World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 313
In the Shen Xiang's cognition, more is high level pill more is hard to refine, needs to refine many times to succeed. But now Su Meiyao said that has never refined high level pill medicine, can have 50% success ratios. Shen Xiang is refining Elemental Spirit Dan and in the Building Foundation Dan situation familiar, refines that Hundred Beasts Dan again, the first time time does not have 50% success ratios, this makes him feel unreadable. Liu Meng'er she collects herbs to refine to alchemy Master to come , is betting these five success ratios, after all that is Earth Level pill, herbs must be scarcer than Building Foundation Dan, adolescence gets up also slowly, if goes to alchemy according to the most primitive way, the light is collects herbs takes tens of thousands years, hundred thousand cannot leave Dan Ancestor.” Su Meiyao also said. Shen Xiang nodded, how before he also somewhat had doubts these high level alchemy masters to walk such, with words that herbs piles, is not very realistic, especially these Earth Level and Heaven Level pill's herbs, did not say that wants to look can find. This skill to feeling is very high with Divine Sense, you use this skillful time will enter a very marvelous condition, then you will draw up the alchemy process in the mind center form, this alchemy skill is called Refining Simulation Technique is the high level alchemy master must grasp, generally is when refines Earth Level Low-Grade Dan to start to study this method, the words that must grasp at least must arrive at can refine Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan the time.” Sounds to be very simple, but Shen Xiang realized that this is difficult, this Refining Simulation Technique is alchemy time, while in the mind behind the simulation will have anything situation, then ahead of time adjusts. You use this method to refine Five Elements True Elemental Dan, now a little time, how I will also teach you to go to simulate, first you must be familiar with the herbs characteristics, this must depend upon your feeling! The feeling of your alchemy time be keener than other alchemy masters, I envy you, therefore I believe that you can achieve now, in addition you practice Divine Dao, Divine Sense have achieved to display the Refining Simulation Technique level.” The Su Meiyao's sound becomes serious, like severe Master, is the same in the instruction fierce technique. Shen Xiang earnestly is also listening respectfully.

I first said now when I use the Refining Simulation Technique detailed process, you careful good......” following, Su Meiyao was narrating the process fast, the present time is also very tight, but she was confident to Shen Xiang, believes that Shen Xiang can certainly grasp, so long as Shen Xiang can take this step, had into the Dan King potential. alchemy talent very high alchemy master Su Meiyao has seen much, but can arrive at final alchemy master one not to have with her, completely card on bottleneck, is that so-called Refining Simulation Technique, in the past only then she completely grasped, making her succeed to refine some high level pill medicines repeatedly. Shen Xiang is listening, while is exclaiming in surprise complex , is very excited, because has a challenge at present, can make him break through the challenge of alchemy master bottleneck ahead of time. These, that is my attainment, I first time share with others! You comprehend, you have Fire Spirit, will be more familiar to own flame, this is also your superiority, in addition you practice Divine Dao, therefore you have very big assurance to succeed.” Su Meiyao thought that this is an opportunity, because Shen Xiang wants to win first of this competition, but he also does not have pill furnace, the situation is bad, but the person often can in this case break through own limit. This is also many people, when meets the bottleneck, will take risk, goes to and some fierce Spirit Beast fights, then breaks through in the fight, the person falls into the adverse circumstance time, will produce the miracle frequently. Before Shen Xiang , the matter that handles is an example! The competition has not started, but Shen Xiang has actually simulated in the mind is refining True Elemental Dan, he closes one's eyes, teaches according to Su Meiyao to him breathes the method, entered in the condition that a thing I two have forgotten by oneself, at this time he only thought one around one in white space, he sits cross-legged to sit there, releases Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, then starts to invest herbs......

Bang, Shen Xiang awakens suddenly, the forehead sweats slightly, he probably had made a moment ago dream such, dream to own alchemy, but alchemy time presented the mistake, causes explode pill furnace. „It is not good, you fell into the consciousness a moment ago completely, you must in the sober condition, let your consciousness calculation alchemy process! When you use, but must alchemy, while calculates, moreover when the calculation speed be faster than reality alchemy. Meets issue explode pill furnace in the refining simulation time, you must adjust immediately in the reality, simultaneously refining simulation also immediately adjusts from you starts.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang implored the one breath slightly, said: I understood, refining simulation quite in the situation of meeting in the future having! If I fight, shortly after I see I will be assassinated with the sword by the enemy, I know how the opposite party gets rid, therefore I can avoid, can prepare to block that sword ahead of time.” Right, refining simulation is this, can make you see your pill furnace future change ahead of time, once there is a situation, you must adjust immediately.” The Su Meiyao nod said. Shen Xiang this time has not closed one's eyes, carries on refining simulation once more, refining simulation time can let pick up the speed, because that is realizes a world, has one's wish, is only several suddenly, in the Shen Xiang mind presented that Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, herbs has processed completely, was invested in pill furnace by him, alchemy started. Speed can quickly, but you must pay attention to the detail, after the flame burns to herbs, herbs will have what kind of change, the flame is been what kind of by Spirit Qi that herbs releases, wait / etc., in brief do not let off in pill furnace the detail of any change, so long as had a mistake, completely was different from the reality.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang knows that now why this Refining Simulation Technique can make the high level alchemy master have very big success ratio when refinement strange high level pill, if can master this method, quite in can meet the pill furnace future situation, can, even if adjusts, avoids making a mistake.

This method is very formidable, but the request to Divine Sense, the request to the feeling is very high, Shen Xiang somewhat cannot endure now, is very tired, this came from spiritual exhausted. Preparation finished, now starts! Tomorrow Sun raises, was competition ended.” Mrs. Li said. Now the evening, Shen Xiang has not thought that time unexpectedly meets these many, can tomorrow morning, this let him and Su Meiyao is surprised. Time was too short, nobody can complete, because uses is that broken pill furnace, Danxiang Taoyuan definitely also knows! After all these alchemy masters must build up three to be most adept, most expensive Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, let alone uses these broken furnaces, even if the good furnace must very long time.” Bai Youyou said. Many people in arena see the playing time to be so long, in abundance departs, they thought that tomorrow morning will get up to look at the result.