World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 288
Building Foundation Dan is very rare, therefore is not considered as commonly used, but is very famous. Hundred Beasts Dan is practices acquiring a skill to use, is well known, in addition, Life Elemental Dan, this is when almost consumes takes, can restore massive True Qi instantaneously, but can also stimulate exhausted fleshly body, letting the person can be able the physical strength to be abundant in the short time, can stimulate strength that the human body hides, the refinement difficulty is too not high, is herbs is rare. Bone Washing Dan, this is Low-Grade Profound Level Dan that Shen Xiang has wanted to refine, but the refinement difficulty is very big, moreover herbs is very expensive, compared with Hundred Beasts Dan wants expensive several times, this mainly can strengthen fleshly body pills, is the use is quite big. Then is Altering Fate Dan, can make the Spiritual Vein bad person Spiritual Vein well, is one that some rich families buy frequently, the refinement difficulty is slightly high, herbs slightly is also expensive. But True Elemental Dan that Shen Xiang refines now is also the outstanding person in Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, after all this strengthens Divine Sense, cultivates True Qi to be easy, body cultivation is not too difficult, but Divine Sense is most difficult, Shen Xiang has Divine Soul, cultivates Divine Dao to make his Divine Sense strong. Shen Xiang in Chenwu Mainland, the alchemy talent is it can be said that unique, but he not, therefore proud, he listened to Su Meiyao saying that the place is called Sacred Dan World, there alchemy Master Duoru dog . Moreover the rank of alchemy master also and Chenwu Mainland is different, there is a very bountiful world, it is said some precious spirit herb are common with the grass. That is place that Shen Xiang yearns, but must arrive there to be difficult, how Su Meiyao has not told him to go, but said that now he knows is not useful, because the strength is insufficient. Before Shen Xiang refined Elemental Spirit Dan time, was because Divine Sense was insufficient, caused him to be defeated multiple, but now his Divine Sense is so intrepid, making him refine Elemental Spirit Dan not to think now too thorny. From the beginning, Shen Xiang is sweating profusely, although has succeeded one time, but Shen Xiang thought that now some difficult processing, his Divine Sense is truly strong, but he discovered that suppresses pill furnace inside herbal Spirit Qi with too strong Divine Sense all of a sudden, will cause herbal Spirit Qi more tyrannical, instead will work just the opposite. Sees Shen Xiang this appearance, in that three old alchemy Master Xin is having doubts secretly, in their opinion, refines side door pills that is quite simple, but Shen Xiang actually so, like has come across the difficult problem now, this makes in their hearts secretly happy, they are at least stronger than Shen Xiang in this aspect. Hua Xiangyue looks quite earnestly, beautiful eyes glittering exceptionally, seems piercing Shen Xiang's pill furnace to be the same again and again, that three old alchemy masters do not understand why this Danxiang Taoyuan's manager will look is enthralled.

This woman is stealing the master, is quite fierce!” Long Xueyi whispered, she is paying attention to Hua Xiangyue. Hua Xiangyue also thinks inconceivable, her suddenly discovered that the mystery of Shen Xiang that pill furnace, the corners of the mouth cannot help but flash through wipe to caress flatter the moving happy expression, Shen Xiang's pill furnace is very fierce, she has determined. Naturally, those who most let her accident is, Shen Xiang can refine Elemental Spirit Dan unexpectedly, this is needs to succeed to the Divine Sense control second, but most pill have the request to be quite high to the flame. „, Divine Sense of this woman is very formidable, probably was seen anything by her.” Long Xueyi said with amazement. Shen Xiang has no free time to pay attention to this matter now, he is seeking for the feeling of last successful time, Elemental Spirit Dan herbs needs devour his Divine Sense to congeal pill, therefore he cannot make these herbs devour too many, but cannot be too few, little little will be defeated. Quick, arrived at the crucial time, pill furnace unexpectedly shivered slightly, seemed like wants explode pill furnace, this made that three old alchemy masters ridicule secretly, before they were attacked unbearably by Shen Xiang, but finally has sought a dignity now. Shen Xiang spiritual power of that tyrannical without owner in pill furnace is fusing together now. Bang a dull thumping sound, the Shen Xiang fierce opening eye, the head full is the sweat, he failed unexpectedly, moreover explode pill furnace, he sighed secretly, puts out herbs to come once more, processes, while recalls the reason that failed a moment ago. On that three old alchemy master faces has also shown a to rejoice in other people's misfortune facial expression, saw Shen Xiang explode pill furnace, in their hearts felt better, any pill who although they did not know the Shen Xiang refinement, but they think that they will not make this mistake, refines side door pills to be defeated unexpectedly.

Hua Xiangyue is wrinkling the willow eyebrows, she in pondering reason of Shen Xiang failure, she can induce to alchemic furnace in that subtle change, moreover she could see that Shen Xiang was refining the Elemental Spirit Dan aspect to have lots of experiences, this should not be defeated. Dead girl, your chatty wool, your mouth are many, the father will not be defeated!” Shen Xiang was scolding Long Xueyi with Divine Sense. Long Xueyi said suffering from injustice: Others are only suddenly discovered that Little Fairy is very fierce, told you on being able not help!” You told me to tell me, but you and Zhenzhen this Small White Tiger talked foolishly, you talked foolishly talk foolishly, must chat to me listens to the dry bird.” Shen Xiang chokes with rage. I have made a mistake, I thought that Zhenzhen is very strange, therefore chats with her, who others think you build up Elemental Spirit Dan time like this will be difficult.” Long Xueyi tender dī dī said that making Shen Xiang not can be mad. Also has from the opportunity of new refinement luckily, but this is the last time. Long Xueyi is processing herbs while Shen Xiang, told Shen Xiang her discovery: little rascal, this Little Fairy Divine Sense is very strong, can induce to your pill furnace inside situation clearly.” She knows that my these many were secret, did not fear that she knew this again.” Shen Xiang sighed that Hua Xiangyue knows him and Liu Meng'er's secret, knows that he is the Huang Jintian's disciple, although she did not say, but Shen Xiang knows that she looked certainly. These women, usually install before me that stupidly, has not thought that so is astute.” Shen Xiang scolded lowly.

Woman , if too intelligent before you, you do not like, they to entice you change stupid.” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly. Shen Xiang starts to invest herbs toward alchemic furnace, starts to set on fire alchemy, he urged: little girl, had any big matter I to build up to say again.” Others know.” Long Xueyi tenderly shouted. This Shen Xiang with was the same a moment ago, is sweating profusely, he started some hatred to refine Elemental Spirit Dan, built up this pill, no matter Divine Sense were strong, did not grasp well, certainly must suffer a loss. His mother, spelled! Two grains!” In Shen Xiang heart one ruthless, divides into two that group of things that inside herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder fuse with Divine Sense, will then start to extrude pill pellet. This is Shen Xiang first time refines two grains, if only refines one grain, when the time comes will volatilize to many herbs, if he is not not familiar with this Elemental Spirit Dan, he must certainly build up three grains. In pill furnace presented the energy of two groups of extrusions, Hua Xiangyue induced slowly clear, in heart surprised incomparable, when looked at Shen Xiang, the look revealed an admire. Became!” In the Shen Xiang heart drinks, pill furnace that shivers tranquil, this Elemental Spirit Dan concentrates pill time, so long as Divine Sense suffices, can be relaxed.