World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 318
herbs enters Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, Shen Xiang releases the produce fire flame immediately, simultaneously releases all Divine Sense, is inducing in pill furnace any small change, afterward spreads to this change the mind again, starts to carry on refining simulation, his brains also in the crazy revolution, carry on various computations, this consumes the spirit. In his mind just refining simulation not long, had the problem, because the fire intensity is oversized, is not very even, causes to burn down the ash auxiliary herbs excessively, but main herbs is actually heated non-uniform, had the change, wanted herbs to discard half all of a sudden. Knew after presenting this mistake, Shen Xiang immediately according to the situation quick-adjusting present fire intensity in refining simulation having, this need is fast, if slow a point, will be defeated. After adjusting, when he revised refining simulation successfully occurred is wrong, at the same time, he defers to the present situation to carry on fast refining simulation once more, knew in advance that below will have any condition, in order to avoid makes the adjustment with enough time, revises the fatal mistake, such comes to be able the tragedy that avoids refining simulation has. Shen Xiang just started the small moment, has come across several mistakes, he can, when is most essential to revise, this also makes him feel very difficult, at this time his head also slightly pain, he is first time refines Five Elements True Elemental Dan, refining simulation the time the aspect that involves are too many, this made him cannot help but pick up the speed of computation, was extremely high to the mental demand. In transparent pill furnace, that five colors light glow is more dazzling, probably at present has one small fierce positive general, making people be hard to see clearly that to dazzle the matter that with the eye the light center has. At this time day also not bright, when Shen Xiang alchemy the ray that sends out has illuminated entire plaza, seems daytime same, most makes people feel what is surprised, that ray unexpectedly makes people feel very comfortable, there is warm of not being able to say. This Five Elements True Elemental Dan is mainly very heat-resisting, needs long-term burning down, simultaneously must be able to withstand auxiliary herbs that burns not to the fever these, this is refines my Five Elements True Elemental Dan to pay attention. However this regarding Shen Xiang is not the difficulty, because he has Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, only used very short time to burn down that four main herbs, at the same time, these auxiliary herbs also turned into herbal powder, fused together with main material herbal powder. suddenly, the Shen Xiang's body shakes slightly, is sweating profusely, because in his mind refining simulation that furnace pill exploded, the reason was when five True Qi fusions of attribute, Divine Sense that releases was weak, causing tyrannical herbal Spirit Qi to have the change, has been separated from his fetter, became tyrannical variable, destroyed entire pill furnace.

Shen Xiang thought at this time Divine Sense some are insufficient, because he must support Illusionary Brilliant Furnace! When he thought must be finished, he releases magic power immediately, actually restrains these tyrannical herbal Spirit Qi with magic power. Not trial does not know that tries to have a scare! Shen Xiang has not thought that this magic power unexpectedly is so intrepid, suppresses these herbal Spirit Qi all of a sudden docile. But he does not have to continue with magic power to go to alchemy again, because he fully had not known about the magic power characteristics that is hard refining simulation to come out, can only continue with Divine Sense, although he knows that magic power alchemy is definitely better than Divine Sense, but he was unable to attempt now easily, because this Five Elements True Elemental Dan built up half, he cannot treat it lightly. After overcoming a difficulty, Shen Xiang relaxed slightly, in the mind fast refining simulation gets up, he continues to suppress these tyrannical herbal Spirit Qi with Divine Sense. Now he must do burns to build up these herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder with the suitable flame, lets different herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder can fuse together completely. Before this and Shen Xiang, has built up pill is different, refines these pill the time, herbal Spirit Qi that various herbs release although repels, but is actually same type, now this Five Elements True Elemental Dan is actually five attribute, is repels one another, must therefore make its fusion more difficult. Now Shen Xiang in refining simulation, the appearance issue continuously, because of must very suitable flame, therefore he also continuously adjusts, then from new refining simulation, readjustment, again from new refining simulation...... Such singular cycle, making him unable to endure, his forehead has stuck out suddenly the blue vein, head unusual severe pain, but he actually must continue to endure, was unable because of the ache, but refining simulation makes a mistake, will otherwise lose 100 percent. This brat, has really studied Refining Simulation Technique! Is who teaches him? However looks at his present appearance, should be first time uses in the strange situation, hoping him to support!” Hua Xiangyue sees the Shen Xiang facial expression, can conclude that Shen Xiang was fully suffering that type continuously to revise the adjustment, from the new refining simulation pain, that is a very arid tasteless matter, if not familiar, will also have the headache.

Shen Xiang first time such consumes the spirit, moreover is the repeated lane, naturally cannot bear, this is not the issue that his Divine Sense cannot endure, but is he is not familiar with. Shen Xiang felt that the time passes very slowly, he wished one could to hurry to finish this painful and tasteless process, at this time the sky had shone slightly, but the people had not detected, luminous that because in Shen Xiang that transparent pill furnace released made people feel very dazzling. Shen Xiang has not known how long, he repeatedly has been doing that two matters now, in the mind refining simulation, presents the mistake to revise on the adjustment, is fast from new refining simulation...... suddenly, the Shen Xiang spirit shakes, because in his mind refining simulation that furnace pill suddenly lost the ray, pill furnace inside has the flame, other are transparent! Sees this, Shen Xiang to know that this reached the second half stage, finally can end that painful course! After the people were just familiar with these dazzling rays, the ray vanished on suddenly, this lets them at present a darkness, only then the weak flame, that is Shen Xiang pill furnace inside flame. After five herbal Spirit Qi fusions of attribute, becomes invisible colorless, no matter the look is much good, is hard to see, but Shen Xiang also can only depend on the feeling. herbal powder or herbal Spirit Qi vanish from sight, in transparent pill furnace, only then among is also burning not too big nor too small flame, Shen Xiang knows that congealed pill's time. His mind refining simulation time, is because Divine Sense is weak, causes explode pill furnace, this time desperate, he releases these mysterious magic power like the previous time once more, wants herbal Spirit Qi to push herbal powder that these cannot see with magic power in completely, fused instantaneously, he in one vigorous effort, is divided into ten that big group transparent Qi ball with magic power fast, finally withdraws magic power.

Shen Xiang discovered after magic power wondrous use, making him blossom happily, because this magic power uses to be better than time Divine Sense, even if the sufficience of this time Divine Sense, requires some time to complete these, but with the magic power words, completed instantaneously. Ten groups of transparent cyclones revolve now fast and now slow, in his mind also unceasingly refining simulation, the mistake that even if to finally, presents is also a series, because concentrates pill time needs to extrude these cyclones with Divine Sense evenly, making these cyclones concentrate pill pellet. The short small moment, in his mind has exploded several furnaces, but in reality he makes the prompt adjustment, does not have anything. Dawn, the sunlight has shone on arena, Mrs. Li does not know that Shen Xiang does have to refine, but according to the rule, she good to stop to compete now. Completed!” Shen Xiang suddenly long implored the one breath, then Yang Tang in the ground, he was tired. The sunlight shines in that transparent pill furnace, inside that ten grains of exquisitely carved pill pellet glittering the weak glossiness, the eyesight good people can see immediately, the Shen Xiang success refined Five Elements True Elemental Dan to come!