World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 303
Lian Changyun has not lost confidence to oneself, his attack was crazier. The strong ferocious overbearing hot fist such as the raindrop intensive bang hits generally on Shen Xiang's, Shen Xiang also felt that at this time fleshly body is somewhat burningly painful, but he is still actually enduring patiently, he protects the forehead with the fist, does not make Lian Changyun attack. However Lian Changyun must hit his head, this is very fatal, Shen Xiang is somewhat angry, suddenly put out a hand to hold a hot fist of Lian Changyun, True Qi welled up immediately from the dantian, making Shen Xiang's strength more formidable. Lian Changyun fist suddenly was held by Shen Xiang, this made him be startled. Shen Xiang grasps that relaxed, moreover grasps very deadly, no matter how they make an effort, cannot work loose. In Lian Changyun planned when another fire fights with the fists to the Shen Xiang's forehead, Shen Xiang coldly snorted, pinches vigorously, only hears giggle the skeleton breaks the broken sound, then is Lian Changyun exudes one to roar. A hand of Lian Changyun by the Shen Xiang crumb, this made him angrier, the hot fist above flame is more turbulent scalding hot, becomes very greatly, is similar to burns the meteorite of raging fire to be the same, hits toward the Shen Xiang's forehead bang. Shen Xiang also pinches Lian Changyun that has been crushing the fist now, he flings vigorously, then has flung Lian Changyun, fell outside barrier. This Lian Changyun ruthless severe method makes Shen Xiang be angry, his whole body emits True Qi that the jar called, he in that formidable True Qi the dantian has released, emerged all the limbs and bones. Uses True Qi him, becomes more formidable, moreover is bringing light murderous aura. The handsome face of Lian Changyun becomes somewhat fierce, he has bellowed, overran toward Shen Xiang, in eyes full is the hatred, wishes one could to kill Shen Xiang to be the same, the body also braves the angry flame, lost the reason. White Tiger Divine Fist!” In the Shen Xiang heart a anger, filling the heavens murderous aura has released, the double fist gets up along with that scary murderous aura dance, innumerable tiger head fist image are similar to the angry seas, the air/Qi shakes eight sides, jolts the intermittent crazy air wave, with blotting out the sky fist image, pounds to Lian Changyun. The flash, the body of Lian Changyun was hit over a hundred fists, the mouth spurts the blood, are many skeleton injured. When he must continue to attack, Lian Yingxiao sighed: Also asked the little brother to give me a face, showed mercy!”

After Shen Xiang hears, immediately receives that fist, fills murderous aura on courtyard to vanish immediately, but angry Lian Changyun was actually released invisible strength to press by Lian Yingxiao. Senior, the victory and defeat has not divided now.” Shen Xiang said that in this case, he cannot win these gambling stakes, what he most cares is this. You won! Changyun, takes to give others the thing.” Lian Yingxiao appears before the Lian Changyun body suddenly, looks at Lian Changyun with a severe look. Sees the father to lose one's temper, Lian Changyun knows one have made a mistake, but in the heart is unwilling, but he feels Lian Yingxiao that type to have the severe aura, this made him not dare to say anything again, immediately took White Jade Lotus Seed and Fire Dragon Blood Lotus, gave Shen Xiang. After Shen Xiang obtains the gambling stake, grinned to smile, was expressing gratitude continually, this and his murderous aura arrogant appearance was entirely different a moment ago. Lian Yingxiao is busy educating own son, they said goodbye after Gu Dongchen hurriedly, then left. After waiting for the Lian Yingxiao fathers and sons to walk away, Shen Xiang low voice asked: „After this Lotus Island Master, can hate me!” This but actually not, but his son certain meeting!” Gu Dongchen said with a smile, has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: Your brat has gained one, young really good, I look like your this age time, but also is only small True Martial Realm martial artist.” Shen Xiang coughed, behaves affectedly to say pretentiously: When does not have other people, must shout me Martial Uncle!”

The Gu Dongchen smiling face vanishes immediately, his light lightly snorted. After Shen Xiang haughty laughs several, then hastily leaves. Wu Kaiming said with a smile: „If not this Young Martial Uncle, that Lian Yingxiao definitely here will show off one, there him sub- was used to such by him, but also lives the present well.” The Gu Dongchen nod said: Also only then Young Martial Uncle this fellow is fearless, after all he is our Martial Uncle, is the second apprentice of that old lunatic, our are Master a lunatic?” After Shen Xiang obtains the good thing, naturally must go to front of his empress sweetheart to show off, When Shen Xiang arrives at the Divine Weapon shop, actually knew that Liu Meng'er returned to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, said that was Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire had something, needed her to process. Cannot obtain the news of good thing to tell Liu Meng'er oneself, Shen Xiang somewhat loses, he arrived at Danxiang Tower, was inquiring the Alchemy Competition matter, although the reward was rich, but for him was actually not anything, what he needed was obtains to compete first, proved own strength. The competition content has not been released, but announced the reward, be only first can win an award. Reward of low level competition is two drops of Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk, residence spirit milk, so long as drops one drop on spirit herb, can make spirit herb add fast-growth to be long, therefore is also a very rare thing, many people guessed that in Danxiang Taoyuan possibly has some Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk, making some precious spirit herb add fast-growth to be long. The intermediate competition is five drops, the advanced competition is ten drops, how to use Shen Xiang not to know specifically, but above announced said that after obtaining the reward, the Danxiang Taoyuan aspect can discuss with the prize-winner alone, informed the usage in detail.

Shen Xiang is also very curious to this Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk, because this has not heard including Long Xueyi their these experienced women. Suddenly, several days then passed by, Shen Xiang was adjusting the condition for these days, moreover once for a while will go to a Divine Weapon shop, having a look at Liu Meng'er can come, Liu Meng'er cannot watch his competition, will disappoint him. Alchemy Competition will start tomorrow, is divided into three stadium, huge plaza near Danxiang Tower, is building three competition stages there, the person who because comes are too many, in order to enables everyone to see the competition, can only here giant, although has very tremendous influence to the alchemy master, but can see a true level of alchemy master similarly. Shen Xiang lives in the Gu Dongchen house, night time, his suddenly was awakened, because he felt that danger(ous) approaches, when he opens eyes, almost frightens soul destroyed, but his mouth was also covered. This damn woman, unexpectedly frightens me!” In the Shen Xiang eye full is the anger, stares that to bring Elder Dan of mask, he has not thought that Elder Dan will appear unexpectedly in this manner. Young Martial Uncle, this is Colorless Spirit Mushroom, Five Leaf Grass, with two Five Color Lotus Seed. I am helping you look for Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs these days, then I will close up very long a period of time, you do not need to look for me everywhere. Right, this is the list that tomorrow will attend the advanced competition, inside will have the detailed material, will have a look not to have the fault, I walked, do not tell Senior Brother and Junior Brother I have come.” Elder Dan fills in storage pouch Shen Xiang, then departed out of the window, vanish from sight. Shen Xiang at this time also still shaken, in looks to begin that storage pouch, he long shouted the one breath, is feeling grateful Elder Dan secretly, unexpectedly such positively helps him collect herbs, but he thinks that does not understand why she must mysteriously appear and disappear.