World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 289
That three old alchemy masters see Shen Xiang this suddenly to become the relaxed facial expression, knows that Shen Xiang was refines certainly successfully, this also means that Shen Xiang will become a 5th Stage alchemy master, although was only low level 5th Stage, but this to the Shen Xiang present age, is very great, thinks Shen Xiang future had boundless prospects, in three old man hearts secretly envied to envy, they were broken to the world the life to arrive at the 5th Stage alchemy master. What you build up is what pill?” That old Grandma walks, while asked. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Senior opens looked that didn't know?” Another two old man and Hua Xiangyue have encircled, Hua Xiangyue already knows that Shen Xiang refines any pill, but she has not actually thought that Shen Xiang can refine unexpectedly successfully. After furnace lid opens, inside explodes immediately projects [gold/metal], punctures the person unfamiliar pain, but quick vanished, but in pill furnace has two grains of golden flower circulations pill pellet, this makes that three old alchemy masters surprised, they do not recognize this are any pill, but actually knows that this pill definitely is Profound Level low-grade, moreover is very fierce, especially that can affect the person spirit the weak aura. Three old man swallow the saliva, thinks somewhat awkwardly, before they think what Shen Xiang refinement is pill of side door, thinks one can definitely recognize, but now looks like is actually not, this pill absolutely is not that use not big side door pill. This is Elemental Spirit Dan, I am also first time see.” Hua Xiangyue indifferently said, she has put out one grain, carefully looks. Shen Xiang has not thought that has not refined this pill including Hua Xiangyue, obviously this herbs is difficult to seek. Yuan...... Elemental Spirit Dan, this is in Legend can let Elemental Spirit Dan that person Divine Sense rises suddenly!” old man was shocked, they have heard, but actually does not know details, even the home remedy is anything does not know. Three old alchemy Master Chedi have tarried, although Elemental Spirit Dan is Profound Level low-grade, but the use is very big, long ago, once must include Profound Level middle-grade this pill, but the refinement difficulty has not achieved Profound Level middle-grade, therefore was decided as Profound Level low-grade. This pill may be much more precious than Building Foundation Dan, Shen Xiang not only has herbs, but can also refine, before that three old alchemy masters, still in the heart secretly ridiculed that Shen Xiang refinement side door pill also makes a mistake, now they know Shen Xiang refinement is not side door pill, but is in Low-Grade Profound Level Dan ranking among the best difficult refinement Elemental Spirit Dan.

This Elemental Spirit Dan are you willing to sell to my Danxiang Tower? We only need one grain, for the demonstration, will not sell absolutely.” Hua Xiangyue asked that the eyes belt smiled to look at Shen Xiang. That three old alchemy masters also want to buy, but they actually know that this Elemental Spirit Dan is very rare, they estimated that Shen Xiang definitely maliciously will butcher their blade, therefore also relinquishes. In Shen Xiang's small medicine garden also plants to have many herbs, he later can also refine, sells one grain not to have anything to Hua Xiangyue, he said with a smile: Naturally, waits for us to discuss the price again, first gives me the sign of that 5th Stage alchemy master.” Hua Xiangyue sees Shen Xiang that face deceitful facial expression, knows one must certainly by Shen Xiang black, she clenched teeth secretly, puts out on one to carve jade token of five pale golden stripes horizontally, then signed with the blood and Divine Sense behind jade token with that three old alchemy masters. Shen Xiang waited for the small moment, they have completed, that three old alchemy master and Shen Xiang smalltalk, has filled with departs ashamed. Hua Xiangyue poked the Shen Xiang waist, tenderly snorted and said: little rascal, when did you learn to build up Elemental Spirit Dan?” Already learned, but I now the 5th Stage alchemy master, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang look at that jade token said while loudly laughing, five [gold/metal] marks gloomy a point, explained that this is low level 5th Stage, the color is darker is intermediate rank 5th Stage, golden light radiant is high level 5th Stage. The words that later Shen Xiang inspects again, only needing let the Danxiang Tower head above [gold/metal] mark intensification that's alright, that jade token was Danxiang Taoyuan refines specially, spirit pattern that used was very complex mysterious spirit pattern. Other haughty, you hurry a price.” Hua Xiangyue has pinched his arm, thinks one and other was knocked one by Shen Xiang greatly, in the heart is not feeling well. Shen Xiang sees her facial expression, curls the lip saying: What person me did you regard as? I plan to give you from the beginning one grain.”

