World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 301
In the Lian Changyun heart shames the anger, this makes him unable to speak, is not Shen Xiang does not want to compare with him, but was he to that rank, this for him was an enormous insult. Shen Xiang sees the collection Lian Changyun facial expression, in the heart to sneer secretly, he thinks certainly that White Jade Lotus Seed, was only a pity that he has entered for advanced to compete. Sees own son throws into the face in front of Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, in the Lian Yingxiao heart is sighing secretly, how his son's disposition he can not know, but he thought that makes him eat the point to owe does not have anything, this can let his maturity some. This truly is the certificate of 5th Stage alchemy master, low level 5th Stage regarding your this age, is very rare, does not know what you refine is which three Low-Grade Profound Level Dan?” Lian Yingxiao gives Shen Xiang that jade token exchange, is smiling asking. Gu Dongchen they also want to know that Shen Xiang understood the refinement that three Low-Grade Profound Level Dan are any pill, but Shen Xiang actually smiles: Also asked everybody to forgive, temporarily kept secret.” Gu Dongchen has knocked maliciously his head: Does intentionally mysterious brat, a bit faster said!” Shen Xiang spits the tongue to him: I did not say that you can take me to be what kind of?” Sees Shen Xiang to be so impolite to own Dean, the Lian Yingxiao fathers and sons are surprised, because of Gu Dongchen life Qi/angry, could not see that Shen Xiang receives attaching great importance to of Gu Dongchen in Extreme Martial Sect very much. Lian Changyun clenches teeth secretly, he wants to draw a face, now he thought one were despised by Shen Xiang, he said: I come here originally for with the Extreme Martial Sect first young disciple one high, even if cannot compete in the alchemy aspect, I want to measure strength with you on the strength, Shen Xiang, comes to carry on to bet the war with me!”

Shen Xiang to cannot obtain that White Jade Lotus Seed matter to feel regret, but has not thought the fellow who this attaches importance to face gives to him unexpectedly on own initiative, has convenient not to occupy the bastard, he wants certainly very straightforward complies, but looked at Lian Yingxiao and Gu Dongchen complexion. Lian Yingxiao nodded to Gu Dongchen, expressed that Shen Xiang saw this, said with a smile: Does not know that Brother Lian also does take that White Jade Lotus Seed to bet? The little brother I was in need for cash recently, I study alchemy time, Dean does not support me, is my fees, oh, meets stingy Dean, can only go all out.” Shen Xiang can become the 5th Stage alchemy master, unexpectedly is strives for success, this makes Lian Changyun not believe that but Lian Yingxiao actually believes that he fully realized the Gu Dongchen manner, truly very much digs out, moreover he can also see that subtle relationship between Shen Xiang and Gu Dongchen. Naturally bets with White Jade Lotus Seed? Does not know that you will be used to bet with me? The White Jade Lotus Seed value you should know.” Lian Changyun was saying, has put out that White Jade Lotus Seed, this Lotus Island unique thing, not only the use is big, but also the adolescence cycle is very long, it is said 7,000-8,000 years can grow into. Shen Xiang obtains very huge Hell Spirit Grass in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, he took now, said with a smile: My this Hell Spirit Grass effect is the same with your White Jade Lotus Seed, but my Hell Spirit Grass is very big, at least is equal to your White Jade Lotus Seed three, this is the thing that I take only get rid.” Hell Spirit Grass of face shape same size, this is quite scary, Lian Yingxiao had already heard Shen Xiang obtains in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, at that time also gathered round by one crowd of True Martial Realm robs, that crowd of True Martial Realm at that time all were also discarded by Shen Xiang. The Lian Yingxiao nod said: Is equal to White Jade Lotus Seed four this, Changyun, your present gambling stake has been short!” Regarding the Lian Yingxiao manner, Shen Xiang compares to admire, has not favored his son, moreover he is still hinting his son to be fairer, puts out the same isometric the gambling stake.

Lian Changyun clenched teeth, has put out fiery red Lotus Flower, this multi- Lotus Flower appearance, in the entire yard became sultry, Shen Xiang did not recognize this is anything, but actually knows that person of this thing to cultivating flame had very big use. Is Fire Dragon Blood Lotus, what is most precious is above ten lotus seed, does not need to practice pill to want, eats directly has the enormous help to the flame, although is worse compared with White Jade Lotus Seed and Hell Spirit Grass this life-saving spirit herb, but with is very precious.” Su Meiyao said immediately that the sound is bringing surprisedly. It is said once Lotus Flower by the fire Dragon God blood spirit, then on the self- growth, was reproduced massive Fire Dragon Blood Lotus to come, on Lotus Island definitely plants to have.” Long Xueyi swallows the saliva, could see that she wants to go to that Lotus Island to steal the thing to eat. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, said: Fire Dragon Blood Lotus, Lotus Island is really the Chenwu Mainland first treasure house in Legend, the little brother may be today opened mind, admire!” Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming do not recognize this type of thing, Shen Xiang knew unexpectedly that this also makes them admire, Fire Dragon Blood Lotus they have listened, but has not seen, does not know that in Lotus Island has. Good eye!” Lotus Island Master acclaimed one, in eyes has flashed through a startled color, because this was some first person of one has recognized, before was he says the name. Lian Yingxiao thought that his son and Shen Xiang have very big disparity, story or shrewd, by far insufficient, Shen Xiang has come to say the little brother, called Lian Changyun is Brother Lian, but Lian Changyun directly called the Shen Xiang's name, but this was actually not because Shen Xiang respected Lian Changyun, moreover Lian Changyun had not the good manner to Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang actually treated as has not seen, still friendly treatment Lian Changyun. Thinks of this, Lian Changyun cannot help but secretly sighed, he knows why Shen Xiang can obtain the respect of that many disciples in Southern Wasteland, because he understood to respect others, but his son actually could not achieve this.

Naturally, he also knows that Shen Xiang is a ruthless person, perhaps if because of him here, Shen Xiang not to look to the Lian Changyun good meaningful glance. Then like this was certain, is judged by our these old fellow, right brat, you cannot use that the blade, that thing I still do not know that is treasure tool of any rank.” Gu Dongchen said that with that thing, many Lian Changyun does not give Shen Xiang to kill. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Naturally does not use, cannot dispute with weapon heartily.” I stated beforehand that I have entered into True Martial Realm 6th Stage several days ago, the strength is higher than you, how I let your three moves, in three moves I will not get rid, but resists or moves aside.” Lian Changyun said proudly that can enter into True Martial Realm 6th Stage regarding this age, he was proud, although he was hundred years old, but regarding True Martial Realm martial artist, this is only equal to a child. Others such showed due respect for the feelings, Shen Xiang will certainly appreciate kindness rendered, he said with a smile: Then the little brother on many thanks Brother Lian, I was impolite!”