World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 290
Danxiang Tower building person atmosphere in hall does not dare to breathe heavily, some timid people carefully depart. A middle of Danxiang Tower building is demonstrated that the Elemental Spirit Dan place, Hua Xiangyue such does also to enhance the Danxiang Tower prestige, making the alchemy master in Danxiang Tower open mind, she has not thought will bring in anything to trouble. By demonstrating Elemental Spirit Dan that cabinet, is standing a manner uncommon middle age. This middle-aged whole body is sending out a threatening arrogance, at the back of a long sword, looked that the attire knows is the Proud Sword Sect's person, that pressure that but he released a moment ago, has actually deterred many people, some people saw, this middle age is Proud Sword Sect's Dean, Yue Jianglin! Hua Xiangyue arrives, said on coldly: Yue Jianglin, you are wreck the event?” She repugnantly is the fellow of this being supercilious, especially Proud Sword Sect, since ancient times is this, therefore she most dislikes with the Proud Sword Sect's person has to do. Shen Xiang stays in the distant place watches the fun, his similarly repugnant Proud Sword Sect's fellow, he butchers several, is in history, the Proud Sword Sect's disciple's in disciple by eight big righteous sect was killed. Yue Jianglin sees is Hua Xiangyue, in the look disdains completely, arrogant tunnel: „Is the Danxiang Tower head you? Your Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean? Makes her come out quickly.” You have not matched to see her!” Hua Xiangyue delicate eyebrows one pressed, micro angrily said. The person in this hall is shocked, Hua Xiangyue they did not know, only then the Danxiang Taoyuan's disciple knows that Hua Xiangyue is the Danxiang Taoyuan's manager, but she actually dares such to speak to Yue Jianglin, energy that but Yue Jianglin Proud Sword Sect's Dean, which her comes? Yue Jianglin already knows that Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean little makes an appearance, but by this disposition, thinks that has Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean to coordinate him to talk. little girl, I must buy this Elemental Spirit Dan, this matter is not you can take responsibility, hurries to call your Dean to come out!” Yue Jianglin moderately, but makes people think very repugnant. Hua Xiangyue said with a sneer: This Elemental Spirit Dan is I buys, I eat now, why can't I take responsibility?” Yue Jianglin stares, he also thinks that this Elemental Spirit Dan is Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean refines, after seeing the Yue Jianglin complexion, Shen Xiang and in Hua Xiangyue heart secret happy.

Shen Xiang has not thought that this lived over ten thousand years of old fellow, unexpectedly so is stupid, looks at his appearance, knows that he needs this Elemental Spirit Dan, did saying of his such high-sounding talk, clarify must butcher to others? In the Shen Xiang heart quick has a plan, he continues to look at present this. Opens a price, this Elemental Spirit Dan I wanted!” Yue Jianglin is shouldering both hands, indifferently said, no matter probably many he will buy to be the same. Does not sell!” Hua Xiangyue does not lack crystal stones and True Elemental Dan, she now is repugnant this Yue Jianglin, she will not sell. little girl, you should better be tactful, this Elemental Spirit Dan to me very important......” Yue Jianglin has not said that Hua Xiangyue on has caressed beautiful hair lightly, that caresses the movement that flatters to look at some man two eyes to straighten, her false smile tunnel: little girl? Yue Jianglin, your Proud Sword Sect will sooner or later destroy on your this smelly temperament, didn't I sell to you to be also what kind of? Had to plant Danxiang Taoyuan extinguishing!” The Yue Jianglin air/Qi results in the whole body to shiver, Danxiang Taoyuan's strength how he does not know, but the Danxiang Taoyuan's personal connection he actually wants to obtain, if Danxiang Taoyuan has difficult, Extreme Martial Sect and Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire will definitely not stand by, Yue Jianglin very much fears Gu Dongchen, because he knows that his strength is well below Gu Dongchen. This Elemental Spirit Dan is very important to me!” Yue Jianglin said that present he looks like likely is needs help from the person: This can make my son break through bottleneck, but also asked you to sell to me!” Heard this saying, Shen Xiang smiles happily. This Yue Jianglin talent son, this is the matter that many people know, because of the propaganda own son of past Yue Jianglin very high-sounding talk how how. But who knows his son, when must enter into Peak Realm qi deviation, was seriously injured, heals from a wound for many years later, once more restored the peak strength, but the fine Divine Sense sea, that has actually needed Divine Sense to repair. But the Yue Jianglin son Sea of Consciousness received the heavy losses at that time, Divine Sense cannot practice, is responsible for cultivating Divine Sense pills with other not to be good, tries various means not to be good, at that time Elder Dan said that wants Elemental Spirit Dan, once repairs the fine Divine Sense sea, can break through immediately. Because Elemental Spirit Dan had not appeared, therefore the Yue Jianglin son stayed in True Martial Realm 9th Stage already many years.

This matter Shen Xiang has heard, therefore he knows this Yue Jianglin definitely by his black on maliciously. The Elemental Spirit Dan value at most is million crystal stones peaks, this regarding Dean is only the small number, even if ten millions crystal stones is a cinch. Hua Xiangyue wants to start out ten millions crystal stones, when she just wants to comply, the Shen Xiang's sound resounds in her mind. Good elder sister, how many you to plan to be black his?” Shen Xiang asked. 10 million, are ruthless enough!” The Hua Xiangyue response said. Suppresses!” Shen Xiang jokes. „It is not good, if I open again high, by others will be said my Danxiang Taoyuan takes advantage of somebody black person, 10 million are very black.” Hua Xiangyue wants certainly to be higher. You told him, allowing him to attend the auction, when the time comes Elemental Spirit Dan will appear, Hehe!” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile. Hua Xiangyue at present one bright, immediately understood the Shen Xiang's meaning. Was acclaiming the Shen Xiang's means secretly, if Yue Jianglin needed, what at auction was raises prices with him intentionally, can definitely make Yue Jianglin spit blood while increases price, thought of this, in the Hua Xiangyue heart excited. Hua Xiangyue said: Was not I do not want to sell to you, but initially that seller said that cannot specialize in selling to other people, our Danxiang Tower was does business, must stress the prestige, but he told us, seperately will auction when the time comes Elemental Spirit Dan at the auction.” Auction must start quickly, you waited for over a thousand years, won't care about this time?”

Yue Jianglin prepared butchered, but has not thought that Hua Xiangyue will say, in his heart also secretly relaxed, if the auction, perhaps can also convenient some. Yue Jianglin coldly snorted, wields the sleeve to leave. Let Hua Xiangyue tenderly snorted, here person was also experiences in Proud Sword Sect Dean to Legend, was the same with the hearsay, was a very loathful fellow. Sees such beautiful woman life Qi/angry, in these man hearts secretly is disliking Yue Jianglin. Hua Xiangyue is mad humph, humph left a building, Shen Xiang followed. This fellow, when the time comes must kill him maliciously, in Fragrance City, the great-aunt I definitely he will take a look to the color.” Hua Xiangyue life Qi/angry, in one individual scolded to the elegant small hall in tenderly. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Good elder sister, to take away to give the auction, when the time comes I divide your point!” Hua Xiangyue received that grain of Elemental Spirit Dan, thinks that quick can see Yue Jianglin to suffer a loss, on her face is full immediately is caresses flatters the moving smiling face.