World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 312
After Shen Xiang elects to tattered pill furnace, is defeated to cause explode pill furnace in the alchemy process, all people think he is hopeless, his unexpectedly twists in the adverse circumstance turns around, turns defeat into victory, moreover by best result entry. Mrs. Li and that several 7th Stage alchemy masters carefully look at Hundred Beasts Dan that Shen Xiang refines, each grain is the excellent quality, here other alchemy masters is better, this makes these to rejoice in other people's misfortune alchemy masters unable to speak, but Shen Xiang now stole the show. A low level 5th Stage alchemy master, three competitions forcing these 6th Stage alchemy masters plan, making people think that these 6th Stage alchemy masters were well below Shen Xiang is the same. Excellent quality, really makes old man be able not hold a candle! Let alone did not have pill furnace, even if I had am hard to achieve this degree.” old man said with a sigh ashamed. Other old alchemy masters also nodded, now also nobody dares to suspect Shen Xiang to cheat, because Shen Xiang refines the Hundred Beasts Dan process is everybody is obvious to all, moreover is very clear seeing. First time sees the process that pills practices, making many people broaden the outlook, although Shen Xiang has used half double-hour, but the people were actually similar to looked at splendid major drama such, has not detected the time to pass, at this time everybody was sighing with emotion the alchemy technique of Shen Xiang this strange its technique in abundance. Seeing is a matter, builds up is that a matter, although these alchemy masters know that Shen Xiang can bring forth the quality excellent ten grains of Hundred Beasts Dan method successfully, but they are actually hard to achieve, this need very perfect controls fire skill as well as the exquisite Divine Sense control, then experiences, naturally, what most needs is the talent! On advanced arena present, only then ten alchemy masters, fourth was last, at this time Shen Xiang was also anxious, this pass/test needed alchemy that is inevitable . Moreover the alchemy difficulty will certainly enhance many, he also was just familiar with that Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, refined Hundred Beasts Dan, if looked like Building Foundation Dan or Elemental Spirit Dan, some that difficulties. The present was relaxation time, Shen Xiang had not consumed anything a moment ago, magic power consumed very slowly, so long as did not diverge, after he received, can use again. Big Brother Shen was too fierce, Ha Ha, I know that he has certainly the means that although in already had a mind to prepare, but had been frightened one by him.” Yun Xiaodao said while loudly laughing. Junior Brother Shen refined Hundred Beasts Dan too to be also relaxed, turned head I to with several herbs build up to him is good.” Zhu Rong rubs hands to say with a smile: If Junior Brother Shen can help my alchemy all day, that was good.”

Get lost your, how does Big Brother Shen possibly waste the time to help you refine these broken pill?” Yun Xiaodao trampled his foot. Xu Weilong knits the brows saying: Next closes will be definitely more difficult, that means that he used a moment ago should be Divine Sense, perhaps consumes very seriously.” At this time, on arena was discussing Shen Xiang a moment ago that move of principle...... „The Dean Boss, Master did not understand probably uses this strange Divine Sense.” Wu Kaiming said that their Master and Shen Xiang are the Senior Brother younger brothers, obtains the inheritance of that old lunatic, he guessed that this move is the old lunatic teaches Shen Xiang's. This type of thing is fiercer than Divine Sense, should be by the Divine Sense evolution, therefore is having Divine Sense characteristics, but is actually not Divine Sense! Although Divine Sense can also the congealing shape, can wrap flame anything, but actually cannot be so stable like! After Young Martial Uncle releases, but can also receive, has not diverged!” Gu Dongchen cannot see this is anything. Shen Xiang cultivates Divine Dao to have magic power, but the practice Divine Dao person is few, naturally nobody knows that is anything. „Do you know the magic power wondrous use now? Your this is also one in 72 Transformations changes, this type changes does not change own body, but is magic power leaves the body to carry on the change, practices highest Realm, can change a dragon comes, to turn into a world!” The Long Xueyi words shocked Shen Xiang. Changes a world, this must need many magic power can achieve! Hehe, should not be startled, the world that perhaps we now are is some fierce fellows changes with magic power.” Long Xueyi frightens fearful and apprehensive Shen Xiang.

Big of world, every possible strange thing! Shen Xiang knows that now the Divine Dao formidable place, understands the dragon so will be why formidable. In Hua Xiangyue of Danxiang Tower top layer, bore sought for Shen Xiang's to be impulsive repeatedly, she wants to know how very much Shen Xiang achieved, she and Liu Meng'er cannot discuss that anything came, has to think that Shen Xiang had martial arts, can practice that strange Divine Sense. Xiangyue, what is the competition content of next pass/test?” Liu Meng'er asked that Shen Xiang can arrive this step, she was not willing to see Shen Xiang to be defeated. Hua Xiangyue smiles: And other you knew, this last pass/test is he biggest test, is I establishes as him specially, this can compel him to put out the strongest strength to come, I also think a moment ago he cannot arrive finally.” Shen Xiang watches tread these fragments, before this is, tattered pill furnace of that blasting, he attains this pill furnace time, but also feels very angry, but thinks now, if because in this case, him may not understand such using magic power, although is used in Alchemy Competition now, but after perhaps, can be useful. At least he knows that magic power can such use, after he plans to have the time, goes a step further again, studies that Long Xueyi said changes. After rest, the people are hoping the content of next round competition, they also want to take a look at Shen Xiang with that transparent pill furnace alchemy, especially these alchemy masters, they can study the lots, moreover this looking at other alchemy masters is more interesting than with tattered pill furnace alchemy. Shen Xiang is somewhat anxious at this time, was waiting for Mrs. Li announced the competition content. advanced arena last round competition! This is makes everybody challenge oneself alchemy limit, refined three Low-Grade Profound Level Dan with pill furnace, then we will act according to these three Low-Grade Profound Level Dan prices to select first!” The Mrs. Li words make the Shen Xiang's heart as if fall into the valley.

Shen Xiang can only refine three Low-Grade Profound Level Dan now, but herbs only then two types, only then Hundred Beasts Dan and Elemental Spirit Dan, but Building Foundation Dan has actually been short of Azure Profound Fruit, previous time he carries on 5th Stage alchemist assessment time, is Liu Meng'er gives him. Now starts to get ready, herbs needs everybody to leave, I think that everybody in should prepare herbs!” Mrs. Li said. Shen Xiang regrets, regretted initially to come the time did not bring Azure Profound Fruit, he can only refine two pill's words, perhaps will lose, although Elemental Spirit Dan was also very expensive, but others three types, but Hundred Beasts Dan in Low-Grade Profound Level Dan was most convenient. What to do!” Shen Xiang asked Su Meiyao they. Does not want to make you such early study this alchemy skill, but your foundation is very good, Divine Sense is also formidable enough, I ahead of time teach you!” Su Meiyao said. What skill?” In Shen Xiang heart one happy. „The high level alchemy master, like Elder Dan this rank, they possibly has not collected massive precious herbs to come for them to study to refine these advanced pill, to the alchemy master of that rank, will refine some strange pills frequently, the refinement the time can have 50% assurances to succeed!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang was shocked, this and he cognition the [say / way] of alchemy is different.