World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 306
Regarding the Wu Qianqian's speed, Shen Xiang has not been surprised, Wu Qianqian itself has Blue Star Fire Spirit, person who has Fire Spirit is stronger than the common person regarding the control flame and temperature time. Hour glass inside sand little dew point, the atmosphere in field also becomes very tight, because some alchemy master even/including Lazhu have not burnt melt, especially on low level arena, this is most common. The advanced arena alchemy master level is highest, many alchemy masters can take out these red Little Bing grains, leaks along with hour glass inside sand, the first round competition had ended. Below starts the red Little Bing grain that takes inventory each alchemy master to take out, has not taken out or taken out least these people, will be eliminated. The Little Bing grain that advanced arena, Shen Xiang takes out is most, moreover completes long time ago, least also more than 70, according to the first round rule, eliminate to take out five of Little Bing grain of chasing down. This makes some 6th Stage alchemy masters feel very regrettable, simultaneously envies Shen Xiang very much, small 5th Stage alchemy master unexpectedly has passed through the first pass/test, but they actually must be eliminated, this makes in their hearts feel that is not feeling well very much. The person who low level arena is eliminated are most, many alchemy masters cannot take out the ice particles, did not have a less than half person all of a sudden. From this, in low level arena many people control to the flame are not proficient, was second round, according to the common sense, this was one by one difficult. Now starts the second pass/test!”

The Mrs. Li sound conveys, sees only on each arena several people to walk, then puts big pile of withered herbs on the arena middle vacancy. These herbs seem very inferior, some were also maturity died, some were rot, in the eyes of these alchemy masters, this was some trash. I know that these in your eyes are some trash herbs, but the competition content of second pass/test actually wants you to use these herbs to refine pills, then defers to the quality, quantity and refinement time eliminates, the pills quality is worst, the time is slowest, quantity least that five people must be eliminated, now starts!” In the Mrs. Li hand presented a small hour glass, although the sand leaks very slowly, but actually could see that the time are not much, are less than the time of first pass/test. Shen Xiang a moment ago in looking at these trash herbs, in this majority are True Elemental Dan herbs, can see Danxiang Taoyuan to plant many True Elemental Dan herbs. However here has actually been short of Spirit Crystal Milk this type of thing, this is to refine the True Elemental Dan essential thing in many people's eyes, naturally does not use also good, will be only pill will be few . Moreover the quality will drop. But before Shen Xiang, refines True Elemental Dan time actually never uses Spirit Crystal Milk, Black Tortoise True Qi that because he cultivates can condense leave one type with the Spirit Crystal Milk same liquid. Shen Xiang walked, has chosen some remnant rotten herbs. main herbs that True Elemental Dan needs is, Profound True Grass, ten thousand spirit fruit, Spirit Crystal Milk and Grand Elemental Nut, here except Spirit Crystal Milk, other three types has, but is rotten, Spirit Qi flaw, to make up for herbal Spirit Qi is insufficient, Shen Xiang can only act according to his experience to increase the herbs component.

On other arena many alchemy masters is choosing in the trash, while was complaining, some person alchemy masters don't with this trash herbs, even if may not refine successfully with good them, therefore this to the alchemy master was also a huge challenge, no matter high level alchemy master or low level alchemy master. Shen Xiang refines many pills has been True Elemental Dan, although herbs rotten a point, at that time for him still did not have the difficulty, this disappoints him quite, he is earliest one chooses the good herbs person, other alchemy masters in order to refine just pills, therefore fights to seek for some there with one group of people slightly good a point herbs. Here True Elemental Dan herbs is most, but actually nobody chooses, because lacks Spirit Crystal Milk, seeing Shen Xiang to choose True Elemental Dan herbs, Mrs. Li reminds: Young Master Shen, in the alchemy process cannot increase bringing secretly herbs.” On arena has several look sharp old man to look, these are at least the 6th Stage alchemy masters, no matter who attempts to pervert under their noses, will be looked clear, Mrs. Li was worried that Shen Xiang does not know the rule, please be walked when the time comes. Shen Xiang smiled: I know that refines True Elemental Dan and need not Spirit Crystal Milk be able to refine, I refined True Elemental Dan never to use this type of thing before.” Mrs. Li has gawked, other alchemy masters also look at Shen Xiang with the inconceivable look, does not use Spirit Crystal Milk, will leave pill's quantity to be definitely few, will also affect the quality, won't this waste True Elemental Dan herbs? Wu Qianqian is the same with Shen Xiang, is the choice refines True Elemental Dan, before Shen Xiang was refining the True Elemental Dan aspect to instruct her, making her study one type to be able to gather Spirit Qi, changes into the liquid Spirit Qi the skill, this can omit to use the Spirit Crystal Milk step, she has also learned. Yao Haisheng is also so, he is the Shen Xiang's apprentice, Shen Xiang has certainly to teach his some alchemy skills, but now chooses the True Elemental Dan herbs person not to be many, they can seek for also good herbs very much with ease.

Shen Xiang sat cross-legged to sit down, has put out his Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, placed on that short table, waited for that Mrs. Li and these old man inspected. He starts to process herbs now, removes herbs above some parts of losing plant, removes does not want the skin, then cleans to hurry. In an instant, Shen Xiang has completed, his movement is skilled rapidly, others also when choose herbs, but he actually invested in herbs alchemic furnace. Shen Xiang has not used Spirit Crystal Milk, on arena that several monitors an exam old man and Mrs. Li of competition carefully had inspected Shen Xiang's alchemic furnace a moment ago, had not discovered that in has any thing. They cannot believe that Shen Xiang refines True Elemental Dan, did not have Spirit Crystal Milk, even if refines, will have very tremendous influence to the quality. advanced going on stage above, in that pile rotten herbs, rank highest can refine True Yuan herbs, other are some Spirit Level middle-grade Martial Element Dan or are Melting Poison Dan wait / etc., if not lack Spirit Crystal Milk, other alchemy masters will also choose to refine True Elemental Dan. The time is very short, chooses herbs alchemy normal university many to pursue perfect, but can not choose some rotten herbs to come alchemy now casually, otherwise the time arrives, they must be eliminated, now some alchemy masters regretted. If starts to choose to refine True Elemental Dan, perhaps can also be economical many some time, what although refines is quality very bad True Elemental Dan, even also has the possibility only then a grain, but to could not always have refined compared with the time. The alchemy master on advanced arena felt to worry, other arena alchemy masters, here most alchemy masters were the first time participate in Danxiang Taoyuan's Alchemy Competition, this competition imagined them is much more difficult.