World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 314
The ten alchemy masters on arena besides Shen Xiang, have put out some precious spirit herb completely, is many people can call the name to come, they started to process herbs, only then Shen Xiang has not moved. Shen Xiang already started actually, but he refining simulation furnace True Elemental Dan in mind, because this is he has refined many pill, therefore attempts with this first is best. little rascal, you ask that Mrs. Li, looked that can refine other pills to practice acquiring a skill, the present time is very sufficient!” Su Meiyao said. Although in Shen Xiang mind in refining simulation True Elemental Dan, but can still lose concentration to handle other matters. Mrs. Li, can I refine other pills to practice acquiring a skill?” Shen Xiang asked. On rule had not stipulated that if you were not worried one consume, is not worried to cost the time, yes.” Mrs. Li said that the alchemy master builds up the hand before alchemy is also the common matter, moreover uses is own time, therefore permits. Shen Xiang must build up the hand, this makes the people who many preparations must leave immediately anchor the footsteps, because looks at Shen Xiang alchemy is enjoyment, can see pills to form in that transparent pill furnace . Moreover the process frequently, is very very beautiful, especially these are sending out colorful herbal Spirit Qi, is similar to colored bands of light leaps to dance in inside generally. Ended, before this little rascal, wants to make me lead him to return to Extreme Martial Sect to take Azure Profound Fruit, at that time on me happen to had one, therefore I gave him.” Liu Meng'er suddenly has thought of anything, suddenly stamped gently has put one's foot down, blames itself not to bring Shen Xiang to return to Extreme Martial Sect, otherwise Shen Xiang will not lack Azure Profound Fruit now. Liu Meng'er from Hua Xiangyue there learned that Shen Xiang becomes the process of 5th Stage alchemy master, Shen Xiang can only refine three Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, Building Foundation Dan, Elemental Spirit Dan and Hundred Beasts Dan, Shen Xiang in the inspection on the use Azure Profound Fruit, surely does not have now. Perhaps his Elemental Spirit Dan herbs does not have!” Liu Meng'er worried very that a face is anxious. Hua Xiangyue somewhat is also accidental: „Is Azure Profound Fruit you give him? Then has troubled, he does not have Azure Profound Fruit unable to refine Building Foundation Dan! We hope that on him has Elemental Spirit Dan and Hundred Beasts Dan herbs, perhaps he can win by these two pills.”

Elemental Spirit Dan is more difficult than to build up Hundred Beasts Dan, does not know that he can support, he should be now is being familiar with this alchemy skill.” In the Shen Xiang mind refining simulation left furnace True Elemental Dan, but that refines in his imagination, finally naturally is successful, now he wanted the actual combat. His fast processing True Elemental Dan herbs, he is also having many these herbs, after processing, he releases Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, then invests herbs toward inside, at the same time, in his mind started refining simulation, moreover ahead of time one step, these herbs shape sizes, the herbs above writing coherence completely had been simulated by him in the mind, even continually the entire location, all around environment, the person and sound have simulated. His both hands place into hot mouth place, starts to pour into the flame toward inside, but mind the scene of simulation actually wants on quick some, started to burn down herbs. If in mind refining simulation does not have problems, when he illuminates refining simulation builds up, temperature anything can with refining simulation consistency. Quick, Shen Xiang deeply feels the Refining Simulation Technique formidable place, unexpectedly is exactly the same, matter that in pill furnace has, in ahead of time exactly the same of refining simulation with his mind. Shen Xiang is refining True Elemental Dan, this is many people uses pills frequently, everybody has not thought that today can witness the refinement the process. True Elemental Dan herbs starts to be also colorful, after the raging fire burns down, ascends above, various color herbal Spirit Qi twine from time to time, from time to time repels, the flame greatly suddenly is suddenly small, sometimes will not have the flame...... In pill furnace various changes, in refining simulation with the Shen Xiang mind is the same, these herbal Spirit Qi various sounds are the same. At this time Shen Xiang has a feeling, probably saw the situation in pill furnace the future having will be the same, refines a furnace pill, but actually probably experienced was twice same, this feeling was mysterious.

These 7th Stage alchemy masters steadily are staring at Shen Xiang that transparent pill furnace, how wants to have a look at Shen Xiang not to use Spirit Crystal Milk to refine True Elemental Dan, but they actually cannot look, because Shen Xiang pours into inside massive water attribute True Qi, turns into the invisible water vapor, wraps in these herbal powder, is very ugly. Less than half double-hour, Shen Xiang refined furnace True Elemental Dan, this was he slowed the tempo, to coordinate that Refining Simulation Technique. After building up a furnace, he then builds up, he wants the skilled this skill, this can let his refining simulation more complex pills. Make people feel what is surprised, the Shen Xiang endless refinement True Elemental Dan, is refining unexpectedly from the evening late at night, has refined almost 30 furnaces, moreover each furnace is five grains, is excellent herbs, his alchemy ability has made many people feel that deep admiring, some alchemy masters are the looks that looks like him to throw to respect. I know that your this little rascal is very good, several sub- were grasped this skill by you, but you must know refines Five Elements True Elemental Dan time, is more difficult than time True Elemental Dan, Divine Sense when the time comes consumes, consumption strength are many.” Su Meiyao praised, simultaneously urged Shen Xiang do not treat it lightly. Then refines Hundred Beasts Dan, then Elemental Spirit Dan, these two pill must simulate the refinement with Refining Simulation Technique, finally refines Five Elements True Elemental Dan again!” Although Su Meiyao in the surface does not feel surprised, but in heart feels the incomparable shock, in the past she to master this skill, but needed many years, although Shen Xiang meditates refining simulation now he most familiar pill, but stepped over the threshold without doubt, because in his reality refines and exactly the same in refining simulation, this can explain that Shen Xiang grasped initially. Saw Shen Xiang to put out Hundred Beasts Dan herbs, the people have been enthusiastic immediately, with explaining Shen Xiang started to compete, but he actually used many time to practice acquiring a skill, present range Sun raised also has more than three double-hour. What the people are more curious is he refines that three Low-Grade Profound Level Dan that this is a secret, even if Mrs. Li does not know, because initially monitored an exam Shen Xiang's that several alchemy masters to keep secret. The person in arena walked, only then some alchemy masters and some people also stay here.

Yun Xiaodao they will certainly not walk, they tight sitting on plaza, looks that on arena that is sending out five colors multi-colored sunlight pill furnace. Lian Yingxiao and Gu Dongchen their together, he is also interested in the final result, after all Shen Xiang is young people who he most admires in history. Including Island Master, you must favor your son, I told you, this brat was fearless! Has angered him, his emperor father sons dare to butcher.” Gu Dongchen said that the expression is very earnest, he in telling Lian Yingxiao, if one day is because his son has the mistake to go to Shen Xiang to be killed first, he will certainly stand that side Shen Xiang. „After going back, I strictly will certainly teach, Shen Xiang's that murderous aura links me to fear! This brat is young, how many talented people killed to have this murderous aura?” Lian Yingxiao nods to say seriously that he does not suspect the Gu Dongchen words. Later you know that he has killed these big cows, when the time comes definitely will be scared you!” Gu Dongchen said with a smile, the outside thinks that Beast Martial Sect's Dean and elder, as well as True Martial Sect's these Nirvana Realm were Gu Dongchen kills, but was actually the Shen Xiang dry good deeds. Gu Dongchen was also for Shen Xiang by being unjustly discredited, but actually carried very honorably.