World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 327
Sees this child suddenly to appear, other people and Shen Xiang is equally surprised, they can look at this are the disciples who Free Immortal Sea sends, moreover is very strong, the speed that suddenly presents, with the imposing manner on him releasing, makes one large quantities of people feel surprised. Antique Herculean Clan?” Lian Yingxiao knit the brows saying that at this time he arrived at side Gu Dongchen. Has not thought that will have in Chenwu Mainland unexpectedly, does not know that Shen Xiang this brat can win!” The Gu Dongchen complexion becomes dignified. Sees this child to appear, Hua Xiangyue scolded tenderly: Xiao Ziliang this fellow is too not concerned about face, unexpectedly sends out this fellow to hit little rascal.” Relax, Shen Xiang is not a vegetarian, he is Immortal Devil Body 5th Stage fleshly body!” Although Liu Meng'er was worried, but she remembers herself to help the Shen Xiang refined into Immortal Devil Body 5th Stage matter personally, is confident to Shen Xiang. Stands in the Shen Xiang present child looks like, only then 6 or 7-year-old, the appearance is quite lovable, but his eye actually such as hawk one general sharp, is incompatible with his age. His double fist grips tightly, two leg opening stand there slightly, looks like powerful, the snake body releases a threatening imposing manner. Looks that pair burns the sharp eye of fighting intent flame, in the Shen Xiang heart is being vigilant secretly. What antique Herculean Clan?” Shen Xiang was inquiring Long Xueyi. Su Meiyao rushes saying: Is an inborn Divine Power race, is pregnant for ten years, a birth had to hold up ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) strength, fleshly body was intrepid, the adolescence speed of body was slower than hundred times the normal person, in other words your present kid, at least had 500 years old.” A birth had ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) strength, this made the Shen Xiang corners of the mouth twitch, moreover was one lived several hundred years of fellow, did not say that inherent powerful fleshly body, said True Qi possibly compared with him. Herculean Clan proliferates world each Mortal World, antique time strongest one group of people, now are still, even if also has the status of no small matter in Heaven World! Does not know how Free Immortal Sea wins over existence of this heaven defying, you must be careful.” Long Xueyi said.

I remember that the Herculean Clan fellows are very crazy, does not like restrained one group of people, now how in Free Immortal Sea?” The Bai Youyou doubts said. This fellow, although inborn Divine Power, but cultivates True Qi is very difficult, did not say that the practice can practice, if cannot practice True Qi, they can only live at most for 300 years! I think that Free Immortal Sea should be appropriate he to practice the True Qi means that therefore he will stay in Free Immortal Sea.” Long Xueyi said. The Shen Xiang fist grasps very tightly, Herculean Clan has very high status in Heaven World, this explained that they have very powerful strength, at present the child of this trivial has levelling off hilltops strength. I am True Martial Realm 5th Stage, Xiao Chou!” His sound is also the voice of child, but is having an experienced expression, making people think very strangely. Snort, this brat installs tenderly, if possible, the great-aunt exited 2-3 to go to him to tidy up, I can hit him to kneel beg for mercy.” Long Xueyi disdainfully said. Shen Xiang is despising her secretly, she installs to come not to be concerned about face tenderly. Your this little girl is Imperial Dragon Clan, sent out your status, can walk sideways on Heaven World, Herculean Clan again was also humanity, naturally ratio your monsters.” Su Meiyao said. I am also True Martial Realm 5th Stage, I called Shen Xiang.” Shen Xiang polite returning said that although the opposite party is the Free Immortal Sea person, so long as the opposite party respects him, he will also retaliate the opposite party. Free Immortal Sea and True Martial Sect Beast Martial Sect these sect, although is some are leading and Shen Xiang has a grudge, but hanger-on disciple some good, previous Shen Xiang has become friends with several True Martial Sect's disciples in Southern Wasteland. You fought I to look a moment ago, truly is on Chenwu Mainland quite formidable True Martial Realm 5th Stage martial artist, even if 6th Stage or 7th Stage is hard to have your this level.” Xiao Chou said that he looked the Shen Xiang's look looks like in looking at toy such, making in the Shen Xiang heart not be feeling well secretly.

Herculean Clan combative, inborn has to devastate fondness of normal person, moreover they will think that has the superiority feeling very much, do not look that his surface is very polite to the person, actually bone Proud Sword Sect these fellows are much arrogant, especially wins, thorough despises you, said some coarse words to stimulate you.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang also with one type the look that is full of provocation looks at Xiao Chou, said with a smile: „The Herculean Clan reputation I am have listened, has not thought that today will be met one by me, I must have a look at you but actually strongly!” Hears the Shen Xiang's words, Xiao Chou coldly snorted: Humanity, should not be wild!” Then aren't you humanity?” Shen Xiang asked that after seeing the Xiao Chou exposed natural disposition, in Shen Xiang heart secret haughty, this mood in his opinion without distinction with the child. Herculean Clan bestowed by heaven Divine Power, humanity naturally cannot place on a par with us, we are the descendants of god!” Xiao Chou arrogant voice said. I! My solemn Imperial Dragon Clan does not have them to be how rampant, Shen Xiang, beats up brat that this is not concerned about face!” Long Xueyi life Qi/angry said. Shen Xiang also imitates the Long Xueyi's expression, loud voice said: „Do I, what thing you work as am? You are the descendant of god, will not appear in Mortal World this bird place.” You dare to insult me, then I will not show mercy! I planned to put your horse, letting you to get down like adolescence, now looked like does not need, your this rampant fellow will only waste Spirit Qi!” The Xiao Chou complexion changes, coldly said. The people look do not know whether to laugh or cry, what is rampant? Is obviously is very rampant, actually does not know one are rampant, added that others are rampant! Now Shen Xiang knows that Long Xueyi why such repugnant Herculean Clan, now he was understands, this fellow compared with Proud Sword Sect that fellow repugnant hundred times.

Starts!” Xiao Ziliang shouted, on the face full is haughty, this makes Tang Yichao they not be feeling well very much, they know that the Herculean Clan formidable place, his Free Immortal Sea wins now, but their three sect actually lost, they also in vain waste strength to arrange barrier here, but must compensate Shen Xiang crystal stones, what is most important is lost face. Tang Yichao they wish one could Shen Xiang to win now, like this they will think that feels better. In plaza many people do not know the Herculean Clan matter, but some old man anything's experience, therefore the Herculean Clan matter quickly have spread, saw these person of shocking facial expressions, on Xiao Chou that small face haughty. „It is not good, why this Herculean Clan fellow makes me more look is more repugnant, Grandma Long I one must exit to pat flatly him!” Long Xueyi said indignantly. Shen Xiang is comforting hastily, if she runs to beat up Herculean Clan little rascal, definitely frightens a urine troop person. dragon brat, waits for me not to hit, borrowed your strength to be always OK again!” Shen Xiang said. Um, when the time comes takes away freely!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang guessed that Long Xueyi's Dragon the father Dragon mother affirmation and Herculean Clan have enmity, therefore inheritance memory time also makes Long Xueyi hate Herculean Clan.