World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 294
Grain of Elemental Spirit Dan can arrive at this price, this somewhat is accidental including Shen Xiang, moreover Liu Meng'er has not made noise, this is the charm of auction. „The 10 million first time...... The 10 million second time......” 12 million.” Finally was one's turn Liu Meng'er to be taken to the threshing ground. Shen Xiang grins to say with a smile: Wants your head, now just started!” Hua Xiangyue also giggle tenderly smiles, she must have a look at to be able but actually finally like the Shen Xiang estimate, because discussed a moment ago time, Shen Xiang set a very big amount to take the limit. Heard the Liu Meng'er's sound, Gu Dongchen to scold one lowly: Was this woman, Yue Jianglin this rampant fellow must suffer loss.” Wu Kaiming is light smiles: „The Liu Meng'er's wealth ranks among the best on Chenwu Mainland, can with perhaps have Danxiang Taoyuan's that mysterious Dean and Lotus Island Master that she compares.” 1200 two hundred thousand.” Yue Jianglin has gotten angry, if not he knows that with the person who he bickers is Liu Meng'er, he already acted crazy, now he is probing Liu Meng'er to be interested in this Elemental Spirit Dan. 14 million.” The Liu Meng'er's sound is having a dignity, but sounds of pleasant to hear that. The Yue Jianglin air/Qi results in the forehead blue vein to stick out suddenly, but he must increase price: 1400 five hundred thousand.” Can listen from the Yue Jianglin expression, he probably is brushed with the whip now, compelling him to increase price such, this lets in Shen Xiang their hearts straight happy. 15 million.” The Liu Meng'er's sound is that tranquil, she is the rich woman who Chenwu Mainland became famous, no one has been surprised, she is Refiner Grandmaster, before these spirit tool anything she had not participated in bidding also in the reason, but she participates is pills that competes. 1500 three hundred thousand.” Yue Jianglin not like Liu Meng'er rich, is little in addition.

16 million.” „......” Quick, arrived at three ten millions crystal stones, Liu Meng'er looked at Shen Xiang, saw only Shen Xiang to shake the head: This fellow previous time must kill me, continue!” Liu Meng'er continues the selling quotation, this makes Yue Jianglin fill with the anger, but he cannot be what kind, he must get so far as Elemental Spirit Dan, he waited for over a thousand years to appear, if has missed this time, has not known when next time must arrive, his son did not break through, will pass away, therefore he will not hesitate all. That ten grains of Building Foundation Dan can rise to 20 million a moment ago makes people think surprisedly, but this grain of Elemental Spirit Dan, unexpectedly can arrive at 30 million now, this was more astounding. Gu Dongchen now is also to rejoice in other people's misfortune, because finally some people can understand that sentiments compared with him now. Liu Meng'er thinks before Shen Xiang, was almost killed by Yue Jianglin, in the heart also slightly gets angry, she continues to increase price. 5900 five hundred thousand!” As Liu Meng'er that delightful sound conveys, the heart of people mentioned on the throat, this is only grain of Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, unexpectedly arrived at this price. Yue Jianglin wants to ask that very much Liu Meng'er wants this Elemental Spirit Dan to do, unexpectedly insisted that with him since this situation, must to 60 million, this be immediately this large-scale auction starts the highest price thing. An audience peace, Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue also somewhat worry, their hidden bitterness looks at Shen Xiang, in 50 million they said that must stop, but Shen Xiang actually must make Liu Meng'er continue, if Yue Jianglin does not buy, then to have wasted this good opportunity? He will buy, felt relieved!” Shen Xiang is calm, if must give up, Yue Jianglin already gave up, this is relationship to his son important matter whether to break through. That of Yue Jianglin present is not called the arrogance, moreover was the arrogance was excessive, became is supercilious, was rampant. This person is concerned about face-saving generally, his son stagnates in True Martial Realm 9th Stage is so long, definitely also will harm his face countenance, if his son can also the talent like before, then he will also think very honorable.

The Shen Xiang's words just fell, that Yue Jianglin clenches teeth shouted: 60 million!” If the sound can kill people, the person who his these words let the audience has died, everyone can feel Yue Jianglin that anger, for grain of Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, he was the massive hemorrhage. The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth go up slightly, nodded satisfied, Liu Meng'er has not increased price again, she and relaxed with Hua Xiangyue, secretly is excited. Meng'er, after this fellow, definitely will hate you!” Hua Xiangyue said with a smile. I did not fear that in this fellow eyes, everyone like is his personal enemy.” Hua Xiangyue lightly snorted and said. Mrs. Li also worried, now Liu Meng'er had not increased price again, her shouted: 60.001 million times...... The 60 million second time...... The 60 million third time...... Deal! Congratulates the distinguished guest of No. 6 theater box, buys Elemental Spirit Dan by six ten millions crystal stones prices successfully.” Yue Jianglin whole body vitality turns at this time wells up, almost must spit blood, but he actually does not dare to cause trouble here, he hastily leaves the VIP suite, completes final procedure. Hua Xiangyue also departed at this time, but in the auction market also suspended, entered the relaxation time, making the person who some patted a moment ago successfully complete the transaction. Hua Xiangyue came back, she gives Shen Xiang storage pouch, inside thinks of 16,000 grains of True Elemental Dan, his Building Foundation Dan and Elemental Spirit Dan altogether sell eight ten millions crystal stones, changes into True Elemental Dan is 16,000 grains. Because Hua Xiangyue and Shen Xiang are familiar, therefore has not charged the Shen Xiang's fee, will otherwise also take away part. In addition before him, 14,000 grains that has, he currently altogether has 30,000 grains of True Elemental Dan, is equal to 100 million five ten millions crystal stones. Following thing, but is rarely seen, this is not pills is not spirit tool, but is everybody in Martial Spirit that on the books knows very well!” Mrs. Li indifferently said, but in the heart also is very surprised, she has not seen this type of thing. On an auction stage table, is suspending transparent bottle, has one group is similar to the flame the thing in, is scurrying about, looks like looks like flame Elf is the same.

Is fire Martial Spirit!” Gu Dongchen shouted, the sound cannot conceal his excitement. Who is? unexpectedly gives up with this type of thing sells, this is also good, can make me experience the thing in this Legend mysterious.” The Lotus Island Master sound also fills surprisedly. The peaceful auction market at this time becomes very lively, the people in discuss spiritedly, the Danxiang Tower reputation are very good, definitely will not have the deceit the matter, therefore people's authenticity to that fire Martial Spirit did not suspect. Sees the people so, Shen Xiang two illumination, because he knows that will then present the keen competition. Liu Meng'er is indifferent, she is taking a book to look, said: These things must arrive appear finally, certainly is very when the time comes expensive.” This book was Hua Xiangyue just brought, Shen Xiang had not looked that the thing that was recorded this auction must auction. Base price ten millions crystal stones, this fire Martial Spirit value everybody is very clear, I was not many say.” Mrs. Li said with a smile. The low price surely, truly is very fierce thing, this must arrange to finally, Hua Xiangyue knows that Shen Xiang lacks crystal stones, has to put ahead of time fire Martial Spirit, this can make Shen Xiang collect large sum of money, but she thinks that Shen Xiang to finally definitely will borrow like her and Liu Meng'er, because will have many rare and precious spirit herb to appear to behind.