World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 311
In the heart has the furnace? Su Meiyao hears bewilderedly, Shen Xiang had not explained that listens in detail to her. But she understood quickly, because she induces to release formidable spiritual strength to Shen Xiang, this hides magic power in his fine Divine Sense sea, this magic power is not mysterious, can change the birds, now Shen Xiang uses magic power to transform pill furnace! Shen Xiang knows that the pill furnace structure, he controls magic power to form visible pill furnace. Still marks in inside assists alchemy spirit, this spirit is simple, is in inferior pill furnace is most common. He is the first picture, goes to the picture with magic power. He according to his memory, quick drew several to assist alchemy spirit, naturally, this was others cannot see, only then he can induce clearly. He with Long Xueyi studies that Transformation Technique the time, needs to use magic power to turn into some spirit pattern in within the body, this can produce strange strength, now he uses on this method pill furnace, he knows that this can certainly succeed. Nobody knows that Shen Xiang is doing, only then some Divine Sense formidable people can induce to arena on have unusual Divine Sense, but like Divine Sense, not making the person ponder over airtight. Good.” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, after magic power releases slightly, has not dissipated, coagulates along with his control, pill furnace of not being able to see appears, this is with pill furnace that magic power makes. Then, the people probably looked that idiot same looks at Shen Xiang, because he resembles mold type opens furnace lid, but before his body, anything does not have, the people think that Shen Xiang thorough was insane, received the stimulation. Sees this, in the field sends out a sigh, they think that Shen Xiang received the stimulation to turn into the fool, saw this appearance, Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er non- similarly think pain, thinks that Shen Xiang received very big stimulation, almost wants to fly, when they just thought that actually immediately dumbfounded. herbs that because Shen Xiang invests enters float, probably really has pill furnace such, but the people have not actually seen that pill furnace. Shen Xiang's pill furnace is transparent, this can let the person clear visible inside change, Shen Xiang both hands to place this transparent pill furnace two to enter the hot mouth. The flame is curving, like spiral-shaped revolves from below on, Fire Dragon that probably two wind to circle, rushes the place above from bottom to top, is burning down these pills.

These flame greatly suddenly are suddenly small, cautious and solemn is wrapping these herbs, constitutes a very harmonious beautiful coloring book. The person on this arena dumbfoundedly, looks at Shen Xiang and his not being able to see all astonished pill furnace, this strange, making some people cannot help but backs send coolly. Many people first time see the alchemy process, this can understand clearly how pills is refined into. This...... How does he achieve?” Hua Xiangyue said with amazement. She can induce to Shen Xiang nearby has invisible but actually very strange Divine Sense strength, she definitely was that strange Divine Sense constituted invisible pill furnace, let Shen Xiang normal alchemy. That strange Divine Sense said that is not very strong, but is not weak, can closely wrap that wild flame that Shen Xiang releases, does not make inside heat overflow, herbs by flame incinerator time, herbal Spirit Qi that releases is wilder, but actually cannot break through these Divine Sense. Good brat, the elder sister sincerity to admire you!” The Su Meiyao praise said that alchemy time, so long as does not make these tyrannical herbal Spirit Qi proliferate, inferior pill furnace can also build up pills. That several inferior spirit of Shen Xiang picture, some suppress herbal Spirit Qi, some are to controlling the hot temperature control helpful, Shen Xiang calls Illusionary Brilliant Furnace this pill furnace, although is very simple, these worn out pill furnace that but actually gives Danxiang Taoyuan are better than time. The people are dull look at Shen Xiang alchemy, after they see clearly these herbs were burnt down, emits colorful herbal Spirit Qi. These herbal Spirit Qi flee very much hot tempered above, there is close furnace lid place, many alchemy master eyes can look. Colorful herbal Spirit Qi leaps to dance on that thrashes together with other herbal Spirit Qi, but finally by strength extruding, fuses together finally, turned into big chart green mist, but is very hot tempered.

Although the people cannot see this pill furnace, but can actually see this pill furnace to have three, the uppermost that matter concentrates specially pill, the middle that matter is flame incinerator herbs, the bottommost that matter is produce fire, is simple, clear. Flame gradually small, the middle put out to present many green powder, glittering glistening green light, these green powder were herbal powder, was these herbs builds up after the flame careful fever turned. After these herbal powder gather together, then had been inhaled the uppermost that matter by strength, fuses together with these tyrannical green herbal Spirit Qi. Fuses together that instantaneous, becomes more tyrannical, the audiences alchemy masters are holding the breath, although their very clear this process is the most difficult process, but first time personally sees, when that feeling with oneself usually alchemy with Divine Sense examined when is very different. These alchemy masters deeply had been shocked by Shen Xiang this ability! The experts look at the way, the layman watches the fun, although these alchemy masters are very surprised, but looks at Shen Xiang alchemy very much earnestly, Shen Xiang alchemy time, herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder have not overflowed, moreover burns down herbs passes, Long Life herbal powder usually is more than them, herbal Spirit Qi is also so. But if in this case, these herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder fusion time, becomes more tyrannical, is not good to congeal pill, now Shen Xiang entered has congealed pill's step. Liu Meng'er opens beautiful eyes to look that she also understood refines some low level pill, at this time she sees Shen Xiang with this mysterious ability, feels to admire to Shen Xiang, worry on her face also vanished, instead is a sweet smiling face. Xiangyue, you said right, this little rascal's potential is very big, unexpectedly compels him to use this trump card!” Liu Meng'er said with a smile. I have not thought that he can achieve this situation, I think at first his explode pill furnace, cannot tattered build up with that finally, really surprises people!” Hua Xiangyue is the alchemy master, now she looks is not Shen Xiang that invisible pill furnace, but is Shen Xiang that excellent perfect alchemy technique. These 7th Stage, 6th Stage and 5th Stage alchemy master on the scene, almost stares the eyeball, because Shen Xiang has surrendered that group tyrannical herbal Spirit Qi unexpectedly, moreover branched out ten!

Ten, that is ten grains, Hundred Beasts Dan generally is also 67 grains of limits, moreover that must on the alchemy master optimum condition, the Shen Xiang present condition not be best, takes pill furnace, this makes all alchemy masters feel to blush with shame. Ten groups send out azure light azure Qi ball suddenly to revolve, then draws in slowly, but among pill furnace the flame of that matter suddenly greatly suddenly is also small, control unusual is ingenious, ten groups of azure cyclones also sometimes quickly sometimes slow, but Shen Xiang is calm, he has also looked at pill furnace inside change. Hour glass inside sand also has many not to leak, but that ten groups of azure cyclones to encircle together, suddenly stop, turns into ten grains of azure light radiant pill pellet! Completed!” Shen Xiang yelled, has half the time of double-hour at this time! On peaceful arena reverberates his is being self-confident, is full of the excited sound. He has achieved, does not need pill furnace also to be able alchemy, and has only used half the time of double-hour!