World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 305
Sees some alchemy masters not to set on fire burning down, Mrs. Li shouted: This hour glass inside sand leaks, this pass/test ended, words that you do not compete, even if the automatic forfeit, must eliminate.” Shen Xiang looked at that hour glass, needs the less than half double-hour to leak probably. The time is very tight, because that wax is very difficult to burn down, burning down time also needs very carefully, otherwise completely will burn down inside ice particles. In three arena, only then the advanced arena alchemy master puts the produce fire flame completely, other two arena some alchemy masters are hesitating, but they do not want matching do not have the match to be eliminated. These many alchemy masters release True Qi Fire, making entire arena be similar to the steamer is ordinary, many people cannot withstand, the whole body was soaked by the sweat, only then some strength good martial artist can resist with True Qi. Everyone cautious and solemn is burning that wax column, some people from the above little fever, some are from one side few, releases the little small flame to be careful that is baking. Only Shen Xiang's burning method is very astonishing, unexpectedly releases the produce fire flame to wrap the integral root wax column . Moreover the flame is fierce, somewhat cannot bear with his arena above alchemy master, is exclaiming also in surprise Shen Xiang this type of terrifying flame, but they think that Shen Xiang this burning method to will have finally only no harvest at all. Shen Xiang looked at other two arena, saw that these three arena wax column heating degrees are different, the advanced match heating degree is highest. Hua Xiangyue looks in Danxiang Tower twenty layers that she sits in front of a short window, in the hand is taking one cup of scented tea, is very leisurely and carefree. She looks at Shen Xiang that type of flame, murmured: This brat always such acts unreasonably, has Fire Spirit also to dare such to burn, he such will not lose!” Liu Meng'er walked, sits by the short window, carried one cup of scented tea to drink one, said with a smile: Or do we bet one?”

„, This brat variable were not many.” Hua Xiangyue caresses flatters smiles, touches the Liu Meng'er's face: Sister Meng'er, you will definitely bet your young sweetheart to win, is right?” Noble solemn Liu Meng'er also becomes in front of Hua Xiangyue likely young girl such, she blushes bashfully, tenderly snorted and said: You are certainly being jealous!” Liu Meng'er deceived Shen Xiang saying that she returned to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, to avoid Shen Xiang, she knows her if now very nearly walks with Shen Xiang, their sentiments will deepen, perhaps one day will make some matters of going too far. Let alone she cannot the present chaotic the mind, Shen Xiang be the men of her two love people, she has been puzzled regarding this matter. She must cross Nirvana Tribulation first, can handle this complex sentimental matter, because transcends tribulation time may be defeated, she does not want to make Shen Xiang when the time comes for her sad! Moreover also will cast shadow to Shen Xiang, especially when crosses Nirvana Tribulation. How long can your matter also conceal his?” Liu Meng'er asked that she knew some Hua Xiangyue's secrets obviously, moreover Shen Xiang wants to know. He I am fiercer than the time, I will tell him! Perhaps Meng'er, when the time comes we can become the sisters, this brat charm was really too big, my heart a little vacillated, hee hee......” Hua Xiangyue said with a smile tenderly. In Shen Xiang of competition naturally does not know that has two beautiful women in discussing him, although he a face is earnest, but will sweep occasionally in arena these by the beautiful woman of fragrant perspiration wet body, especially these figures are very good, he will always look at two, this can make him have the fervor competes. The participating alchemy master is concentrating on burns down the wax column, only then he such is of two minds, he such does is only because this competition challenge does not have for him, because in alchemy, is higher than this request to the flame control degree, this competition in his eyes with playing to be the same.

Wax column inside red ice particles were used Divine Sense to give locking by him, he is controlling that as one desires with he fused the flame, these flame probably are part of his body are the same, the control is free, has one's wish. In three stadium, Shen Xiang is noticeable, the flame that because he releases is exuberant, moreover wraps the integral root wax column, takes a quick look around, is very conspicuous. suddenly, nearby Shen Xiang flame vanish from sight, the audience erupted a tumult immediately, simultaneously erupts one to call out in alarm intermittently, because that wax column disappears, but actually float is similar to the red ice particles of grain of rice same size nearby Shen Xiang, along with the Shen Xiang's control, these ice particles has fallen into that specially-made ice box completely. After the wax column the Shen Xiang's flame wraps a period of time, suddenly vanish from sight, probably conjures to be the same, then emits many red ice particles, this made one praise to the heavens. 100 grains!” This is the Mrs. Li personally coming number. Her Divine Sense swept confirmed the quantity, she was a face is also astonished. Shen Xiang completes this competition most quickly, moreover perfect adopted the first pass/test, this makes the pressures of other alchemy masters very big, before they also think that the Shen Xiang brain is sick, but actually discovered what now idiot is one, unexpectedly act like a snob! Shen Xiang also sits on arena, he looks at intermediate stadium, has his apprentice Yao Haisheng there, his good friend Wu Qianqian. These two are the Extreme Martial Sect good alchemy masters, especially Wu Qianqian, the progress is very astonishing, although is the 3rd Stage alchemy master, but will actually have refined True Elemental Dan, Shen Xiang will guess her possibly to be able next one or two years promote step 4th Stage. After Wu Qianqian and Elder Dan study conceals the flame the color, does not have exposed her type of blue flame, at this time her the flame also makes in intermediate arena over a hundred whole families alchemy masters blush with shame, has the flame of soul, is the aristocrat in fire, the flame that therefore Wu Qianqian releases is passing the out of the ordinary aura.

But Shen Xiang's is Heavenly Sun Fire, is higher than Wu Qianqian's, that is not noble aura, but is the aggression of King. Worthily is Extreme Martial Sect number one beauty, this figure with Sister Meng'er, Hua Xiangyue, Sister Youyou and a Sister Meiyao rank, moreover now her over 30 years old is, are the maturity graceful bearing......” Shen Xiang looks at the Wu Qianqian exquisite tender body, recollections in close succession. Those who surprise people are, shortly after Shen Xiang just completed, Wu Qianqian is also same as Shen Xiang, making the integral root wax column vanish, took out hundred grains of red ice particles, the perfect entry. These two are the Extreme Martial Sect's disciples! Wu Qianqian completes, looks to Shen Xiang, she spits the tongue to Shen Xiang mischievously, then shows the sweet smiling face, is very beautiful. Sees Wu Qianqian and Shen Xiang flirts with the eyes, in the Lian Changyun heart hates to drop the blood, although he has dallied with many pretty women, but these women are actually be only the appearance and stature, do not have what status, goes to his wealth, this makes his conquering feeling not have. But like Xue Xianxian and beautiful woman of Wu Qianqian this keeping aloof, to these Young Master elder brothers' attractions is biggest. The following three chapters of today will be later.