This stems from Hua Xiangyue's to anticipate actually that her hastily traces the place that pinched a moment ago, flatters to say with a smile: Really is my good younger brother, has not wasted me to be so sore you.” Before Hua Xiangyue gave him Profound Beast Bag, made him catch White Tiger, he felt grateful to Hua Xiangyue, delivered one grain not to have anything to her. After Shen Xiang Elemental Spirit Dan has given Hua Xiangyue, in a hurry has registered, he had found Mrs. Li directly, Mrs. Li already before Hua Xiangyue there learned Shen Xiang is carrying on 5th Stage Alchemist's assessment, but has not thought that so will be quick. Young Master Shen, you...... Were you really the 5th Stage alchemy master?” Mrs. Li looks at Shen Xiang that jade token, is somewhat unbelievable, she stayed in Danxiang Tower was very long, knows many alchemy masters, but first time has seen such young 5th Stage alchemy master. Hehe, naturally real! I must enter for the advanced competition.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, Mrs. Li accepted this fact quickly, before she had also monitored an exam Shen Xiang. After the registration, Shen Xiang also inquired the content of advanced competition, but Mrs. Li had not said that because that is must keep secret, this also to let the alchemy master cannot prepare to deal with the competition specially, this tests the person. Quick, the Fragrance City alchemy master circle caused a stir, because in Danxiang Tower had demonstrated grain of Elemental Spirit Dan, this is pill of being lost, pill in Legend. Naturally, they do not know that is who refines, Hua Xiangyue also makes that three alchemy masters keep secret, she was unable to make these influences Big Shot know that Shen Xiang arrived here, otherwise Shen Xiang somewhat will be troublesome, let alone devil path sects also eyes covetously to this competition, although the demon gate had pledged has the conflict at the Southern Wasteland failure on no longer and Righteous Path, but their commitments are not very reasonable. What Hua Xiangyue is worried, destroys the Devil Path plan Shen Xiang, will stare by Devil Path. The Shen Xiang chapter of Divine Weapon shop, Hua Xiangyue had not said that Liu Meng'er has not come back, making him remain here is safer, Shen Xiang has not rejected the beautiful woman , to continue to stay here.

Elemental Spirit Dan just demonstrated that attraction many people surround, these majority are the alchemy masters, or in studying the alchemy person, that Elemental Spirit Dan was placed in a transparent box, the box is the seal, prevents the efficacy outflow of Elemental Spirit Dan, although this is only Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, but in many alchemy Master Yan actually that novel. Hua Xiangyue brings Shen Xiang to tour on Danxiang Tower in all directions, on this Danxiang Tower has some medicine garden, these medicine garden were being covered by Gathering Spirit Formation, moreover some water people who waters specially use True Qi nurturing, Shen Xiang sees to refine True Elemental Dan and White Jade Powder spirit herb, after the careful cultivation, the growth rate also will change quick. This also makes Shen Xiang open mind, on Shen Xiang plan a yet higher goal has a look at these quite precious spirit herb again, actually sees the Hua Xiangyue delicate eyebrows micro pressed. Meanwhile, together sound recollection in entire Danxiang Tower: Who is the Danxiang Tower head?” Some people caused trouble!” Shen Xiang hastily shouted, in the heart is somewhat excited, because he knows that looked possible. Hua Xiangyue white his eyes, then hastily goes down the tower.