World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 309
Liu Meng'er by window above tiny hole, sees the vision that Shen Xiang projects, has nipped the cherry lips lightly. Little Fairy, you watch the good deed that you do, this brat definitely had a mortal hatred of you.” The Liu Meng'er whole face worried look said that she is defeated to the Shen Xiang's attack is very big. Meng'er, it seems like you completely by this little rascal capturing, hee hee!” A Hua Xiangyue face said unconcernedly: You favored, this little rascal's alchemy potential has not displayed completely, I such do to stimulate his potential, his fierce pill furnace has given him very big dependence, will make him neglect something.” Shen Xiang looks at that tattered pill furnace, in heart cool, above full is the crack, but in several inferior spirits are positive, but looks like has not distinguished with ordinary stove anything, resulted in rottenly cannot be rotten. Hua Xiangyue, you should better bless me not to lose, otherwise do not blame me the heavy hand to destroy to spend...... No, even if I have won, I must move your clothes!” In the Shen Xiang heart is criticizing, filled with fury, if is not competing, he definitely will fly, looks for Hua Xiangyue to ask that understands. Hundred Beasts Dan, is Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, although is quite easy to refine, but Shen Xiang thought that with words that this broken thing builds up, and Immortal Dan is equally difficult to build up. „Everyone refines furnace Hundred Beasts Dan, compared and appraised the rule to be the same with before, the quality and quantity, this competition had the time limit similarly. Stated a point, finishing ahead of schedule will not award marks, now you prepare first.” Mrs. Li said. At this moment, Shen Xiang does not have any means that only then braced oneself with this built up tattered, now started to provide herbs, Hundred Beasts Dan herbs was Danxiang Taoyuan most does not lack, will therefore give up such expensive herbs. „Everyone has two opportunities, if the first failure, but can also come here to receive herbs.” This is actually good, after all first time with this tattered thing alchemy, in each alchemy Master Xin lacked self-confidence.

The advanced arena above alchemy master looked that Shen Xiang probably is looks at the loser to be the same, on the face full is sneering of to rejoice in other people's misfortune, under is also piece of discuss spiritedly, they are feeling to regret for Shen Xiang. Had bad luck, unexpectedly pulls out to this tattered thing. Shen Xiang sees these alchemy master one faces to ridicule, in the heart is not feeling well secretly, wishes one could to rumble this tattered pill furnace at present to become dregs. Calm, you must be confident to yourself, you are 30 years old are less than become the person of 5th Stage alchemy master, did not say is Chenwu Mainland, entire Mortal World was very rare.” Bai Youyou encourages to say. Senior Sister said right, you must give itself the confidence! You think to look, although your alchemy course only then we know, but that is very magnificent, the elder sister my ownself suffer is the alchemy rare talent, but you are fiercer than me! You can certainly achieve the success of this competition.” Su Meiyao is also encouraging Shen Xiang. Obtains these two beautiful women to encourage, Shen Xiang the confidence multiplies immediately, so long as there are goddess in the one side, the man fights or does other matters, will be competitive, even is the display of ultra level...... if wanted I disturb, keeping these fellows from succeeding, everybody was finished together.” Long Xueyi this mischievous dragon happily said with a smile. Does not use!” Shen Xiang has traded a human appearance at this time, before that dejected performance vanish from sight, now he has plenty of fight in one, is confident about oneself. Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong they were also regretting that they do not want to say Shen Xiang will carry such, the crucial time has selected such thing. You look at Big Brother Shen, I remember he has this appearance time, certainly can create the miracle.” Yun Xiaodao said that he and Shen Xiang together is very long, once thinks matter that Shen Xiang is impossible to achieve, but Shen Xiang achieved.

Zhu Rong said with a smile: Harmed us to be worried in vain, the Junior Brother Shen alchemy level was as deep as a well, after he definitely will have, move.” On Yun Xiaodao this line of faces has shown the smiling face immediately, Shen Xiang is their good friends, they naturally hope that Shen Xiang can win. The corner of distant place, two wear the bamboo hat, puts on the person of black robe to sit on a tree drinks. „The Dean Boss, you said that Young Martial Uncle can obtain first finally?” Wu Kaiming said. Does not know, the matter always fairy that Young Martial Uncle makes not measured, cannot regard with the vision of normal person, we are look honestly.” Gu Dongchen said that although he and Wu Kaiming thinks possibility that Shen Xiang has not won, but thought that Shen Xiang will definitely not be eliminated in the third pass/test. The time be only two double-hour, refined Hundred Beasts Dan can be said as enough, the time that but with the inferior alchemic furnace words, require now will be longer, especially to Shen Xiang. In order to let the alchemy master can display well, their relaxation times are also longer, but the present are at noon, the fierce positive overhead, is deep the earth to ascend heat, this heat comes at all not to be anything regarding the alchemy master, but in plaza many people complained incessantly, was exposed to the sun is sweating profusely. At this time, low level arena and intermediate arena playing time arrived, Shen Xiang paid attention, the intermediate arena winner is Wu Qianqian, he did not have the accident, Wu Qianqian has Fire Spirit, moreover obtained Elder Dan to instruct, the talent was also good, cannot obtain the first that to feel strange. Second is Yao Haisheng, he refines three grains of quality excellent True Elemental Dan, but Wu Qianqian is four grains, their performance are very outstanding, after all they use is that inferior pill furnace.

In the Shen Xiang heart secret was happy for them that but now they also arrive by advanced arena, watched the competition, Wu Qianqian and Yao Haisheng a moment ago in alchemy, does not know that Shen Xiang has selected tattered pill furnace, from Yun Xiaodao there upon learning this, in the heart secretly was sighing. Setup time finished, now starts to compete!” Mrs. Li shouted, then turns over a quite big hour glass. Numerous alchemy master hastily takes up short table above herbs, carries on skilled processing, this refines Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, moreover that many famous competent alchemy masters refine, making other low level alchemy masters attentively look that wants to study something. Shen Xiang refined this Hundred Beasts Dan is also very skilled, moreover can build up ten grains, was many, but that was in he used in the Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace situation to refine, he also lacked self-confidence with this tattered pill furnace. What quickest processes herbs is Shen Xiang, his technique is Su Meiyao teaches for his, has very big difference with other people, looks like neat, moreover is very attractive, has ornamental very much, these alchemy masters under arena has not looked to suffice, Shen Xiang has tossed into herbs that tattered pill furnace. This pill furnace enters hot mouth one, but this is not the major problem, the major problem is the alchemic furnace above crack, this will reveal inside fire Qi and herbal Spirit Qi seriously, if serious, will also make pill furnace suddenly split. Shen Xiang can only stop up these cracks with his formidable Divine Sense now, stands firm entire pill furnace with Divine Sense, pill furnace that rocked, quick is steady, the people are hanging the heart has not actually fallen, because the alchemic furnace above crack were getting more and more. That tattered pill furnace of vision condense of almost all people nearby Shen Xiang on, the fiery red ray that they can in the clear visible crack overflow, this situation is not wonderful, perhaps when will blast.