World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 295
Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er are interested, only then these spirit herb, Liu Meng'er comes here goal is also to collect some spirit herb comes. She needs to make some high level pill medicines to herself, to this rank, has Earth Level above pill to be obvious to her effect, but these herbs are expensive, is rarer. Shen Xiang knows that Liu Meng'er is preparing for own transcends tribulation, but pills is essential, for example some can rapidly restore strength pills, or is some can let instantaneously the spirit dan marvelous medicine that the person restores the injury, in transcends tribulation, the role that plays is very big, can be equal to having several life such. Liu Meng'er does not understand alchemy, she collects good herbs, gives the alchemy master to refine again, therefore the high level alchemy master cannot offend, that is relationship whether can cross all Nirvana Tribulation successfully, finally transcend Heaven World. In order to has pill smoothly, therefore Liu Meng'er will ask Elder Dan this alchemy Master to come to refine. Shen Xiang saw from Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue's relationship that Liu Meng'er may through Hua Xiangyue, making Hua Xiangyue invite the Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean refinement, therefore their relationship so will be good. Person who has Martial Spirit, although are not many, but has, but hides extremely good, because this is trump card. Now this fire Martial Spirit intensely is competing for by these Dean Big Shot, quick rose dramatically eight ten millions crystal stones! Until now, is Gu Dongchen, Tang Yichao and Lian Yingxiao is competing, just started the Beast Martial Sect's elder and Yue Jianglin also competes, but withdrew finally, what price they are very clear to be finally. 95 million.” This is the Gu Dongchen sound, Shen Xiang does not understand that this big Martial Nephew wants this fire Martial Spirit to do. 100 million.” Lian Yingxiao indifferently said. To 100 million, the audience in an uproar. Shen Xiang has not thought Crown Prince that he killed in the past, the body will have such precious thing unexpectedly. That is Lotus Island Master so why rich? Is he does do?” Shen Xiang asked that Lotus Island Master had bestowed White Jade Lotus Seed to him, he had the favorable impression to this person, was only Lotus Island also some mysterious, Shen Xiang had checked some materials, but was not detailed.

Lotus Island, but an entire Chenwu Mainland presence crystal ore most influence, the Lotus Island's disciples excel in the water, therefore they seek for large-scale mineral lode in the seabed deep place, they have to seek for the mineral lode secret to be the same probably, can find mineral lode frequently, moreover has many to replace the rare spirit herb seabed plant in the seabed deep place, therefore Lotus Island's overall powerful.” Liu Meng'er said. Shen Xiang some do not understand: Why can't I check the material in this aspect?” Lotus Island intends to conceal, if too many people knew, too many people will push to Lotus Island go.” Hua Xiangyue said: However for major sect's Dean were not take risked in the sea to seek for the crystal ore by the disciple of their hanger-on, therefore did not say intentionally.” Liu Meng'er sighed: „The person who since ancient times brings death were too many, but can find mineral lode has Lotus Island, therefore the Chenwu Mainland's major influences intentionally conceal the Lotus Island's matter.” Hua Xiangyue glanced Shen Xiang one: Your brat do not go to bring death, although sea such, but danger(ous) are not less than the land.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Relax, I am now lucky in love, I will not be silly bring death.” Then, he looked at Liu Meng'er, this made Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue white his eyes. Although Shen Xiang said that but he actually decided that must look, he has Emperor Crystal this type of thing, did not fear that could not find the crystal ore, if found, he is also only takes these top grade crystal stones. 122 million.” This is the Gu Dongchen sound, looks like from his expression, he has been full of the fervor probably, after all this is resources are well used, not like beforehand that Building Foundation Dan, obvious by pit. 125 million.” Lian Yingxiao does not make concessions , to continue to increase price, his temperate voice is somewhat loud, could see that he also very anticipates this fire Martial Spirit. Gu Dongchen clenched teeth , to continue shouted: 130 million!” Lian Yingxiao knows that the opposite party is Gu Dongchen, but this makes his effort multiply: 135 million!”

obediently, continue!” Shen Xiang is excited shouted. 140 million!” The Gu Dongchen sound makes Shen Xiang somewhat surprised, he has not thought that this stingy Martial Nephew unexpectedly can struggle this step. Lian Yingxiao has not increased price like before immediately, this makes the people secretly wait, they want to know that finally was bought by whom. „The 140 million first time...... The 145 million second time...... 140 million......” 150 million!” Lian Yingxiao suddenly shouted, sound that temperate, moreover was one time on in addition 10 million, this made the people exclaim. This fellow is really filthy rich!” Hua Xiangyue low snort|hum said. Gu Dongchen has not added again, perhaps because behind also has a better thing, when the time comes missed a little cannot buy has been unworthy, finally was bought by Lian Yingxiao successfully. Regarding that fire Martial Spirit, Lian Yingxiao is curious, after he pats successfully, behind goes to pay a bill immediately, Hua Xiangyue sees Lian Yingxiao to leave the theater box, leaves immediately. Shen Xiang received that booklet, this is only then Hua Xiangyue can look that other people do not know then must auction anything, this also for the mystique of auction. Shen Xiang sees following several is to auction spirit tool, cannot help but has hit a yawn. Hua Xiangyue came back, throws to Shen Xiang storage pouch, in that 30,000 grains of True Elemental Dan, are equal to 100 million five ten millions crystal stones, now Shen Xiang altogether had 60,000 grains of True Elemental Dan.

Sister Meng'er, you need the spirit herb words, I can give you that White Jade Lotus Seed! I cannot use now, Hell Spirit Grass, I can also give you some.” Shen Xiang said naturally that after all he has kissed with this woman several times, and is very long. They are perfectly suited to each other, but has not openly expressed that they understand the regard of opposite party. Liu Meng'er heart one warm, revealed has smiled charming, supple sound track: Temporarily does not use, if I need time, you may probably remember you said a moment ago.” I will be remaining for you.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he had golden dragon saliva, he had very big assurance to plant massive White Jade Lotus Seed, when the time comes he wanted many to plant many to come out, with planting the cabbage was so simple. Hua Xiangyue honk mouth tenderly snorted: When also had a man to me such naturally well!” Yo, good acid!” Liu Meng'er covers the mouth to say with a smile lightly. Hua Xiangyue spits the fragrant tongue, sighed: Who makes me not have the Fairy same apprentice.” Little Fairy, you left said that this little rascal saw you each time, perhaps wants to move your clothes, you to his attraction were very big, but he had perverted heart not to have the color balls!” Sees these two women to taunt mutually, Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs , to continue to read that booklet. Um? Five Colored Profound Fruit, this refines one of the Five Elements True Elemental Dan main herbs!” In Shen Xiang heart one startled, is secretly happy.