World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 316
Only then these have certain foundation of basic skills alchemy master to see where Elemental Spirit Dan is difficult to build up, they can see that these leap is dancing rich herbal Spirit Qi in devour any thing, devour later will be stronger, is then compressed by Shen Xiang, does not make these herbal Spirit Qi because of expanding becomes inflates. These herbal Spirit Qi are some are also equal to the spiritual power same thing, but that is in herbs energetic, pure, does not have manned controllable, but is very tyrannical. so that's how it is, this little rascal really makes me broaden the outlook, has to admire him! No wonder Meng'er your this solemn one generation of empresses will have only one in mind to this little rascal.” Hua Xiangyue happily said with a smile, she has been staring at Shen Xiang that transparent pill furnace, she is also the alchemy master, but has not actually refined Elemental Spirit Dan, naturally has a look earnestly. Liu Meng'er tenderly snorted and said: You not also?” „Were you jealous? Was worried that was robbed by me?” Hua Xiangyue said with a smile tenderly, strokes Liu Meng'er to hang in front beautiful beautiful hair. You can snatch you to be fierce.” Liu Meng'er spits the tongue, beautiful eyes glittering the complex color, looks at Shen Xiang that earnest handsome face, she has to acknowledge that she truly liked this little rascal. Time little in the past, Shen Xiang's Illusionary Brilliant Furnace originally glittering five colors multi-colored sunlight, but was fused these herbal Spirit Qi by Shen Xiang after now, turned into the dazzling white light, moreover herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi fused completely in one, was divided into three groups by him, his unexpectedly must refine three grains of Elemental Spirit Dan, this had a scare all alchemy masters. They from the record knew that this type of pill furnace is one grain, but Shen Xiang has actually subverted their cognition, unexpectedly three grains! The alchemy people know that wanting a furnace to leave pill many words, needs to detain some herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder, that when needs powerful Divine Sense to suppress many grains of pills to congeal pill has not to imagine stably, if concentrates pill time, the grain is not successful, completely will be defeated.

In order to guarantee successfully, many people are the choice let part of herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder run off along with the pill furnace air vent place, such one, has pill, although are few, but at least can succeed, does not waste herbs, perhaps on this multi- alchemy books writes, gradually, by alchemy Master Men is thought this is the natural matter. But Shen Xiang actually little such does, therefore he leaves pill's quantity to be many, the quality is very high! In Illusionary Brilliant Furnace all are carrying on like Shen Xiang refining simulation, is exactly the same, this also makes Shen Xiang more familiar that type to ascertain the airtight feeling, so long as grasps that feeling, can enable him to further grasp Refining Simulation Technique this extraordinary alchemy technique. Shen Xiang builds up three grains to also add the value is higher, even if he refined Five Elements True Elemental Dan to be defeated, he also had the opportunity to obtain first, if he can refine Building Foundation Dan, he thought that he can definitely win steadily. He has not been bringing Azure Profound Fruit, he perhaps has completed three Low-Grade Profound Level Dan now, moreover a furnace refines four grains of Building Foundation Dan also one group of alchemy Master Xianiao. Present range dawn also double-hour, but after the Shen Xiang that transparent pill furnace three groups sparkle white light Qi ball to pass through sways violently, suddenly draws, crazy revolving, is reducing slowly, the pill pellet embryonic form appeared. At this time the people hold the breath to look that but refining simulation in Shen Xiang mind has also completed three grains of Elemental Spirit Dan, this is his first time refines three grains, is because studied Refining Simulation Technique he to dare to attempt, this type made him feel a joy of not being able to say successfully. Three grains of Elemental Spirit Dan complete, Shen Xiang will hold in the control, on the serious face has shown a smiling face, on arena the pressures of other participating nine alchemy masters are very big, they have not thought that Shen Xiang will refine this rarely seen Elemental Spirit Dan unexpectedly, moreover is one three grains, they heard rank time, a grain sells to five ten millions crystal stones, if calculates according to this value, they lost.

This little rascal previous time can only refine two grains, moreover builds up with his fierce pill furnace, now he does not depend upon any pill furnace, built up three grains! I really squeezed his potential.” On the Hua Xiangyue face full is the haughty smiling face, she thought that she has done a big good deed, now her the mood probably is instructs a haughty disciple to be the same, but that disciple also has very astonishing performance. Shen Xiang truly thanks Hua Xiangyue this spirit now, his suddenly wants to understand why Hua Xiangyue made him pull out to that tattered pill furnace reason intentionally, that did not put in order him intentionally, but to let him got rid of him to use Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace that to rely on. Shen Xiang guessed that the following two competitions are the Hua Xiangyue arrangements, because previous inspection time, he thought own Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace secret was discovered. He has guessed ** did not leave ten, this was also because he has a reason of strange feeling. This brat then builds up definitely is Building Foundation Dan, he is the pit I am quite miserable!” Gu Dongchen wants to cry but have no tears, thinks one spent two ten millions crystal stones to buy ten grains of Building Foundation Dan, the heart secretly pulls out the pain. Brother Gu, you were said that auction that ten grains of Building Foundation Dan were his?” Lian Yingxiao slightly one startled, asked. Right!” Gu Dongchen sighed. Strange, you buy Building Foundation Dan time, Liu Meng'er and you raise prices! Yue Jianglin this fellow buys Elemental Spirit Dan time, is Liu Meng'er is raising prices! As far as I know, Liu Meng'er's apprentice Xue Xianxian, is the Shen Xiang's wife, these......” the Lian Yingxiao words made Gu Dongchen be shocked.

Gu Dongchen is gripping tightly the fist, scolded lowly: Certainly is this brat instigates Liu Meng'er to raise prices, why can Liu Meng'er this arrogant woman do this broken deal with this brat?” Wu Kaiming also thought that this matter has the possibility: By pit most miserable is that Yue Jianglin, Shen Xiang definitely is calculates that accurate Yue Jianglin will certainly buy, will therefore make Liu Meng'er increase price unceasingly.” Liu Meng'er this woman I most understood, initially I pursued her time, she pays no attention to me continually, I clung to for dear life have hit rottenly for several thousand years, was a type, she should not make this matter! Because of the reason of her love disciple?” Lian Yingxiao said. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming do not think clearly, noble one generation of can Empress, how their sinister Young Martial Uncle mix together to do this deal wicked? Must know that Liu Meng'er does not lack crystal stones True Elemental Dan these, they have to plan, asked that understands. Lian Yingxiao exclaims in surprise the Shen Xiang's skill now, unexpectedly says Liu Meng'er, initially he made Liu Meng'er participate in his longevity to celebrate, Liu Meng'er does not go. It seems like I must manage well my Lotus Island's person, cannot let them and Shen Xiang has the conflict, this brat was too fearful!” Lian Yingxiao murmured, because he understands the Liu Meng'er's disposition, can make Liu Meng'er lower the figure to handle the contrary matter, can make Liu Meng'er attack brutally for him.