World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 297
Shen Xiang looks in the control that exquisitely carved grass, in the heart has endless emotion, this is value 300 million many Life Returning Grass, he can feel in this grass that unusual life strength. If the refinement were defeated, more than 300 million crystal stones didn't malinger?” Shen Xiang said that returns Life Returning Grass to Liu Meng'er. All right, I have been used to it in any case.” Liu Meng'er sighed gently, obviously for many years she lost. In the Shen Xiang mind suddenly flashes through a bright: Sister Meng'er, can you make me help you look after this Life Returning Grass? The planter in my Extreme Martial Sect's Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm, can grow well, you sharply are not taking away now to others alchemy, should not have the issue.” Liu Meng'er thinks that the nod said: Does not have the issue, but you cannot steal food, this is for me important!” Saying, she has then given Shen Xiang Life Returning Grass, this type makes Shen Xiang feel frankly somewhat surprisedly, he has not thought Liu Meng'er such simple gives him to take care this Life Returning Grass, this lets in his heart warm. Five Colored Profound Fruit two, refine Five Elements True Elemental Dan main material, I remember Five Elements True Elemental Dan, but has not appeared on Chenwu Mainland for a long time.” Mrs. Li said that Five Elements True Elemental Dan, Low-Grade Profound Level Dan neutralizes Elemental Spirit Dan compound one pill, is difficult to practice, herbs is rare. Shen Xiang is secretly excited, he currently had five colors Lotus Flower, if buys these two Five Colored Profound Fruit, sought for Colorless Spirit Mushroom and Five Leaf Grass again collects Five Elements True Elemental Dan main herbs. I must buy these two fruits.” Shen Xiang knows that now he does not have the ability to compete these high rank spirit herb, but this Five Colored Profound Fruit he is confident. Base price two million crystal stones, freedom increases price!” 200 two hundred thousand.” Gu Dongchen unexpectedly is interested in this thing. 200 three hundred thousand.” Shen Xiang shouted, from this base price, the price that finalized finally will not be high immediately, he has 300 million, was enough. 200 five hundred thousand.” Lian Yingxiao this filthy rich fellow, will always add. Shen Xiang said solemnly: 200 six hundred thousand.”

200 eight hundred thousand.” Gu Dongchen unexpectedly one time adds two hundred thousand, this makes Shen Xiang think strange, he knows that this Martial Nephew is very stingy. Shen Xiang did not shout simply, makes these two compete first finally, he can also save a strength. The small moment passes by, under competition of Lian Yingxiao and Gu Dongchen, the price arrived at 13 million, this has exceeded Five Colored Profound Fruit value, but Five Colored Profound Fruit originally few, although rank is low, the person but who likes collecting is willing to pay the high price to buy. Gu Dongchen has not continued to bid again, Lian Yingxiao secret haughty time, Shen Xiang shouted: 13.05 million.” Snort, digs out compared with your Dean, you shouted unexpectedly exit / to speak!” The Hua Xiangyue ridicule said that this is also this auction increases price least one time, moreover in theater box inside distinguished guest, but nobody knows that who this is. Shen Xiang like these Dean Big Shot, under does not have a troop person to earn the wealth for them, limit that this itself has not increased price, he is certainly indifferent. Nobody recognizes me!” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: Poor person facial skin is thick, I like you am not nouveau riche.” Lian Yingxiao also thinks funny, unexpectedly some people such increase price, he is first meeting. What person he wants to have a look at the opposite party is really, can so be stingy in the distinguished guest theater box, even if Gu Dongchen this famous stingy ghost does not have this. 14 million.” Lian Yingxiao increases price the eye not to wink. 14.01 million.” Shen Xiang only added 10,000. 15 million.” 15.01 million.” The auction market discuss spiritedly gets up immediately, unexpectedly some people are so insensitive, one after another such plays.

The moment passes by...... 21.01 million.” Shen Xiang lazy shouted. Lian Yingxiao has not continued again, he thinks somewhat bored, although he is rich, but not casual flower. This is only Low-Grade Profound Level Dan herbs, can arrive at this price already is far exceeds the value, continued to owe again is very big. So long as is spirit herb, will not owe in the Shen Xiang eye, because he can plant comes out massively. Finally he has bought by 21.01 million prices. Following thing unexpectedly is a sword, is the treasure tool rank, treasure tool and spirit tool such, is divided arrives at 9th Stage, 9th Stage treasure tool Mortal World is supreme, even if Liu Meng'er is hard to refine, but what now auctions is 4th Stage treasure tool, the named meteor sword, stems from the hand of Liu Meng'er, because was Liu Meng'er just refined, therefore has not placed. 4th Stage, but lets in field with the Big Shot heart movement of sword, treasure tool that they use is also only four 5th Stage, this type of thing the more better, they want certainly to integrate in the pouch. Mrs. Li introduced after this meteor sword, directly started to bid. Let Shen Xiang be what is surprised, is involved including Hua Xiangyue and Wu Kaiming, in the distinguished guest theater box besides Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er, other person crazy increasing price. This 4th Stage treasure tool charm was really too astonishing. This meteor sword was I uses for eight years to complete!” In the Liu Meng'er expression is also full of the mood that one type does not abandon, this is she refines personally, and has used many years. The price rises dramatically very crazily, 20 million on, sometimes is several million, suddenly arrived at 500 million! Shen Xiang looks secretly sucks the tongue, but he knows, if the present auctions is grain of Life Returning Pill, will increase price will be definitely more intense, because that can make Nirvana Realm martial artist save a life when transcends tribulation.

800 million...... 900 million...... 1 billion, shortly after broke 1 billion . Moreover the keen competition is still continuing! 1.5 billion!” Lian Yingxiao shouted, the sound of his polite scholarly vanished, becomes excited incomparable. Hua Xiangyue sighed slightly: I give up, oneself collect the material to consider as finished to the Meng'er refinement.” In the auction market was also peaceful immediately, but Lian Yingxiao the one breath added 100 million, making other Big Shot somewhat unable to withstand. Nobody again and Lian Yingxiao competes, finally by 1.5 billion was bought by Lian Yingxiao! But then Lian Yingxiao also few participation increased price, obviously is because after having bought that meteor sword, did not have that full energy. Then intensely is bidding to Liu Meng'er, she has bought Nine Elements Flower, this also refines Life Returning Pill main herbs, this used her 350 million, then with 500 million has bought a stone, with 700 million bought bulk yellow jade. herbs of this auction is not many, disappointing Shen Xiang quite, he only buys spirit herb that Five Colored Profound Fruit this comparison admired. Then is together strange stone, this stone can release a very formidable pressure, but now by seal! The pressure that the stone releases is hard to withstand including Peak Realm martial artist, base price five ten millions crystal stones.” Is Dragon Spirit!” Long Xueyi was startled to call out.