World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 308
On the words of value, five grains of True Elemental Dan that Shen Xiang refines can sell high, he smoothly goes through customs again this pass/test, is still that perfect. This makes these 6th Stage alchemy masters envy incomparably, in the heart secretly is also ashamed, their unexpectedly compared with baby brat . Moreover the opposite party is a low level 5th Stage alchemy master. These alchemy masters envy to turn over to the envy, but they are the same with these 7th Stage alchemy masters, knows that the Shen Xiang's foundation is very astonishing, can result in peak the pills display, can see Shen Xiang from this solid foundation from now on the Pill Dao above future. Second round ended, low level and intermediate arena walked many people, advanced arena have eliminated five, was third round, although now the arena above alchemy master can go through customs, alchemy master but who actually still anxiously, especially these reluctantly can go through customs, the second pass/test made them feel unbearable, the third pass/test definitely was so. Wu Qianqian and Yao Haisheng smoothly go through a strategic pass, Wu Qianqian refines two grains of True Elemental Dan, Yao Haisheng is one grain, the quality is excellent, this has also shocked these old fellow! Intermediate arena, their result are very good. The Extreme Martial Sect's three alchemy masters can refine quality excellent True Elemental Dan, this makes other alchemy masters admire to Elder Dan's alchemy technique, they think that Shen Xiang Wu Qianqian they were under the Elder Dan's instruction, understood that does not use Spirit Crystal Milk also to refine the True Elemental Dan knack. „The third round, these round needs a luck, if the luck not good person, will be bad luck!” The Mrs. Li corners of the mouth flood wipe the strange happy expression, making in audiences alchemy Master Xin be scared secretly. low level arena and intermediate arena enter the final finals now, comes out first, the rule with Danxiang Taoyuan's alchemic furnace alchemy, pills provides by Danxiang Taoyuan, low level arena refines Dayuan pill, intermediate arena refines True Elemental Dan, now first starts to choose pill furnace, selects through the ballot.” On low level arena and intermediate arena have chocked up pill furnace, these pill furnace look like very inferior, looks at the alchemy master corner of the eye spasm, refines most difficult pills with this alchemic furnace, this pit father? Moreover his mother has the time limit , the finals are most difficult. Shen Xiang also has very tremendous pressure at this time, he discovered that these alchemic furnace link his inferior pill furnace to be inferior, this definitely greatly will affect him to display. advanced arena rests first, you in fourth round determining the final outcome.” Mrs. Li said.

advanced arena also has the fourth round, this makes Shen Xiang their these 15 alchemy Master Anan complain of hardship. On these pill furnace some serial numbers, ballot time, signs has the serial number, when the time comes receives corresponding pill furnace, if the luck is not good, receives some tattered pill furnace, that was finished. His mother, this pill furnace is not others alchemy explode pill furnace time damages? How this makes the person build up!” Shen Xiang scolded lowly, other alchemy masters complained. Shen Xiang saw a tragedy male to pull out to the rotten bamboo slip, chose on one full is crack pill furnace, can determine, this male being finished. These alchemy masters are vigorously train by sect or family, pill furnace that they usually use is very good, now suddenly trades trash pill furnace, tests the foundation of alchemy master very much, this can see how when the alchemy master does not depend upon the good pill furnace level. In the Shen Xiang's mind suddenly broadcasts the Hua Xiangyue's sound: little rascal, you put in the box draws lots the time the hand, if felt that the icy cold bamboo slip grasps, I helped you arrange!” Heard Hua Xiangyue to him sound transmission, Shen Xiang looks around to look that has not discovered the Hua Xiangyue's form, but in the heart secretly was excited, although he thought that this was unfair to other alchemy master some, but he thinks that he was in these alchemy masters is youngest weakly, was satisfied. On that tower.” Long Xueyi reminded Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang looked immediately, has not seen Hua Xiangyue, but can actually penetrate the hole of window, sees pair of glistening beautiful eyes.

Liu Meng'er hides in one side, implored the one breath slightly: This little rascal unexpectedly discovers you here, good fierce Divine Sense!” Hua Xiangyue is also very surprised: It seems like this little rascal hides imagines me is deeper.” Xiangyue, do you make him pull out to good pill furnace really?” Liu Meng'er asked. Naturally is not, since this brat wants to occupy convenient, I make him eat to owe, I will make him pull out to tattered pill furnace, even if I uses that pill furnace to go to alchemy, is difficult, this brat, it is estimated that quick explode pill furnace.” Hua Xiangyue happily said with a smile. „The words that your quality, he loses, will hate your!” Some Liu Meng'er said worriedly. This brat will not lose, you look! Or we bet one!” Hua Xiangyue never bets, but actually has raised now. Liu Meng'er cannot affirm, but shakes the head. On advanced arena, is placing 15 pill furnace, in middle that on full is the crack, probably will bump to break to pieces to be the same, Shen Xiang and these 6th Stage alchemy masters, who will attain that pill furnace immediately, was but actually the mildew of eight lifetime. „The advanced arena third round, refines Hundred Beasts Dan, refines with these pill furnace! Also invited your rare and precious these pill furnace, because your fourth round finals time, was also these pill furnace.” The Mrs. Li words make the advanced arena above alchemy master be similar to crash the ice-cold abyss to be ordinary.

The fourth round should be most difficult, unexpectedly during uses the rottengoods, this made many alchemy Master Xiang speak the bad language, but Shen Xiang guessed that this definitely was the Hua Xiangyue design. Shen Xiang, your first ballot, because front two rounds you are first, gives you a priority!” Mrs. Li said. In Shen Xiang heart one happy, he knows that Hua Xiangyue has helped him arrange, but that 15 alchemic furnace he has seen, had not discovered that which is good, but he believes Hua Xiangyue. After Shen Xiang the hand enters a box inside, quick induces to an icy coldness, he holds that bamboo slip immediately, afterward pulls out the hand. Unexpectedly is on the 8 th the bamboo slip, goes to your younger sister......” Shen Xiang crack cursed, he has drawn a prize-winning ticket immediately, that most rotten pill furnace was his, in his heart angry, he has not thought that Hua Xiangyue unexpectedly suspended him together, has made him pull out to most rotten pill furnace intentionally. In advanced arena above alchemy Master Xin is jubilant, relaxed, because that most rotten pill furnace had the master, moreover made the person who they most envied pull out, they saw Shen Xiang alchemy explode pill furnace, was exploded the dirty appearance, thought of this, their were happy immediately. Shen Xiang was foul-mouthed walked, held that tattered pill furnace carefully in the bosom, returned to his position, then looked to not far away that Danxiang Tower, looks at the twenty layers place, he clenched jaws, the item including was staring angrily. Little mother skin, the father must move your clothes, otherwise hate of difficult solution heart!” In the Shen Xiang heart said secretly.