World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 291
Hua Xiangyue does not lack crystal stones anything, but only to leave one breath, therefore she does not want Shen Xiang to apportion her anything. little rascal, you are really bad enough! The good elder sister is not your personal enemy, otherwise had bad luck! Right, the auction has stipulation, you cannot buy your commodity, I as the highest head of auction, cannot certainly handle these contrary matters.” Hua Xiangyue said. This simple, making Sister Meng'er go not to? This has not broken the rule!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Hua Xiangyue eyes one bright, ambiguous said with a smile: Your this brat also really teaches Liu Meng'er docile!” Shen Xiang spits the tongue, then hastily leaves Danxiang Tower, returned to the Divine Weapon shop, starts one month from the auction, Shen Xiang was also worried when the time comes own preparation is insufficient, sees thing insufficient True Elemental Dan, he has to refine to be many now some True Elemental Dan. He obtained large quantities of True Elemental Dan herbs in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, if according to his one furnace five grains, but also suffices to refine over ten thousand grains of this, now his alchemy speed, although is quick, but is hard to build up these days completely. His double-hour ten furnaces, a day four double-hour are used for alchemy, have 40 furnaces, leave 200 grains of True Elemental Dan. He estimated the auction starts, he can refine about 5000 grains probably. True Elemental Dan that now he has more than 8000 grains, but he thinks too few. Arid alchemy starts, Shen Xiang in order to does not remain at that large-scale auction regrettably, he can only clench the teeth, closes up alchemy. He arranges very tightly the time, white Heaven Refining pill, cultivates True Qi in the evening, simultaneously concise golden dragon saliva, such one, when he goes back Extreme Martial Sect, can fast accelerate ripening large quantities of precious spirit herb. Liu Meng'er came back, she saw a note on the table in hall, this is Shen Xiang stays behind, said that he closes up alchemy, moreover makes Liu Meng'er look for Hua Xiangyue. Shen Xiang iron core calms the mind alchemy, although he when the time comes can go to Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er borrows, but he actually does not think that this appears too characterless, will also be laughed by them. The time passes by little, in this Fragrance City wind and cloud gathering, some major sect's outstanding disciples, some famous family aristocrats, even comes devil disciple to mix in this, attended this grand meeting. pills, is the thing that many martial artist rely on, many people come to here to also take advantage to purchase to compare convenient pills now, joins in the fun while convenient, opens mind.

Some sect's Dean also quietly catches up, some purchases pills, some are goes to Danxiang Taoyuan to be a guest, some are supports to participate in the Alchemy Competition disciple. Naturally, most of them also come to the auction, these Dean not only buy, sells, therefore at the auction will frequently appear something that only then the Nirvana Realm rank can obtain, is appealing. Because Shen Xiang knows this, is cruel-hearted collects True Elemental Dan, he does not have abundant background like these Dean, if no enough capital, when the time comes can only look to worry. With such that he estimates, before the auction starts, he refines 5500 grains of True Elemental Dan, adds with his present 8500 grains, 14,000 grains, but he thinks insufficient. little rascal, is really rare you are so honest, unexpectedly has closed up for one month.” Liu Meng'er sits in the hall, is chatting with Hua Xiangyue. Shen Xiang comes out, sees these two beautiful women, he has not thought that Hua Xiangyue will come to here frequently, relationship of these two women good to make him unable to imagine. Two females both wear the snow white simple long skirt, but actually two different flavors, caresses flatters movingly, noble solemn, their statures are on a par, look at Shen Xiang secretly to acclaim. Looked that you are so anxious, can damage the person?” Hua Xiangyue happily said with a smile, to Shen Xiang but actually one cup of scented tea. Shen Xiang walking to take up the teacup, then very boorish sitting on a chair, curls upwards the leg saying: I must gain True Elemental Dan, not like the fellow who your keep aloof, does not need to make anything also to have big crystal stones and True Elemental Dan.” You must try hard, this large-scale auction you definitely are first participation, your fart money, only suffices to watch the fun, Dean and character of elder rank gets rid, can frighten softly you.” The Hua Xiangyue accent said with a smile. Liu Meng'er said with a smile lightly: little rascal, does Sister if wanted I borrow a point to you?” Hua Xiangyue also echoes: I can also borrow a point to you.”

Shen Xiang is despising them secretly, but he immediately has not actually rejected: Temporarily does not need, to wait for the auction to start said again.” If really insufficient, Shen Xiang also can only be thick the facial skin to look like their start to talk, he did not certainly fear because of owing these two women, but was coerced by them all day, must know owed money, but master. I must auction the different thing, best by the previous point!” Shen Xiang said that his some good things to be many, but these things he does not hate to sell, this Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er know. Hua Xiangyue asked: What thing? You sell the pills words, I urged you to exempt, if were not that Yue Jianglin anxiously wanting, your Elemental Spirit Dan was also unworthy anything.” ten millions crystal stones truly is unworthy in these Big Shot eyes anything. I must sell ten grains of Building Foundation Dan, sells together, this should be able very to sell high price, together fire Martial Spirit.” Shen Xiang said. Hears fire Martial Spirit these three characters, Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er surprisedly. Fire Martial Spirit and Fire Spirit are different, fire Martial Spirit can only fuse in some spot of human body, the arm or leg anything, but Fire Spirit is entire fleshly body also has the soul fusion, can the fierce flame. But fire Martial Spirit fusion after the meridians on arm, no matter uses any True Qi, can release produce fire to come, the fierce degree of flame is also different from person to person, True Qi is vigorous, the flame is stronger. Shen Xiang this fire Martial Spirit is when killed Song Nanming this Crown Prince to obtain, although was worse than Fire Spirit, but took away the auction words, can cause many people to rob. „Do you have this thing really?” Liu Meng'er arrived by Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang takes a small jade bottle, gives Liu Meng'er.

Liu Meng'er looked, said with amazement: Your this little rascal, how these many this type of precious things, I first time see fire Martial Spirit!” Hua Xiangyue also receives carefully looks that has one group to release the thing of warming up in the small jade bottle, red, this truly is fire Martial Spirit, although she and Liu Meng'er are first seeing, but can actually act according to above the record to judge. What kind, real!” Shen Xiang haughty said with a smile. Real, which your comes?” Hua Xiangyue is good the jade bottle cap, receives together with that ten grains of Building Foundation Dan, although this is very rare thing, but is the use is not big to them, takes away to sell does not have anything. Liu Meng'er is also very curious, but Shen Xiang said with a smile: Did not tell you.” Snort!” Shen Xiang returns to the room, is regretting secretly, now he knows that these Dean imagine him is so richer, his previous time sells Building Foundation Dan to Gu Dongchen time, has given him very sincere price, but Gu Dongchen unexpectedly and he bargained back and forth, but also disguised very poorly. He decided, must knock these rich Martial Nephew well.