World Defying Dan God - Volume 3 - Chapter 300
Gu Dongchen looks at the Shen Xiang haughty appearance, in the heart complains of hardship secretly. Before Shen Xiang, sold to his 40 grains of Building Foundation Dan, this is the Gu Dongchen first time can buy these many in history, before he was one grain or several grains buys, therefore he recognized that Shen Xiang had refines the Building Foundation Dan material. As Extreme Martial Sect's Dean, develops Extreme Martial Sect's is his important responsibility, to let the disciple strength promotion is rapid, must rely on pills. Although the Extreme Martial Sect's disciple are many, but True Martial Realm actually very few, if there are massive Building Foundation Dan, he can make one batch have potential Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer to enter into True Martial Realm in the short time. Young Martial Uncle, do you have Building Foundation Dan?” Gu Dongchen asked. Did not have, waits for me to look for you sometimes again.” Shen Xiang also has certainly, is only not many, moreover now sold to Gu Dongchen also high many. „The Lian Yingxiao fathers and sons came, this fellow definitely is shows off.” Wu Kaiming suddenly said that Shen Xiang also is feels that Lian Yingxiao aura to transmit. Before Shen Xiang, thinks that Lian Mingdong and Lian Yingxiao have any relationship, is very likely the fathers and sons, now he hears Lian Yingxiao to lead the son to come, somewhat cannot help but surprised. Who is his son? Fierce?” Shen Xiang asked. True Martial Realm 5th Stage, is a alchemy master, he low key like his father, instead is not an arrogant fellow, is the Lian Yingxiao seventh woman lives hundred years ago, among this Lian Yingxiao numerous children, aptitude is excellent.” Gu Dongchen said immediately. Shen Xiang said with amazement: Lian Yingxiao how many women? Others can lead son full Jie to walk, your unexpectedly hoodlum! Too useless, Martial Uncle I currently have a wife.” It seems like polite scholarly the Lian Yingxiao unexpectedly so many women of Lian Yingxiao, Shen Xiang suspected that now Lian Mingdong does not receive to attach great importance to Lotus Island, but Lian Mingdong and Lian Yingxiao disposition looks like very much, obviously Lian Mingdong inherits his father's bloodlines more.

Lian Yingxiao has several women, but now only then nine, other did not die, has an affair, followed others!” Gu Dongchen said with a smile: Young Martial Uncle, do not despise me, my woman no longer Chenwu Mainland, is other continent's, may cross a period of time to come.” Other continent outside the distant seas, Shen Xiang also want the opportunity to travel these places, he looks to Wu Kaiming, smiles to ask: Little Bald, you?” Wu Kaiming curls the lip, said: I now was old fellow, what woman wanted?” Lian Yingxiao arrived, in him behind with straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards star, facial expression handsome man proudly, this man on son of Lian Yingxiao very love, named Lian Changyun. This son really suffices the treasure, goes to Southern Wasteland time Lian Yingxiao not to send, he lightly looked at Lian Changyun one, then respectfully salutes to Lian Yingxiao. Changyun, this is Extreme Martial Sect first young expert, the first young alchemy master, Shen Xiang, you thinks that listens to his given name, to know.” Lian Yingxiao said with a smile. The Shen Xiang's fame is very big, martial artist on entire Chenwu Mainland has almost listened to his name, is worthy of the reputation the youngster talent, this makes Lian Changyun envy secretly, because he leaves is to depend upon his father, but Shen Xiang no one depends, not only has the resounding reputation, but also obtains the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire Xue Xianxian's favor, forms husband and wife, this is the place that makes him most envy. Lian Changyun also inherited his father that loose disposition, whose he had gone to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire with Lian Yingxiao, has seen one side Xue Xianxian, at that time obtained this such as the immortal common young girl, but has not thought that was actually informed, she had the engagement with Shen Xiang. Although Lian Changyun is first time sees Shen Xiang, but actually very repugnant Shen Xiang, for does not lose his father's face, he is the politeness has said a hello.

Shen Xiang, I heard that you like betting very much, with betting the way of war, or is the alchemy way, does not know that you are willing to bet with me? How do we fight out on Alchemy Competition?” Lian Changyun asked that although on the face was having the smile, but his expression was actually full of a provocation. Shen Xiang shook the head, this makes the Lian Changyun complexion change: Is it possible that do you look down upon the person?” The matter between young people, Gu Dongchen they also pay no attention, looks at the good play in the one side, Lian Yingxiao sees Shen Xiang to reject, in the heart straightforward, previous time he has not given Shen Xiang White Jade Lotus Seed, now unexpectedly such does not show due respect for the feelings. You are feared that I can't bet? How do I and you bet White Jade Lotus Seed?” Lian Changyun indifferently said, face proud look, resembles him to think that he has White Jade Lotus Seed greatly to be very same. The Southern Wasteland matter, Lian Yingxiao has not said that also ordered other disciples unable saying that therefore this Lian Changyun does not know. „Is brat, good to the face? That is White Jade Lotus Seed, you cannot follow the words of gambling stake, I and Junior Brother help you leave that's it.” Gu Dongchen does not know that Shen Xiang had any problem, such big gambling stake does not play, he does not want to let Shen Xiang by the Lian Yingxiao envious hatred. In the Shen Xiang heart sighed, asked friendly: What Brother Lian participates is Alchemy Competition of what rank?” Naturally is intermediate, regarding my this age, can attend the intermediate competition to be good! You are also an outstanding young alchemy master, how lets me and you competes with one?” Lian Changyun said that he wants to defeat Shen Xiang very much, leaves the one breath. The Shen Xiang forced smile said: Perhaps little brother must disappoint Brother Lian, is not I do not want to measure strength in Alchemy Competition with Brother Lian, is only...... What the little brother participates is the advanced competition!”

advanced competition! Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming and Lian Yingxiao suddenly one startled, the advanced competition only then 5th Stage and 6th Stage alchemy master can participate, words that spoke, is Shen Xiang the 5th Stage alchemy master is inadequate? Is impossible, Shen Xiang by a reason do not refuse my challenge, the 5th Stage alchemy master most little to need to refine three Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, needs innumerable herbs to attempt to succeed unceasingly one type, but three words, are difficult, can you possibly refine three Low-Grade Profound Level Dan over 20 years old? My Master also compares the talent, he at age 200 became the 5th Stage alchemy master.” Lian Changyun is angry immediately, loudly said. Oh!” Shen Xiang sighed that then has pulled out jade token, above has five light [gold/metal] marks, this truly is the proof of low level 5th Stage alchemy master, above also writes the Shen Xiang's name, carves the character that in some back also blood, that is monitors an exam the signature of his alchemy master. Gu Dongchen snatches to look first, sees that four signatures, he knits the brows saying: Unexpectedly is Hua Xiangyue monitors an exam personally you, as far as I know, Hua Xiangyue this woman is a 8th Stage alchemy master, another three alchemy masters are also quite famous, helped me refine pills, this sign should not be fake.” Lian Yingxiao was shocked, the face of Lian Changyun also becomes red, he also a moment ago kept on proclaiming thinks that Shen Xiang deceives him, but Shen Xiang actually has put out the most powerful proof now, this makes him ashamed to look for a crack to drill, makes him hate Shen Xiang. Lian Yingxiao received that jade token from the Gu Dongchen hand, understood at a glance that this is real, he has not thought that the Shen Xiang unexpectedly such monstruous talent, less than 30 years old, were a 5th Stage alchemy master!