World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 326
This does little rascal give up such a woman really hits remnantly? They did not have what hatred, does not need under such heavy hand!” Liu Meng'er knits the brows saying that she does not think Shen Xiang turns into a cruel person, she knows that Shen Xiang is murders the man of decision, but that will also be threaten he to be when the time comes cruel and merciless in his life, this Yan Yanran has not gotten down the cruel methods to him from beginning to end. Should, you not think very strange, although Yan Yanran is True Martial Realm 6th Stage, but was hit with Shocking Heaven Palm by Shen Xiang was so long, can send out such clear yelling!” Hua Xiangyue said. Liu Meng'er also saw a point anything came. As a tiger's roar sends out, people see only the Shen Xiang suddenly palm, then fights with the fists, huge golden tiger head appears on the Shen Xiang's fist, pounding maliciously on the chest of Yan Yanran. Yan Yanran sent out wicked neighing, in the mouth the overflowing blood flew, must drop out barrier shortly time, her suddenly flexible stand up, steady standing in ground. Sees this, in the field erupted an intermittent exclamation immediately, Yan Yanran is hit with Shocking Heaven Palm by Shen Xiang continuously was so long, unexpectedly can also steady was standing, she was only the complexion is somewhat white, the corners of the mouth bleed, the breath was somewhat rapid, looks like does not have what to obstruct greatly. Shen Xiang looks at own both hands, on palm five small blood holes, like was stabbed by the sharp claws, passes through his palm directly. Shen Xiang looks at present this spirit, is clenching teeth secretly, this woman compared with former that anything [gold/metal] sheath swordsman, the big of every possible strange thing world, had the fortuitous encounter he, not only he, other people will have the fortuitous encounter, he concluded that at present this spirit is this person, that pliable but hard to break physique, but bore to hit compared with this 5th Stage Immortal Devil Body. I admitted defeat, does not hit!” Yan Yanran is reorganizing the uncombed hair, tenderly shouted. She sees Shen Xiang to be somewhat astonished, then tenderly said with a smile: Relax, does not have the toxin! Lets remember, I am not good to bully, finally I have not hit my face thank you, otherwise I......”

Then, she jumped several to disappear in plaza continually. Good fierce woman, her claw unexpectedly pierces Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor directly, or she attacks is too quick, making Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor not come to make the self- defense, penetrated my hand!” In the Shen Xiang heart is exclaiming in surprise. „The weakness of this woman in forehead, you had not hit her head.” Long Xueyi said. Yes, I was tenderhearted, oh, heroic sad beautiful woman pass/test!” Shen Xiang sighed. Bah, you hit others bodies, perhaps wants to occupy selects convenient? If she does not have this physique, she already became the severe wound by you, but also any tenderness!” Su Meiyao tenderly snorted and said. Shen Xiang also discovered that his Shocking Heaven Palm is invalid to Yan Yanran, releases violent storm general Shocking Heaven Palm, now he had discovered a quite serious issue, was his True Qi has consumed most probably, because he used Five Elements Universe True Qi to attack a moment ago. Although Shen Xiang has not hit the cheek of Yan Yanran, but the people thought that he is very cruel, unexpectedly devastates such a delicate female with that terrifying palm technique. Sees the Shen Xiang beforehand two fights so to be intrepid, especially second that continuous Shocking Heaven Palm, has scared many person True Martial Realm, how if they were hit by the Shen Xiang bang continually, finally definitely will change the completely squashed dregs. Let alone these True Martial Realm 1st Stage 2nd Stage, in plaza ten 5th Stage 6th Stage is fearful and apprehensive.

Beast Martial Sect unexpectedly is hiding this fierce disciple, was only a pity that the Beast Martial Sect's leader so is always loathful, now or a group of people without a leader, Gu Dongchen was also too ruthless, after having separated one generation, others Dean destroying completely.” Hua Xiangyue said. Liu Meng'er does not certainly believe that because she also in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, at that time Gu Dongchen they were besieged at that time by many Nirvana Realm, after Gu Dongchen is absolutely impossible to kill Beast Martial Sect's Dean, kills Free Immortal Sea, True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect's Nirvana Realm entirely. Although Shen Xiang has not mentioned that matter with her, but she guessed anything, at that time Shen Xiang in Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm quite in invincible existence, others cannot use True Qi, but he actually! Brother Tang, this your True Martial Sect's disciple goes on stage now.” Xiao Ziliang urged, he does not want to leave that many time to restore to Shen Xiang. He just said that Shen Xiang put out grain of Five Elements True Elemental Dan to swallow, this looked makes many people greedy, but this Five Elements True Elemental Dan value over a million crystal stones, but the Shen Xiang actually brow did not wrinkle to swallow, they envied existence of Shen Xiang this rarely seen secretly, was in itself a alchemy master, that heaven defying strength. Tang Yichao sees Shen Xiang to eat up grain of Five Elements True Elemental Dan, the eyebrow corner/horn is twitching slightly, stipulated that had not said does not allow to take pills to restore, let alone now is they to the Shen Xiang use fight in which several persons take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out, not words that permits others to restore, that was too shameless. Eats up Five Elements True Elemental Dan, the Shen Xiang fast turn-around Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art digestion efficacy, supplemented the consumption, because of then his also two fights. My True Martial Sect admits defeat!” Tang Yichao suddenly shouted, again pushes to look for now oppressively own disciple, is unwise, now Tang Yichao they are discontented with Xiao Ziliang, why must make their three sect's disciples look like goes on stage first, but his Free Immortal Sea disciple is actually final, that has occupied very big convenient. Thinks of this, Tang Yichao is not feeling well, Beast Martial Sect and Proud Sword Sect are also so, they abrasion Shen Xiang's strength, makes Free Immortal Sea sit idle and enjoy the fruits, finally they must compensate to Shen Xiang crystal stones, if Free Immortal Sea has actually won Shen Xiang, that urges Shen Xiang to help their alchemy, but gained overturns the heavens.

Xiao Ziliang knows certainly that in Tang Yichao their hearts is thinking anything, he now is extremely also discontented with these juniors, if for converging attack Extreme Martial Sect, he is not disinclined to collaborate. Snort, hits does not hit admits defeat, your juniors did not have the guts!” Xiao Ziliang low snort|hum said that simultaneously outside old man to barrier has hit the meaningful glance. Although Shen Xiang beforehand two show mercy, but Tang Yichao will be worried about Shen Xiang under the cruel methods to their True Martial Sect's disciple, because True Martial Sect and Shen Xiang's hatred will also be very big. Then was the Free Immortal Sea disciple, Shen Xiang had killed several Free Immortal Sea disciples before, but these were only small, but the disciple who now Free Immortal Sea sends was very definitely strong, otherwise Xiao Ziliang so will not be confident to the present. Five Elements True Elemental Dan was built up to melt little by Shen Xiang, made Shen Xiang's True Qi restore most probably, he knows that the opposite party he will not restore to how much time, but enough he again deals with one to fight now. Suddenly, a strange fluctuation of energy transmits, Shen Xiang retreat several steps, only saw in front of him suddenly to present the child who has gripped is soaring to the heavens the pigtail hastily. Antique Herculean Clan!” Long Xueyi calls out in alarm said.