World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 323
Peng Xianwu is one obtains the person of fortuitous encounter, treasure tool in his hand is he makes, moreover studies one set of fierce sword technique, is because has that wrap fierce sword technique, makes him not defeat. Shadowless Sword Technique, it is said uses the sword time, cannot see, could not feel that is this different from that Ghost Martial Technique?” Shen Xiang is alerting secretly, if that taboo martial arts, he must guard carefully is good, after all the opposite party used fierce weapon. Starts!” Xiao Ziliang shouted. From the beginning, that Peng Xianwu gets rid first, the speed is quick, silent has divided a sword toward Shen Xiang, although is wrapping a scabbard, but Shen Xiang can feel that arrogant murderous aura that on the sword sends out. Those who let Shen Xiang relax, this is not Ghost Martial Technique, but Peng Xianwu leaves the speed of sword to be quick, is quick shadow catch, but Shen Xiang's Divine Sense is very strong, can induce obtains, but cannot respond, because the angle of that sword is very cunning, is left side of him! He words that uses the blade to keep off already without enough time. When Peng Xianwu thinks that must a Shen Xiang's arm chops, actually hears a resounding that works as, he chops to chop probably on any hard object. strength of this sword is very big, even if chops Shen Xiang arm above Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, but made the ground tremble slightly, the Shen Xiang's left arm was shaken tingles with numbness, but also was only instantaneous. Peng Xianwu is self-confident own that sword not to have the flesh and blood to resist, but Shen Xiang is a matter does not have, in his stunned instance, sees only the Shen Xiang's backhand to grasp, firmly held his sword. After catching the scabbard, Shen Xiang hastily revolution True Qi, displays Profound Aura Finger, wants to lead the sheath to pinch sword even/including Qiao that but he was actually defeated, because that scabbard is very firm. Peng Xianwu has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly will hold his sword, moreover grasps very tightly, no matter he is unable to receive with big strength, at this time he has to trample a foot to Shen Xiang ruthlessly, but just left the foot to regret, because Shen Xiang calculates that he can leave the foot, therefore also at that time the horizontal blade chops.

Peng Xianwu hastily receives the leg, but thigh was delimited a deep bloodstain. At this time Shen Xiang felt that Peng Xianwu that transmitted very big shake strength the sword, shook his hand tingles with numbness, making him have to loosen. From the beginning Peng Xianwu on blade, but also has bled, this unexpected, because Peng Xianwu praises with the quick sword, a moment ago his sword truly also quick, many people have not seen clearly the path of sword, moreover Shen Xiang has not resisted, is only with arm block stiffly. This is the most shocking place, Shen Xiang's flesh and blood unexpectedly does not fear that the sword, although that is wrapping a scabbard, but strength is very big, can see from the vibration, even if Shen Xiang has treasure armor to protect the body, the arm should also be shaken the wound. The Shen Xiang's arm is still tingling with numbness, he has flung the arm, said with a sneer: Mediocre! Your sword as early as possible comes out of sheath.” Peng Xianwu saw that now stronger of Shen Xiang in the hearsay is bigger, but he is disdainfully said: You have not matched!” Saying, the body such as arrow generally was then flying to shoot extraordinarily, was only in a flash, he arrived around Shen Xiang, but also was puncturing a sword to the Shen Xiang's chest. Punctures the speed of sword to be quick, but Shen Xiang this next morning is prepared, his speed was not slow, fierce waving, when that must move his body the sword, a palm hits on sword blade, only hears Bang a deafening sound, at once is together golden light from Shen Xiang's before death the ejection to one side. That instantaneously was too a moment ago quick, must not to respond quickly that saw a [gold/metal] sword of belt sheath to fly to fall on the place, Peng Xianwu treasure sword unexpectedly is shaken by Shen Xiang flew, although does not know that what happened, but the people sent out repetitive calling out in alarm. Shocking Heaven Palm had resulted in brought to the point of perfection by the Shen Xiang utilization, shook a moment ago, but followed that to shake the arm of Peng Xianwu the sword, moreover at that time strength of Peng Xianwu use was also very big, was recoiled by that shake, causing strength to explode, shook Peng Xianwu arm tingling pain, was also shaken treasure sword lets go.

The Shen Xiang whole face happy expression, is ridiculing Peng Xianwu probably! Peng Xianwu looks to fall in treasure sword of distant place, coldly snorted, then walks to pick up. When Peng Xianwu just picked up that the sword, Shen Xiang vanish from sight, Peng Xianwu knew Shen Xiang also in the field, but the speed is too fast, letting the person is unable not to catch the trail, but can occasionally see the form that Shen Xiang flashes through. Proud Sword Sect's Yue Jianglin perspires secretly, because he saw that the Shen Xiang's strength is very strong, especially that speed, suddenly, his complexion changes, exclaimed: Behind!” Peng Xianwu hears Dean to remind, in heart one startled, at the same time, he felt that the danger(ous) aura covers on him, filling the heavens murderous aura wells up, he wants to move sideways to avoid, but actually felt that has the thing to tie down his foot, he looks to tie down his thing without enough time is anything, but is lifting the sword horizontally, resists Shen Xiang that terror a blade. strength of Shen Xiang this blade is very astonishing, making people feel that seems that rough sea waves that the Tsunami time surges, as if can destroy all. This is Vast Wave Cut in Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut, the might is most overbearing, a blade cuts, is similar to dreadful rough sea waves destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth. Peng Xianwu only thought at this time one just like the ants in front of this rough sea waves, this terrifying strength strikes his arrogant heart crushes, at this time he only then fears. Shen Xiang roars, a blade cuts, four shoots in that instantaneous golden light, the explosion sound jar cry, the earth shivers, together blood along with that gradually gloomy golden light perpendicular incidence airborne. That as if between Heaven and Earth has forbidden instantaneously generally, after golden light vanishes, the people only see Shen Xiang to stand just like Slaughter God there generally, in the hand that is dropping the blood tall and slender Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but Peng Xianwu kneels in the ground, his arm cut off by shoulder-length, the [gold/metal] sheath sword that then letting him is proud also separates from the sword hilt place, sword also in scabbard!

Shen Xiang lifts the hand slightly, lowers on the throat of Peng Xianwu, said: Your arm can also meet, you broke a sword now, so long as the sword in your heart has not broken, you later are still a swordsman! I do not kill you, because you do not match under my blade!” This was life and death struggle, Shen Xiang can knife handle Peng Xianwu cut two a moment ago absolutely, but his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade did not permit this probably, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was the slaughter demon, but was not the slaughter person! Shen Xiang has let off a Peng Xianwu horse, this mind makes the person admire. Peng Xianwu clenches teeth, picks up own arm, went out of barrier, no matter how Yue Jianglin shouted that does not turn head, this fights to his attack is very big, but the advantage is also very big! This person and you do not have enmity, but was used by Yue Jianglin these Dean, is only a tool of gambling, you truly do not need to massacre him, big storm must come, humanity should not massacre mutually.” Bai Youyou said that although she is cultivates the devil art female devil, but she is also the rights and wrongs are clear person, will not slaughter innocents. Yue Jianglin cannot walk, because he must arrange barrier, now he hates Shen Xiang, but has no alternative.