World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 307
This Alchemy Competition alchemy master is highest is also only 6th Stage, 7th Stage above alchemy master also only then a little, the competition does not have what significance for them, therefore does not open. Hua Xiangyue in the distant place looks that Shen Xiang that is sending out red light pill furnace, said: This brat pill furnace is not the ordinary goods, although I have inspected, but actually cannot discover that what difference this pill furnace has, Meng'er you are Refining Master, can see that what selects to come?” Liu Meng'er shakes the head: Could not see that this pill furnace is truly strange, if can make me inspect well, can perhaps see that anything comes.” This little rascal alchemy such, depends upon this pill furnace?” Hua Xiangyue smiles: Next pass/test you to know, I was also curious he in depending upon this pill furnace, therefore under pass/test for him specially designed.” Shen Xiang in alchemy is long-drawn-out, now he with using good spirit herb refines True Elemental Dan not to have what difference. He uses the Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace alchemy speed originally quickly, he estimated that he can a lot of time complete ahead of time, he does not depend upon this Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, same can go through customs with ordinary pill furnace, because he has fierce Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit. Refines True Elemental Dan to be familiar to Shen Xiang. The previous auction must start, he closes himself, refines True Elemental Dan crazily, at that time almost built up him spits blood, at this time refines True Elemental Dan is plays for him still, even if refines with some inferior herbs. Shen Xiang has completed quickly, in his Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace presented five grains of True Elemental Dan, but he does not have to announce one refine King City, but waits for other people, because of alchemy Master Men in wholly-absorbed alchemy, he does not want to disturb others, moreover at the competition, he has also seen the related rule. Shen Xiang looks on a advanced arena middle-aged person, Elder Dan gives on his material to show that this middle-aged person is in this group of people quite fierce alchemy master, is in Danxiang Taoyuan quite young 6th Stage alchemy master, then he looked that is keeping old man of goat beard to one, this old man is the Proud Sword Sect's alchemy master, is the 6th Stage alchemy master.

He looked around, discovered that the levels of these alchemy masters were very high, for example the flame and Divine Sense aspect, made him exclaim in surprise secretly, if were the ordinary 5th Stage alchemy master, definitely already was eliminated. The person intuition that watches the competition maintains peaceful, if too noisy, will have very tremendous influence to the alchemy master, the itself alchemy master works as in front of these many people alchemy to feel that does not adapt. In the crowd is also hiding some disguise change appearance Dean Big Shot, how they are come to see oneself sect's alchemy master to display, can have a look at the levels of other sect alchemy masters. Time!” Mrs. Li shouted, her sound makes many with rapt attention the alchemy alchemy master one startled, afterward is an intermittent explosion sound. Some low level alchemy masters were frightened, therefore causes explode pill furnace, this makes Shen Xiang look secretly funnily. The joke in low level arena is most, alchemic furnace that blasts are many, many people want to cry but have no tears, these low price alchemy masters first participate, has not seen this scene, affected the display. Moreover itself is also very anxious, was such shouted by Mrs. Li, frightened them to leave the mistake. In low level arena and intermediate arena had many manpower to hold that to explode damage alchemic furnace, leaves the field low-spirited, the only advanced arena above alchemy master is self-poise, they refined probably successfully, but waited for grading. advanced arena only then 25 alchemy masters, but is responsible for this arena is several high level alchemy masters, can therefore quick obtain the result. These old alchemy masters turn on these pill furnace covers one by one, looks at inside pills, then records on a book, these old alchemy masters turn on a pill furnace cover every time, on shameless somewhat is disappointed, takes after pills, is shaking the head.

Shen Xiang is the comparison, he discovered pills rank that these people refine is Low-Grade, but pill's quantity with normally is the same, will therefore score points will be also higher. Carefully observes the later discovery in him, pill who the large number person refines certainly is Spirit Level Middle-Grade Dan, this arena only then he has chosen High-Grade Spirit Level True Elemental Dan. To Shen Xiang, other alchemy masters also very paid attention, because the Shen Xiang's facial expression is very calm, could see that he refined successfully, but these alchemy masters guessed that Shen Xiang can only refine grain of True Elemental Dan at most, this and their words of pills contrast, will be definitely worse, because divided equally evaluates by the price. If Low-Grade quality True Elemental Dan, the price is also only more than 3000 crystal stones, but refinement Spirit Level Middle-Grade Dan, although the quality is slightly bad, but quantity are many, the price is may very much the officer. The Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace cover opens, the rich medicine fills the air fragrant, making the arena above alchemy master full of energy, shocks, here alchemy master is an expert, smells this degree of medicine to be fragrant, knows that the Shen Xiang refinement the True Elemental Dan quality is very good! Five grains of True Elemental Dan! Excellent quality!” A 7th Stage old alchemy master calls out in alarm. Several other old alchemy masters walk hastily, time that they walk, waist that are jade token of seven [gold/metal] marks swaying horizontally, is especially dazzling, this is the 7th Stage alchemy master, although has the 1st Stage difference with 6th Stage, but in 6th Stage alchemy Master Yan, these old fellow is the deities in their heart. expression that the advanced arena above alchemy master whole face does not believe that but they also stand, stands on tiptoes the tip of the toe to look to Shen Xiang that position.

After several old alchemy masters arrive, takes True Elemental Dan that Shen Xiang is refining, exclaims in surprise again and again, normally, True Elemental Dan is also only three grains, at most four grains, but Shen Xiang actually five grains, moreover refines with that trash herbs, most makes people feel what is inconceivable, Shen Xiang does not have Spirit Crystal Milk. This makes the advanced arena above alchemy master have to suspect that Shen Xiang cheats. His alchemic furnace I have inspected carefully, his alchemy time I also look at his every action and every movement, does not have the possibility of cheating, moreover these True Elemental Dan just drew a charge! herbs is our Danxiang Taoyuan trains carefully, after refining True Elemental Dan, will produce the unique medicine to be fragrant! Looked from this medicine fragrance that can conclude was he is the use that rotten herbs refined a moment ago.” An old alchemy master said that although this is very astonishing, but he must acknowledge this fact. Other old alchemy masters also in abundance nod, they are the alchemy experts, is much fiercer than the 6th Stage alchemy master, the vision is also very sinister, the judgments of their several people are consistent, Shen Xiang has not cheated. These old alchemy masters want to ask why very much Shen Xiang can builds up the so good quality True Elemental Dan to come without Spirit Crystal Milk, but this actually cannot ask that each alchemy master has oneself alchemy knack, is the non- to divulge to an outsider. If there is Spirit Crystal Milk, these 7th Stage old alchemy masters can also refine the excellent quality with these rotten herbs True Elemental Dan, but at most is also only two grains, three grains are very difficult to achieve, but Shen Xiang actually arrived at five grains, far exceeds them. The Shen Xiang's alchemy talent has subdued these 7th Stage alchemy masters, they look at the Shen Xiang's look fully are the respect, although Shen Xiang now or 5th Stage alchemy master, but the basic level actually far exceeds them, in their eyes, Shen Xiang is the peerless rare talent in alchemy.