World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 325
Saw in the Shen Xiang look to flash through wipes the ruthless color, Yan Yanran probably eats the fly to be the same, her self-satisfied attraction unexpectedly has not affected to Shen Xiang, she thought that own this time looked like a comedian clown, this made her suddenly have an inexplicable shame. Before Hua Xiangyue, ** Shen Xiang failure time, has the same mood with her. The response of Yan Yanran is the same with Hua Xiangyue, immediately wears the clothes, covers up solid oneself that beautiful luster of the skin. Also the whole face caressed a moment ago flatters Yan Yanran of smiling face, in an instant turned hostile, the facial expression was very serious, she thinks confused Shen Xiang with own body, can make Shen Xiang lax at the martial arts contest, but has not thought that this plan actually failed, she knows that the Shen Xiang's strength was very strong, she also hid in a moment ago carefully looks at the same time, although she was True Martial Realm 6th Stage, but in the heart actually lacked self-confidence, because Shen Xiang's True Qi was more vigorous than her, this made her understand cannot. Hua Xiangyue sees Yan Yanran to admit defeat, in the heart steals to be happy secretly, Shen Xiang can capture including the heart of Liu Meng'er this woman, naturally casually by Yan Yanran this woman enticing. Before Shen Xiang, although has not seen Yan Yanran, but to this Beast Martial Sect number one beauty some finding, he and Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong their together drinks, listened to them to mention, Yan Yanran is very keen martial artist, martial arts of use like the cat, speed swift pace. The Beast Martial Sect's elder sees Yan Yanran to wear the clothes, understands that this move did not have the use to Shen Xiang, if Yan Yanran lost, their Beast Martial Sect must to Shen Xiang two hundred million crystal stones, think of this, he secretly was not feeling well, he somewhat regretted and that Xiao Ziliang cooperates. Proud Sword Sect and True Martial Sect's Dean is also so, they think that participates in Shen Xiang, damages severely Yuan Qi time looks for Shen Xiang's to be troublesome, has not thought that Shen Xiang's restores the speed to imagine them is quicker than time, the strength is to let them is hard to imagine. These Dean Big Shot were also experienced, but first time saw Shen Xiang this wizard, the True Martial Realm 5th Stage strength, can actually resist with all one's strength True Martial Realm six 7th Stage, they know certainly that Shen Xiang has practiced fierce martial arts. Starts!” Xiao Ziliang shouted, in the sound full is gloomy, if their four sect fight in which several persons take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out Shen Xiang, cannot defeat Shen Xiang, their faces were also lose completely, later did not have the face to look for Shen Xiang's to be troublesome again.

Xiao Ziliang shouted starts, Yan Yanran fiercely backward bounced, Shen Xiang also just made a fist, he has not thought that Yan Yan the vigilant heart was so high, making his fist fail. After a Shen Xiang fist fails, just wants to pursue to continue to attack, but Yan Yanran has actually disappeared. Behind?” Shen Xiang frowned, turns around suddenly, fist such as the crazy thunder common continual bang hits, suddenly is dozens fist heavy blows, but he actually hit to empty, the Yan Yanran speed must make in his heart exclaim in surprise quickly secretly. If Shen Xiang does not practice Divine Dao, does not have out of the ordinary Divine Sense, in definitely will be hit by Yan Yanran a moment ago, at this time he felt that rear area has the weak strength fluctuation. He must grasp time that turns around to attack, that possible the time, only then half blinking, if quick a point, Yan Yanran will respond to shunt, if were slow, he will be hit by Yan Yanran. At this time Shen Xiang unknowingly used alchemy Refining Simulation Technique, calculation Yan Yanran time of attack and own counterattack time. Is now!” After Shen Xiang grasps the good time, a ferocious body, a palm whips, only thought the palm to hit one group of very soft things, he knows certainly that was anything. Yan Yanran exuded one to shout tenderly, has spouted blood arrow, she shamed the anger, she has not thought that Shen Xiang started to be so ruthless, unexpectedly used that terror Shocking Heaven Palm, moreover hit on the chest that she was proud. Shen Xiang acclaimed a moment ago that happy feel secretly, although his side had many beautiful woman bad luck, but he has not traced this type of good thing, in this aspect he was young.

Those who make Yan Yanran angry is, Shen Xiang does not understand to show tender affection, hits after her flies, is one moves sideways, pursues her to pass tightly, moreover cut-throat of face, she knows that under Shen Xiang wanted certainly the heavy hand, she just wants to move aside, the palm shade that actually saw full Tou has covered, that pressure made her feel to suffocate, making her feel the fear. „......” Yan Yanran that gentle and charming body idles is in Shen Xiang that ocean waves general Shocking Heaven Palm delicate, is similar to the small boat jolts in the strong winds rough seas angry sea, was devastated. This...... This is little rascal also a man? Started too to be also heavy!” Hua Xiangyue is nipping the cherry lips lightly, after all she is a woman, at this time somewhat sympathizes with Yan Yanran. Oh, this little rascal not to the woman plays a dirty trick, that woman must have bad luck.” Liu Meng'er sighed gently. Under the field some people could not tolerate, was scolding Shen Xiang, even if before , they worshipped to Shen Xiang very much, but Shen Xiang actually devastates the goddesses in their heart with so the savage method now. This strength...... inconceivable!” In the Xiao Ziliang eye glittering the none remaining, he was seeing probably a point anything comes, because this strength makes him feel very familiar. Shocking Heaven Palm continuously, was hit without any protection, undying the severe wound, Yan Yanran has not guarded. She has not thought that some people can overbearing martial arts continuously, probably know Shocking Heaven Palm most consumes True Qi, makes a palm is very rare, but Shen Xiang is actually several hundred palms can the complexion be invariable, this explained that True Qi of Shen Xiang within the body is vigorous. Shen Xiang......” Yan Yanran suddenly tenderly shouted, the eyesight good person can see Yan Yanran to make two palms to Shen Xiang a moment ago, hits on the Shen Xiang's palm. Shen Xiang in that only thought a moment ago instantaneously a control pain, he can feel clearly his double palm was pierced by five levers a moment ago, he does not know that is anything, but this still could not prevent his quick palm.

Reason that he to Yan Yanran use such savage palm technique continuously , because he could not feel that the Yan Yanran aura has the feeble sign, this explained that Yan Yanran seems like devastated, but she has not received the serious wound. „The body of this woman is very pliable but hard to break, has very big elasticity, True Qi of her within the body is also so, therefore your Shocking Heaven Palm hits after her body, at least weakened 80% strength by her fleshly body and True Qi!” Long Xueyi said that her induction ability is extremely powerful, can pierce the Yan Yanran interior directly. Therefore no matter Shen Xiang Yan Yanran sends out how pitiful yelling, he will not call a halt, moreover only crueler is devastating Yan Yanran with Shocking Heaven Palm. Even though four Nirvana Realm martial artist collaborate to arrange barrier, but Shen Xiang Shocking Heaven Palm continuously can still shake the earth one after another to shiver, shook the soles of many people to tingle with numbness. This strength terror can be imagined, let alone Yan Yanran is directly is hit by Shen Xiang!