World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 296
Shen Xiang continues to glance through that booklet, more looks is more excited, the breath becomes very rapid, at this time Hua Xiangyue hastily overtook that booklet. little rascal, was scared!” Hua Xiangyue happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang truly was frightened, but also a face is still shaken: Which idiot is, unexpectedly takes Earth Level spirit herb to place, moreover there is treasure tool!” Hua Xiangyue giggle said with a smile immediately: Sells anyone who the Earth Level spirit herb idiot I do not know, but I actually know that sells the treasure tool idiot is your Sister Meng'er!” Liu Meng'er tenderly snorted, she sold treasure tool ill-humoredly is not the extraordinary matter, this was the matter that many Dean knew, can refine the treasure tool person not to be many, therefore treasure tool was also quite expensive. What then must auction is spirit fruit, named Lightning Element Fruit, this type of fruit is unusual, if after is lightning attribute True Qi martial artist eats up, can increase massive lightning attribute True Qi, in addition, this fruit will also explode, utilizes improper, danger(ous)......” Mrs. Li will be explaining this Lightning Element Fruit the item of use and attention. Liu Meng'er shakes the head: Useless.” Hua Xiangyue said: Some fellows always think that auctions with some strange things, can bump into an idiot, then sells a very high price.” Shen Xiang looks at that Lightning Element Fruit, two are shining, because Su Meiyao was telling him a moment ago, this Lightning Element Fruit has the wondrous use greatly, refines pill's herbs, this pill is not used to eat, but is used to attack, after throwing, can release formidable strength, blasts huge mountain, but also needs other herbs to be good. Heavenly Lightning Dan, True Martial Realm 9th Stage does not dare to meet hardly, after having this Lightning Element Fruit, but also needs profound lightning seed, then must pour into massive lightning attribute True Qi, can refine successfully, only needs one grain, True Martial Realm 5th Stage can be exploded crushes.” Bai Youyou said that she and Su Meiyao are die into to live, from infancy to maturity little has separated, therefore she also knew about the pills aspect. Can exploding crushes True Martial Realm 5th Stage martial artist, this type of thing makes Shen Xiang feel shocking, his first knowledge Dao Pill medicine can also use like this. Several grains of words, can blast True Martial Realm 9th Stage, but regarding Peak Realm martial artist, the effect is not big.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang had decided that must buy this Lightning Element Fruit, goes back later to plant more! Base price million crystal stones!” Mrs. Li light shouted.

unexpectedly nobody wants! Because listened to the narration of Mrs. Li a moment ago, this Lightning Element Fruit use is too small, moreover increases the lightning attribute True Qi also limit, is not the good thing, is only quite rare. 100 hundred thousand!” Shen Xiang changed the sound, low and deep shouted, if he with his sound, that definitely will raise prices by his personal enemy evil intention, when the time comes suffers a loss is unavoidable. unexpectedly has the idiot to buy this type of thing, the people thought that might as well with 1 million buys some True Elemental Dan, this is quite cost-effective. little rascal, is the use of this thing very big?” Hua Xiangyue asked that she knows that Shen Xiang was not that type person who made the piffle. Shen Xiang had not replied, but is waiting for the Mrs. Li final drop hammer. Nobody increases price, Shen Xiang was very relaxed has bought this Lightning Element Fruit, he said with a smile: This is the good thing, but was unable to demonstrate looks now to you, after waiting, I collect other herbs again, I make you know the crystal stones that again I spend is not injust.” The auction occasionally has the thing to score an upset is also very normal matter, but in the ordinary circumstances will have the idiot to buy. What following is Earth Level High-Grade spirit herb, Life Returning Grass! Although this thing is inferior to White Jade Lotus Seed and Hell Spirit Grass, but if coordinates other herbs, refined into Life Returning Pill, even if Nirvana Realm were seriously injured, under the clothing/taking Life Returning Pill can immediately restore the peak, here I am not many introduced.” Mrs. Li said. Shen Xiang saw on that booklet a moment ago, he has not thought that some people will sell this type of thing, Earth Level High-Grade Life Returning Grass Is a glittering and translucent carving grass, inside is containing the unusual energy, the words that eats uncooked can also rapidly restore the injury, but is actually well below Life Returning Pill. Life Returning Pill is in Earth Level High-Grade Dan most famous therapy pills, only then Nirvana Realm martial artist will use, to their ranks, fleshly body and soul was formidable, only then spirit herb of this rank can have the function to them. True Martial Realm and pills range of Peak Realm use in Profound Level low-grade to Earth Level low-grade, Nirvana Realm is Earth Level middle-grade and High-Grade, naturally, Heaven Level pills is few, even if some Nirvana Realm has not eaten. Did not set any base price, everybody at will!” Mrs. Li said with a smile.

10 million!” Liu Meng'er light shouted. Sees Liu Meng'er to get rid, Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs, he knows that he has been hopeless, Liu Meng'er needs this Life Returning Grass is very normal, because she wants transcends tribulation, if gets so far as a grain of Life Returning Pill that is equal to a life. „Do you also want?” Liu Meng'er asked. Thinks, but Sister Meng'er needs compared with me, goal that I stem from the collection.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, if the Liu Meng'er need, he without hesitation gives her Hell Spirit Grass and White Jade Lotus Seed. 13 million.” Gu Dongchen participated, these Dean not alchemy, but actually knows that Life Returning Grass value. Hua Xiangyue at the same time was looking that she also knows Liu Meng'er wants the transcends tribulation matter, therefore she does not struggle, words that let alone and Liu Meng'er struggles, finally gains in a big way can only be that sells the spirit grass(es) person. Quick arrived at 90 million. I must take!” Liu Meng'er is slightly pressed the eyebrow, then continues the selling quotation: 95 million.” spirit grass(es), moreover takes away alchemy not necessarily to be successful, the risk is truly big, but makes these Dean Big Shot you struggle me to snatch. 100 million.” Lian Yingxiao does not show weakness, even if knows Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire Empress and Extreme Martial Sect's that Gu Dongchen one face, he wants to fight. Shen Xiang stares the big eye to look that increases price has never listened, was a voice of person just shouted falls, immediately some people then added that in an instant 200 million. Can insist now also only then Liu Meng'er and Lian Yingxiao, other Dean Big Shot have been repulsed, although they have, but actually not like these two these many. Five big rich and powerful people in Chenwu Mainland, Liu Meng'er, Lian Yingxiao, Elder Dan and Gu Dongchen, our Danxiang Taoyuan's mysterious Dean, Extreme Martial Sect has accounted for two quotas, but female also has occupied most probably.” Hua Xiangyue said with a smile.

Liu Meng'er continues shouted: 230 million.” 240 million.” 250 million.” „......” This is 10 million, 10 million in addition, is two big rich and powerful people are competing after all, the people do not think strange. Shen Xiang is opened mind thoroughly, he now also only then 300 million, but this small Life Returning Grass to exceeding this number. 330 million!” The Liu Meng'er's sound is as is always full of the dignity lightly. Lian Yingxiao has not continued again, this was almost his limit. Finally Liu Meng'er snatches this Life Returning Grass successfully, she leaves the theater box immediately, goes to buy that Life Returning Grass.