World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 304
Elder Dan comes suddenly, walks also quickly. Shen Xiang looks that storage pouch inside thing is in a daze, Colorless Spirit Mushroom is exquisitely carved, probably is crystal carves general, inside is containing Five Elements Spirit Qi, moreover fused Five Elements Spirit Qi, turns into colorless Spirit Qi, he thought that this and his Universe True Qi is similar. Five Leaf Grass, is growing the grass of five color different leaves, only then two, but Colorless Spirit Mushroom also only then two pieces, the Five Color Lotus Seed two grains, this is Elder Dan seeks for him, this touches him . After he decides to go back, gives a thing to give Elder Dan. Although this is a mystical woman, but Shen Xiang had the favorable impression to her gradually. Display of vigour and vitality, the sunlight shines on the earth, this means that the alchemy big game in Fragrance City is going to start, Shen Xiang is the advanced competition, participates in a advanced competition youngest person, person who was just promoted the 5th Stage alchemy master. The person who attended the advanced competition are not many, the person but who comes to watch is actually most, around competition stage encircles fully, above , only then 30 short tables, explained the person who participates in has 30, but attended the population of low level competition and intermediate competition is actually hundred, therefore stadium is also very big. His mother, did Junior Brother Shen come? How unable to see him!” Zhu Rong depressedly said, entire plaza pushes watertight, it may be said that is the sea of people, but this competition the next to last act of Danxiang Taoyuan grand meeting, the person are not many are strange. Yun Xiaodao, Xu Weilong and Lei brothers have Lian Mingdong also here, they push in the crowd, stops to look at the arena of that intermediate competition, the above person was in attendance, but does not have the Shen Xiang's form. Yao Haisheng and Wu Qianqian on arena of intermediate competition, especially Wu Qianqian this young beautiful appearance, the beautiful woman outstandingly beautiful female alchemy master, attracted the attention of many people, the female alchemy master is very rare, but has to erupt generally is, for example Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean and Extreme Martial Sect's Elder Dan, is the female alchemy master, moreover is on Chenwu Mainland the top alchemy master. Your this group of idiots, hurry to look at arena of advanced competition, Shen Xiang this brat in that side.” Hao Dongqing shouted, his sound not only Yun Xiaodao they hear, many people hear, they simultaneously look to arena of advanced competition. Quick, Shen Xiang that big tall and strong personal appearance sought for by them, Shen Xiang unexpectedly appears on arena of advanced competition, this news passes on 20 to pass on hundred, made entire arena blast out the pot all of a sudden.

Intermittent whoa erupts loudly, because Shen Xiang can stand on advanced arena, means that Shen Xiang at least was the 5th Stage alchemy master, young on 5th Stage, this may they frighten heavily Yun Xiaodao. Has to admire this young people, but he such does is not the wise action.” Right, it seems like he just became the 5th Stage alchemy master, but on advanced arena was 5th Stage and 6th Stage, he just entered into the 5th Stage alchemy master, was disadvantageous to him, on the stage these which weren't the famous alchemy masters?” Really was too young!” Ha Ha, then the intermediate arena person should smile, has been short of such a fierce match.” „......” Is listening to under person discuss spiritedly, Yun Xiaodao they know that Shen Xiang attended the advanced competition now is very disadvantageous, they secretly will also blame Shen Xiang unexpectedly so to be crude. Wu Qianqian eyes glittering the extraordinary splendor, is looking at the Shen Xiang's back, in the heart sighs slightly, she thinks can here and Shen Xiang disputes, but has missed a rank. Yao Haisheng was also sighing, he did not have to think own this small Master unexpectedly so monstruous talent, all of a sudden fled 5th Stage alchemy master rank.

Lian Changyun also here , he although was injured by Shen Xiang, but the wound is not very serious, his father is Lotus Island Master, there are many spirit dan marvelous medicines, therefore in several days restored. He sees Wu Qianqian this stunning beauty unexpectedly to look at Shen Xiang of distant place with the meaningful glance of admire, this makes him envy, in heart cold coldly snorted. In some time ago, Extreme Martial Sect on hearsay Shen Xiang and Wu Qianqian was being one pair, the people who so long as paid attention to Shen Xiang know that Lian Changyun thought of here, pinched tightly the fist maliciously, wished one could destroying Shen Xiang's. Yun Xiaodao they sought for one to watch intermediate arena and advanced arena place, at this time Mrs. Li also stood on advanced arena announces the competition content of first pass/test. alchemy master most basic is the flame, the first pass/test competes the flame, looked that whose flame is fierce, whose controls fire skill outstanding.” Mrs. Li speech time, some people step onto arena, in front of everyone on that spacious short table is putting -and-a-half person of high, the thigh equally thick wax. In front of you in these waxes, the red Little Bing blocks of some grain of rice sizes, you must give to burn down this wax, then takes the red Little Bing grain, puts in a nearby ice box, in each wax hundred Little Bing grains, in the rated time energy, will take out red Little Bing grain of least that several people eliminated.” Shen Xiang releases Divine Sense, looks at this wax at present very thoroughly, some inside specially-made ice particles, under normal circumstances are truly difficult to melt, but moves the flame the words, will immediately melt. advanced arena each pass/test eliminates five people, intermediate arena each pass/test 15 people. low level arena are most, each pass/test 20 people. Now what Shen Xiang can determine, this competition has many pass/tests, but this first pass/test for him is the small gift.

The competition has not started, this is the person who must allow to attend the competition is ready, Shen Xiang also took advantage that this is taking a look at the participating person, evening's time Elder Dan has given the materials of his these people, besides several people, other people are in Chenwu Mainland quite famous alchemy master. And Danxiang Taoyuan and Lotus Island's alchemy master occupies many, Danxiang Taoyuan has eight, Lotus Island seven, other are True Martial Sect, Beast Martial Sect and alchemy master of Proud Sword Sect trained, is the 6th Stage alchemy masters. After Shen Xiang has read the materials of these people, knows that stands on this arena, only then he is the 5th Stage alchemy master . Moreover the low price, he knows that these people have not paid why attention to him, 5th Stage alchemy master who because their these 6th Stage alchemy masters do not fear a low price. Shen Xiang looks that does not have what fame 6th Stage alchemy master, material above to show, these people are very likely that Free Immortal Sea to send. Setup time, starts!” Madame Liu announced the competition to start, entire stadium was also peaceful, was gazing at the arena above alchemy master, these alchemy masters in their hearts were existences of keeping aloof, now can nearly be away from visits them to compete, somewhat made people feel that was excited and excited. The competition of first pass/test said that was difficult, said simple was not simple, this not only tests the flame, meanwhile tested Divine Sense and controls the fire. After releasing the flame, numerous alchemy masters know that this wax is not the ordinary wax, very difficult fever to melt, increases the flame the words, they are worried to affect in these delicate red Little Bing grains, this makes many people ten separately big. Burns is not, does not burn is not. Only then to own flame and Divine Sense has the self-confident talented person to dare to reduce fever independently. Shen Xiang is, his flame is fiercest, is hot under one group of people to sweat, but these people also worry for Shen Xiang, such doesn't burning method fear inside ice particles burning down?