World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 319
Shen Xiang receives Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, on the face full is the exhausted color, his hastily eats up some True Elemental Dan to restore, in order to avoid and other will present any accidental matter. Five Elements True Elemental Dan, grain at least value million crystal stones, ten grains were more than ten million, in addition that three grains of Elemental Spirit Dan and ten grains of Hundred Beasts Dan, Shen Xiang could be said as steadily wins. Although looks at Shen Xiang to refine these three Low-Grade Profound Level Dan with own eyes, but these 7th Stage old alchemy masters and Mrs. Li must appraise now, actually they want to take a look at pill who Shen Xiang refines carefully. After Shen Xiang's five elements of True Qi fuses, will turn into invisible colorless Universe True Qi, this Five Elements True Elemental Dan also so, looks like the transparency, only then thumb equally big, True Qi that but inside contains are many. This little rascal has succeeded, he has entered into the Refining Simulation Technique first ridge, not long, he can become a high level alchemy master, this is only the time issue.” Hua Xiangyue sighs with emotion was saying. This has not needed to divide equally, has met to Shen Xiang, although in other alchemy Master Xin is not feeling well very much, but actually has to acknowledge, these pills total prices that Shen Xiang refines are first, words that they argued again, brought contempt upon oneself. Ten drops of Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk, this is the first reward, Shen Xiang has not known this Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk use now in a big way, therefore this caring, he do not take first also for that reputation! Before he stepped onto this advanced arena time, these 6th Stage alchemy masters on arena did not pay attention to him, moreover many people also think that this low level 5th Stage alchemy master must lose on this arena without doubt, but he actually obtained this arena now first, moreover won very attractively, displayed incisively his excellent alchemy technique, ability times of that strange its technique were shocking the mind of people, he is a legend in Danxiang Taoyuan grand meeting! Under the field, Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong they are Shen Xiang are cheering, alchemy master friend who has boundless prospects, this makes them feel very lucky, at least, they do not need to be worried, for some pills ask others for help in all directions. advanced competition final winner is Shen Xiang, the Alchemy Competition conclusion of this grand meeting, but the grand meeting will also continue......” Mrs. Li to speak many words above, but after Shen Xiang attains Spirit Crystal Milk, actually sits cross-legged to sit down, the quick-adjusting condition, he for many years often met various danger(ous), therefore has also formed this discrete habit.

Shen Xiang, I am the Free Immortal Sea disciple, whether you had killed our Free Immortal Sea disciple?” Participating alchemy master loud voice was interrogating, this made the people one startled, the Free Immortal Sea present fame is very big, because this was one said that was bigger than Extreme Martial Sect stronger time of sect. Shen Xiang will annoy Free Immortal Sea is not the extraordinary matter, but no one has thought that Free Immortal Sea meets to look for Shen Xiang now. Is being rested Shen Xiang still to close one's eyes, said calmly: Right, is that also what kind of? They must kill me, I return them am also very normal matter!” Snort, in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm inside, is you discards our Free Immortal Sea more than 30 True Martial Realm disciples?” The Free Immortal Sea middle-aged alchemy master also asked. Asked something already known! Why you want directly to say!” Shen Xiang will certainly not fear Free Immortal Sea, has Extreme Martial Sect behind him. That must follow me, returns to Free Immortal Sea to accept our penalties!” That middle-aged coldly said. Shen Xiang has opened the eye, has laughed: I do not go back with you, can you be what kind of?” During the speeches, the smiling face on his face vanished, the face darken and fearfulness, arrogant murderous aura does not know when covers on arena, making people feel panic-stricken incomparable. Shen Xiang, our True Martial Sect and your account have not reckoned up, today calculates with you!” old man did not fear that walks to go forward to say. Our Beast Martial Sect also endured you to be very long, Shen Xiang, you are in front of these many people to talk clearly today.” Beast Martial Sect's guy shouted.

Dawn, many people one after another arrived at plaza, this time person are also many, each sect's has. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Talks clearly? The matter was already clear, but you are not willing to accept! If not these fellows annoys me first, I am disinclined the waste strength on them, this world book is the law of the jungle, they think me to be weak, bullies me, but I to protect oneself, handle the matter that the normal person has been able to handle.” Mrs. Li is somewhat anxious, she has not thought that these and Shen Xiang had grievances sect unexpectedly to walk in now. Good law of the jungle, you in my eyes are ants, is I can the casual year pinch you?” The sneering sound transmits together, sees only one to wear the middle-aged person of white robe not to know where flies, descends in front of Shen Xiang, as soon as he appears, releases threatening might, murderous aura that Shen Xiang releases pressing. Meanwhile, True Martial Sect's Dean Tang Yichao also presents in that white robe middle age, looks at Shen Xiang wear a look of angrily. Shen Xiang sees that white robe middle age is Nirvana Realm, he guessed that should be Free Immortal Sea Dean, otherwise Tang Yichao will be impossible to stand in him behind. The character of Dean rank appears, moreover launches an attack to Shen Xiang, this makes the people feel is weak, to the Shen Xiang how talent, but in front of these Dean, ants. Who dares to move Shen Xiang, I extinguish his whole families, kills his chicken dog not to remain!” Is full of the dignified overbearing sound to transmit together, the people whole body shakes, can say this words person, perhaps had Extreme Martial Sect's Dean Gu Dongchen! Many people have not seen Gu Dongchen, but actually recognizes Wu Kaiming this old bald, sees Wu Kaiming follows in a handsome youth, guessed correctly that is Gu Dongchen!

Xiao Ziliang, is really you! Free Immortal Sea is you establish, does not know the energy that which really your comes, does with our Extreme Martial Sect clamors!” Gu Dongchen to that white robe middle age said with a sneer. Xiao Ziliang! In the Shen Xiang's mind quick reappears to have the matter about this person, in the heart shocks incomparably, other people are also so, because Xiao Ziliang is the character of Huang Jintian that time, is the Extreme Martial Sect's disciple, and Huang Jintian has competed for the position of Dean. Ancient young child, I do not fear you, you were too tender!” Xiao Ziliang is longer than two generations Gu Dongchen, naturally does not fear him, whose but in this world is not rank is high who is fierce, finally must look whose fist is hard, let alone Xiao Ziliang initially had been separated from Extreme Martial Sect, did not have with Extreme Martial Sect relationship. Ha Ha...... Xiao Ziliang do you dare to hit one with me?” Gu Dongchen said while loudly laughing, the body reappears golden light, releases aggressive arrogant might, let Xiao Ziliang and Tang Yichao cannot help but retreat several steps, the person in plaza sat falls to the ground, they were deterred thoroughly by Gu Dongchen strength, in that moment, they thought that one was inferior including the ants. Also feels in Gu Dongchen behind Shen Xiang uncomfortable incomparable, he thought the strength that Gu Dongchen shows now is most formidable.