World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 317
Hundred Beasts Dan and Elemental Spirit Dan that Shen Xiang refines place in a box, this box is also Danxiang Taoyuan specially prepares, to prevent to cheat. After refining Elemental Spirit Dan, Shen Xiang then closes the eye, restored to consume strength and spirit that a moment ago, because then he must refine him from to refine Five Elements True Elemental Dan. He when auction has bought two Five Colored Profound Fruit, then Elder Dan gives him two Five Color Lotus Seed, five colors spirit mushroom and Five Leaf Grass. This altogether two herbs, but he can only refine one, because he must keep one to come out to plant. Now many people start to guess that Shen Xiang next Low-Grade Profound Level Dan is any pill, many people suspect are Building Foundation Dan, especially Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong they, they obtain many Building Foundation Dan from Shen Xiang there. If he currently has Azure Profound Fruit, he already started to refine. „Can he also refine? He did not have Azure Profound Fruit, if he must refine Building Foundation Dan, already started to refine, that Building Foundation Dan is easier than to refine Elemental Spirit Dan.” The Liu Meng'er doubts said. Hua Xiangyue looks to rest Shen Xiang, the brow wrinkles tightly, on the face full is serious of not being able saying that moreover is somewhat surprised, she saw anything probably, but actually cannot confirm. How?” Liu Meng'er sees Hua Xiangyue that facial expression, immediately asked. I am indefinite, has a look again! This little rascal is alchemy technique that and who studies, unexpectedly arrives at this situation.” Hua Xiangyue shakes the head to say.

suddenly, she saw Shen Xiang to put out big pile of herbs, her pupil fierce contraction, the tender body trembled slightly, the breath became very rapid: Is impossible, this did brat achieve that?” Sees the Hua Xiangyue complexion big change, Liu Meng'er to see that Shen Xiang definitely has handled any astonishing matter, she said: „Isn't that he in Five Colored Profound Fruit that the auction buys? Other...... This is the Five Elements True Elemental Dan material!” Hua Xiangyue long aspirated, closes beautiful eyes, the nod said: Right, that is the five colors refinement, Colorless Spirit Mushroom, Five Leaf Grass! He definitely had not refined Five Elements True Elemental Dan before, but he actually must attempt now......” What?” Liu Meng'er one startled, changes color slightly: He must build up he has never refined pills under this situation,...... He understood that Refining Simulation Technique that you said?” Um! Therefore I suspected, if he understands Refining Simulation Technique, then explained behind him definitely has a alchemy technique extraordinary alchemy master to instruct him!” Some eyesight good alchemy masters, recognize these dazzling five colors herbs that Shen Xiang takes, this makes one group of alchemy masters discuss in a low voice. Five Elements True Elemental Dan is that type the talent that has multi- [lineage/vein] most likes, regarding martial artist of multi- [lineage/vein], there is a very big use, passes on, grain of Five Elements True Elemental Dan, can make True Martial Realm 1st Stage promote 2nd Stage, is containing massive True Qi, even if not multi- [lineage/vein] martial artist, can take, because after Five Elements True Elemental Dan gathers, that True Qi that produces is special. Shen Xiang guessed that True Qi is Universe True Qi, this True Qi is truly mysterious, can be assimilated very much with ease by attribute, after for example he five elements of True Qi fuses, again uses the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade words, can urge to send out powerful wood attribute True Qi to come, is equal to having not fused beforehand several times of strength. Auction that two Five Colored Profound Fruit definitely are this brat buys.” Lian Yingxiao said that at that time was he and Shen Xiang is competing.

Five Elements True Elemental Dan, that probably be more expensive than Building Foundation Dan, quite marketable the thing in the auction, eats up several grains of words, can break through, is known as the King in Low-Grade Profound Level Dan!” Gu Dongchen exclaims. Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs does not have Elemental Spirit Dan to be so unusual, the long time in Chenwu Mainland also will have appeared soon, therefore many alchemy master Five Elements True Elemental Dan quite understood. Shen Xiang is processing Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs, besides four main herbs, other 3000 year above auxiliary herbs, generally auxiliary herbs will be ginseng spirit mushroom and so on implication massive pure Spirit Qi things. Shen Xiang processes herbs to be somewhat slow, was not skilled like before, could see that he was somewhat unfamiliar, this made the person suspect that he has not refined Five Elements True Elemental Dan. Must know that Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs and Building Foundation Dan are rare, the refinement difficulty and Elemental Spirit Dan quite, a furnace leaves pill's quantity actually and Hundred Beasts Dan is the same, is 67 grains of this, if Shen Xiang refines successfully, without doubt will be first. At this time, other alchemy masters on arena one after another completed, these alchemy masters had to refine Hundred Beasts Dan, their pill furnace were very crude, refines the Hundred Beasts Dan success ratio to be quite high, then refines other side door pills, the price was high and low, they do not have that many rare and precious herbs to refine that noble Low-Grade Profound Level Dan like Shen Xiang. These alchemy masters worthily are 6th Stage, can successfully complete, nobody explode pill furnace, has not been defeated, after all they pile with massive pills, has certain strength. Only then Shen Xiang has not completed, he also only misses last Low-Grade Profound Level Dan not to refine now, the time is also limited, quick will pass. Can witness others to refine Five Elements True Elemental Dan, this makes these alchemy masters excited in the heart thump thump to jump, appears very excited, but they actually do not know that Shen Xiang is the first refinement, is going against the huge pressure.

Participating these alchemy masters naturally do not hope that Shen Xiang can succeed, otherwise they did not have the opportunity to win. This little rascal is really first time builds up Five Elements True Elemental Dan, he also really dares to come, if he succeeds, explained that he grasped the Refining Simulation Technique essence!” Hua Xiangyue knits the brows, she initially to study that Refining Simulation Technique, but has suffered many hardships, but Shen Xiang is less than 30 years old, started to study, this made her envy the Shen Xiang's talent. Shen Xiang when rested a moment ago, carefully listens to Su Meiyao to narrate that refines the Five Elements True Elemental Dan main point, has said to the present that now he also processes herbs. Reason that he that slowly processes herbs, is using Divine Sense to completely understand these herbs, he must understand these herbs thoroughly, can carry on accurate refining simulation, now he thought similarly, took a deep breath, released slightly Illusionary Brilliant Furnace. Sees Shen Xiang to stop processing herbs, knows that he has completed, the people are holding the breath, carefully looks that was worried can miss each detail, because this scene is not easily can see that perhaps in their life can only see such one time. Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er are also very anxious, if Shen Xiang grasped Refining Simulation Technique, this talent is very heaven defying. Su Meiyao, Bai Youyou and Long Xueyi these three females are so, somewhat are also tense. Entire arena covers in one very depressing tension-filled atmosphere immediately, lets the person scant of breath.