the masters help me take one?” Small White Tiger asked carefully. Spirit Beast cannot speak, but with Divine Sense actually, the person is long of ten thousand spirit, after the beasts evolve finally, can melt the turn into a human shape, like Long Xueyi, little changes turn into dragon, is changes turn into a human. I take, I take.” Long Xueyi said excitedly. This may frighten not clear that Small White Tiger, because she does not want also to have such formidable existence on Shen Xiang, is a dragon. She, since is White Tiger, is surnamed Bai, with a Sister Youyou surname, looked that she is so timid, is called white timid.” Long Xueyi said.

Any broken name that timid your younger sister, gives.” Shen Xiang reprimanded drinks one, started him also to think that Long Xueyi said rationally, but behind actually changed flavor. She female, that is called Bai the sister-in-law.” Long Xueyi has thought quickly one. „Can your this idiot dragon, give the normal point name? Like this according to words that looks, why you are not called the dragon to be silly, Dragon Benben.” Shen Xiang thorough was speechless to this dragon, he has to think. Su Meiyao is laughing secretly, she to the thunder is also arrived by the name that Long Xueyi had, Bai Youyou actually in while very earnest was thinking, because she was also surnamed Bai. Is called Bai Zhenzhen, what kind of?” Bai Youyou said. Su Meiyao happily said with a smile: „Before this is Senior Sister, name that is used to deceive people.” Good, such decided! little brat, later you are called Bai Zhenzhen.” Shen Xiang is quite satisfied. Um, thanks the master!” Bai Zhenzhen said cleverly that she was conquered by Shen Xiang thoroughly. Was called itself to be by such White Tiger the master, Shen Xiang thinks strange, but makes him have the sense of achievement very much. Zhenzhen, can your parents be worried about you?” Shen Xiang asked that he most worried that was this, was caught by two Shapeshift White Tiger, he was finished. Felt relieved, was they caught up me.” Zhenzhen said.

And this Small White Tiger chatted, while alchemy, his face earnest appearance, making that three old alchemy masters look at the secret nod, if they know that Shen Xiang in ** young beast slave who just received, they spat certainly blood. Suddenly more than half double-hour passed by, under the Shen Xiang skilled control, in pill furnace all carry on very smoothly, have congealed pill, quick completes. alchemy time, very earnest Shen Xiang suddenly stretched oneself, has hit a yawn, this makes that three old alchemy masters stare, this is not alchemy time should have the movement that because Shen Xiang has moved out of the way pill furnace the palm, this was breaks hot, was very serious mistake. Hua Xiangyue is not surprised, because she knows that Shen Xiang's Building Foundation Dan built up. I built up, Senior inspected.” Shen Xiang said with ease that three old alchemy masters are sweating profusely immediately, half double-hour has handled, they want to blame Shen Xiang to make that big mistake a moment ago. Sees Shen Xiang to refine front Hundred Beasts Dan, these people extremely will not be surprised at this time, but in the heart secretly is exclaiming in surprise Shen Xiang this monstruous talent. Is Hua Xiangyue opens furnace lid, inside is four grains of Building Foundation Dan! This may almost that three old man now the urine, furnace four grains of Building Foundation Dan, they live for a lifetime, listens not to listen, let alone has seen, this made them almost kneel. Quality excellent!” Hua Xiangyue is actually very calm, takes up grain of Building Foundation Dan to come to see. Four grains, but also his mother is the quality excellent, this probably to atrium heavily of that three old man strikes, they think, from oneself come here time, the stance of but also keeping aloof, but also an emperor sits there likely makes Shen Xiang salute to them, this makes them ashamed is red in the face. Shen Xiang receives Building Foundation Dan, said with a smile: Final one planted.” Hua Xiangyue they anticipated that the Shen Xiang last type is any pill, quietly sit on chair, waiting.

Shen Xiang put out big pile of auxiliary herbs to deal with first, then was Divine Spirit Flower and Raising Soul Grass, seeing these two herbs, Hua Xiangyue to shout one lowly. That three old alchemy masters know that grass and floret definitely are not the ordinary things, but they actually do not recognize that are any things, they look to Hua Xiangyue, Hua Xiangyue has not told them, but shakes the head: He built up to know.” Shen Xiang has not thought that these three old alchemy masters such cannot judge the quality of goods unexpectedly, does not recognize Divine Spirit Flower and Raising Soul Grass, this refines Elemental Spirit Dan main material, but before these two herbs are very long, vanished, but the Elemental Spirit Dan main use is to promote spiritual power, cultivates Divine Sense to use, naturally, the main function is to practice Divine Soul. Shen Xiang suspected that Hua Xiangyue is also a alchemy master, because she knew about herbs that is not only this, when Shen Xiang alchemy, she can also look very earnestly, if not the alchemy master, cannot see the way. He also today this suspicions, if Hua Xiangyue is also the fierce alchemy master, then said that she hides is also deep, had said in former Su Meiyao this is a fierce woman. Refines Elemental Spirit Dan Shen Xiang very carefully, this is he until now has refined most difficult pill, he only has also succeeded one time. Hua Xiangyue they also saw that Shen Xiang was more earnest than before, is serious, this makes them feel that the atmosphere is somewhat tight. That three old alchemy masters recognized Shen Xiang refinement definitely is side door Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, in their opinion understood that refines this pill not to have what future, but the commonly used comparison is actually hard to refine.