World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 324
strength that Shen Xiang that blade released a moment ago truly made one feel to shock, especially these arranged barrier Dean Big Shot, they can a clearer feeling. They are Nirvana Realm, lived many years old fellow, naturally could see that Shen Xiang's martial arts is uncommon. They suspected Shen Xiang a moment ago displayed very may is Dragon Martial Technique, wanders about destitute has many in Dragon Martial Technique of various mortal world places, but are not many, even if these Dean Big Shot does not have many. Shen Xiang a moment ago that blade, although is scary, but these Dean Big Shot actually look at can cut off that the sword is not that fierce martial arts, but is in his hand that does not know any rank treasured sword. Including blade that treasure tool can cut off, is not definitely ordinary, these Dean Big Shot know now, if lets Shen Xiang with weapon, then their disciples do not have the stratagem which ensures success. Arranged barrier four Nirvana Realm to exchange with Divine Sense, finally decided limited Shen Xiang to use weapon, otherwise definitely will then lose with three people of Shen Xiang martial arts contest. Shen Xiang, receives the person who us meets not to use weapon, you are also unuseful!” Xiao Ziliang said. Shen Xiang coldly smiled: Is you asks me to fight, your people I had not opposed with weapon a moment ago, but you said that now doesn't need me to result in does not use? Why I must listen your!” Some Gu Dongchen look in the one side that Shen Xiang did not fear these Dean Big Shot, were being led this martial arts contest by the opposite party, making him not calculate. Shen Xiang your was too fierce the blade, you did not think that this is very unfair?” Tang Yichao said. Shen Xiang laughs: Fair? I now am True Martial Realm 5th Stage cultivation base, but Peng Xianwu truly 6th Stage, is this fair that you said? You use weapon time I must use, you do not use am I also unusable? Is this fair? The nonsense is fair, has not taken weapon that gets rid, do not shout must solve the problem with the way of martial arts contest.” The Shen Xiang's words make Tang Yichao they very angry, the person who surrounds also feel surprised, Shen Xiang dares such to speak to these Dean Big Shot unexpectedly, he is being surrounded by four Nirvana Realm people now, unexpectedly also dares such rampantly to say these words.

Gu Dongchen in one side said with a sneer: Xiao Ziliang, do not go too far, own disciple strength is not strong, on doing everything possible weakens the Shen Xiang's strength, did your this goods also match to say fairly? Do not let the person laugh aloud.” The people also thought that Shen Xiang said rational, Shen Xiang was challenged by the opposite party, but the opposite party also starts out to his disadvantageous request, the fool will comply. Does not compare hurries to get the hell out!” Gu Dongchen drinks one coldly, he does not fear these Nirvana Realm, he crossed the Nirvana Realm eight tribulations, was the world strongest rank, but crossed the people of nine tribulations, majority will be inhaled Heaven World. Xiao Ziliang was blaming Proud Sword Sect secretly, otherwise set unable to use the weapon rule from the beginning, now does not have that many matters. From the beginning is we are not right, has not arranged the rule, then starts from set the rule now newly, no one can use weapon, naturally, we will compensate you, so long as you have won, compensation crystal stones from 100 million liters to 200 million, you do think what kind of?” Xiao Ziliang said that in the front of absolute strength, he can only submit, although Gu Dongchen in his eyes is a junior, but the strength has actually gone far beyond him , to continue again, they will be perhaps uglier. The Xiao Ziliang original manuscript thinks one crossed seven tribulations, and has established Free Immortal Sea, can be more formidable than Extreme Martial Sect, can feel proud and elated, but has not thought that Gu Dongchen actually crossed eight tribulations, although only misses a tribulation, but is actually the day badly other. Good, I comply!” Shen Xiang said. He before to buy that Dragon Spirit, but has almost lost everything, he had won 100 million a moment ago, then wins three people of words, can win 600 million, this for him is a big number, he saved before laboriously was so long, 300 million, moreover by selling Fire Spirit and cloudy talented person gains. Person unexpectedly that below goes on stage is tall seductive woman, she wears one set of beautiful red skirt, has face that sharpens to caress flatters, looks like in Shen Xiang is extremely beautiful, not has moving caressing to flatter like Su Meiyao and Hua Xiangyue, has one type to bewitch to seize the soul sweet and pretty. However at present this female was also a good outstanding person, in plaza had many person male gender to look at two to straighten, wishes one could to move the clothes of this woman.

This female charming smile looks at Shen Xiang, the people thought secretly Shen Xiang this competition definitely will lose, because they thought that they ruthlessly do not start to such a beautiful woman. This is Beast Martial Sect's Yan Yanran, Beast Martial Sect's number one beauty!” Male shouted. Felt fiery look that all around throws unceasingly, Yan Yanran this spirit female appears very happy, emanation lets the person bone weak charming smile sound. „Can Big Brother Shen be finished? This woman's lethality to the man was too big.” Yun Xiaodao also looks at the eye value, cannot help but swallows the saliva. Zhu Rong curls the lip saying: Junior Brother Shen fiancee Xue Xianxian is much better than this woman, let alone Qianqian this Extreme Martial Sect number one beauty is also not equally is destroyed the flower by the Junior Brother Shen heavy hand, makes into the woman who has lost her virginity?” Wu Qianqian tenderly snorted, has pinched Zhu Rong vigorously: Dead fatty, I had defeated by him, let alone that coarse?” Yan Yanran suddenly pulls oneself that long skirt, revealed has let one that the person blood inflated, in her was wrapping the chest with the black cloth and under the waist! She is outspoken oneself that perfect figure shows! The jade waist that two snow white thin slippery beautiful legs, grasp gracefully, standing tall and erect two jade peak were closely wrapped by the black cloth, pushes to leak off comes generally, just made the person want to stop but cannot. Hee hee, Young Master Shen, waits for you to probably show mercy Oh! Yan Yanran to flatter to say with a smile to the girl: Others made you have an eyeful, do not destroy others!” That numb sound makes the bones of many people soft, place slowly is hardening...... Snort!” Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue simultaneously tenderly snorted, they have not thought that Beast Martial Sect unexpectedly will send this spirit.

This brat strength in meditation is good, don't worry!” Hua Xiangyue said that she compared with that Yan Yanran even better, but Shen Xiang can simply reject her very much. I know certainly, but this little rascal is a man!” Liu Meng'er lightly snorted and said. Beast Martial Sect's that long on shameless full is the haughty smiling face, Shen Xiang is a man, moreover 20 years old, were blood energy side just ages, the pretty woman has the fatal enticement to him. This woman is too not concerned about face, if all women such were not concerned about face are good!” Zhu Rong said with an evil smile, he just said that thought an arm pain, Wu Qianqian is pinching him vigorously. The words that however Zhu Rong spoke are also in the field in the hearts of many male draft animals think. Yan Yanran suddenly could not smile, because Shen Xiang looked at her look, only then appreciated, did not have that type immorally light, probably appreciates treasure such, this made Yan Yanran be but actually surprised, in the field many people wished one could to punish her, but Shen Xiang did not have that thought! If I have won you, I can obtain two hundred million crystal stones, did not do right by!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled.