World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 310
Shen Xiang depressed to the extreme, because this tattered pill furnace imagines him is much more rotten. Especially is heated the ability, he just set on fire shortly, by the flame with burning fully is the crack, the flame that if he releases is not very hot, is unable to burn down these herbs, but a heat, pill furnace will perhaps be fired the powder. Must stand firm!” Shen Xiang another hand according to pill furnace on, releases Universe True Qi, he uses Divine Sense to control Universe True Qi to form a guard shield, closely restrains entire pill furnace, making pill furnace no longer continue split open, meanwhile absorbs the pill furnace above quantity of heat, making pill furnace be heated reduces. Refines Hundred Beasts Dan for him is not difficult matter, now the difficult place must preserve this pill furnace. pill furnace split open stopped, Shen Xiang relaxed, his advancement was getting more and more slow, although other alchemy masters are serious, but their pill furnace be better than time Shen Xiang, at least will not have that fatal problem that Shen Xiang comes across. The time in the past, Shen Xiang that tattered pill furnace will sway little once for a while, suddenly on the past a double-hour, some people had refined at this time successfully, this person is to come from Danxiang Taoyuan's. The success refines the Hundred Beasts Dan person one after another, now in 15 people, only then Shen Xiang has not refined to complete, what after all he uses is one results in rottenly cannot rotten pill furnace, can insist that the present was good. These alchemy masters stand on stage, to rejoice in other people's misfortune looks at Shen Xiang that is sweating profusely, but before that two competition Shen Xiang stole the show, they see Shen Xiang this appearance now, in the heart is secretly happy. suddenly, Shen Xiang's pill furnace violent sways, his fierce opening eye, then is bang crack, the people only see smog to explode nearby Shen Xiang, with a flame, afterward is the rich medicine fragrance. An audience silence, they look at Shen Xiang that is in trance dull, in the heart also for Shen Xiang feel to regret that their alchemy talents are the people are obvious to all, because the luck missed a point to be defeated! Yun Xiaodao pinches Zhu Rong stubbornly fully that is being the arm of meat, Zhu Rong cannot feel the pain at this time, he opened the mouth, in the mind is playbacking a moment ago explode pill furnace one. Wu Qianqian closely is biting the lip, looks at Shen Xiang that absent-minded facial expression, she, eyes was grievedly moist. Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen are also a sigh, not having pill furnace, Shen Xiang to be doomed to lose here. Liu Meng'er looks at the Shen Xiang's appearance on the tall building, is biting the lip lightly, sighed slightly, in the heart pulled out secretly is being painful.

Hua Xiangyue sighed lightly: I have overestimated him...... Hopes him to support this attack.” The Liu Meng'er nod sighed: He walks is problem-free, making him experience some setbacks to be also helpful to him.” When Mrs. Li must announce result of the competition, Shen Xiang yelled: Slow!” People one startled, can Shen Xiang do? His pill furnace did not have, exploded a moment ago has made him fall into the abyss of failure thoroughly, opportunity that he has not dumped tray. Young Master Shen...... you......” Mrs. Li is also Shen Xiang feels to regret that she now is somewhat astonished, she does not know that Shen Xiang must do. Shen Xiang is gripping tightly the double fist, raises head to look at the sky, in explode pill furnace that flash, he had thought of many things a moment ago, therefore meets a face to be absent-minded. It seems like I have come too to rely on Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, but this does not represent me not to have Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace anything is not, the alchemy road is very long, at present the opportunity makes me surpass own limit, this competition is I with own competition.” Shen Xiang is looking up to fiercely positive, in heart is thinking secretly, his fist grasps tightly is very very tight, instantaneous, on his face full is self-confident, still spirited fighting spirit. Sees his facial expression, many people somewhat are surprised, can such quickly restore in this attack, truly has the forte. Mrs. Li, currently also has time, moreover I have a time opportunity is right!” The Shen Xiang facial expression asked indifferently, this type made people think calmly fearful. Mrs. Li by the invisible imposing manner that Shen Xiang that released instantaneously frightening, the stadium alchemy master was also so, this made them understand cannot. Right, but you...... You did not have pill furnace!” Mrs. Li said that this is also all people wants to ask!

Without pill furnace, but also continues? Shen Xiang gives a calm smile: Who said that alchemy can use pill furnace?” Yes! Who said that alchemy can use pill furnace? But doesn't need pill furnace to build up pill? Mrs. Li, a bit faster gives me herbs, the time are not much!” Shen Xiang is earnest. The audience in an uproar, Shen Xiang must perform one not to use the pill furnace alchemy major drama unexpectedly, moreover refines Hundred Beasts Dan this Low-Grade Profound Level Dan. This brat was insane, how didn't need pill furnace to be able alchemy?” Is, I had never heard not matter that uses pill furnace to build up pill.” He definitely was stimulated, the brain was sick.” Oh, no matter how he struggles, he was doomed to defeat here!” „......” People discuss spiritedly, indicated that Shen Xiang any has not hoped. But the familiar Shen Xiang's person, knows that is calm Shen Xiang, is more fearful, Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong have experienced! Their suddenly is excited, although does not know that Shen Xiang must use any method, but they actually know that Shen Xiang has not given up, so long as he does not give up, that also possible.

Xiangyue, you can think that what method he does use?” Liu Meng'er looks at Shen Xiang that self-confident appearance, in the heart is secretly happy. Hua Xiangyue shakes the head, delicate eyebrows tight wrinkle: Does not know, if I, does not need in the pill furnace situation also to achieve, but requires very long time to refine Low-Grade Profound Level Dan to come, moreover needs something to be auxiliary.” The Shen Xiang self-confident appearance, probably is he as if can be the same through this pass/test competition, but will present major experienced Dean Big Shot unable to find out Shen Xiang to win with any means. Shen Xiang hastily received these Hundred Beasts Dan herbs from the Mrs. Li hand, then reorganizes fast, now only then less than double-hour time, even if there is pill furnace, needs almost to take a double-hour, at this time the people line of sight condense on Shen Xiang, they think that Shen Xiang is making weak struggling now. little rascal, how do you plan to do?” Su Meiyao is not fully correct Shen Xiang to do, she was Master of Shen Xiang in alchemy aspect, but she actually clearly remembers one never taught has not needed pill furnace to Shen Xiang the alchemy ability. Shen Xiang also in processing herbs, he is such earnestness, resembles his pill furnace to be the same, but his tattered pill furnace actually turned into the powder, falls on arena. His makes many people appreciate rigid, but the people thought that he is what kind , is also is doing struggles weak. herbs processed, Shen Xiang smiled lightly, answered the Su Meiyao's issue: In heart has the furnace!”