World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 329
Looks from the strength, Xiao Chou forcing Shen Xiang. But now Xiao Chou is being teased by Shen Xiang, a face was grasped the tabby cat by Shen Xiang, looks like very funny, making many people cannot help but laugh. Shen Xiang, I must kill you!” Xiao Chou was enraged by Shen Xiang thoroughly, that exquisite body shakes suddenly, body True Qi explodes wells up, expresses the intermittent jar cry, forms invisible strength, wells up toward Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang in great surprise, hastily releases Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover, that strength time, Xiao Chou appeared on his top of the head, is being maliciously a foot tramples to his head, is similar to fills the stars of strength of destruction to crash. If no that barrier, vigorous True Qi that Xiao Chou released a moment ago perhaps has raised entire plaza stone brick, this foot crashes, can make plaza be split up. The intense pressure that suddenly compels, making Shen Xiang bow slightly, is similar to is going against a great mountain, but this pressure is also only the short instance, because Xiao Chou has crashed. The dull thumping sound of bang, a stars strong shake, shakes the Shen Xiang within the body blood to turn wells up, has almost spurted, his Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover also instantaneously turns into the mist in that but he actually kept off this crazily struck. Nearby Gu Dongchen secretly is also knitting the brows, if no barrier to protect, perhaps that move must be shaken ta to fall including Danxiang Tower a moment ago, the Herculean Clan strength makes him feel shocking, other Dean Big Shot are also so, the Xiao Ziliang forehead sweats, if this plaza were destroyed, he must compensate ten billion crystal stone to give Danxiang Taoyuan. Naturally, Xiao Ziliang also in this time is experiences to Xiao Chou strength, now so is terrorist, if trains year Nirvana Realm, more powerful? Now they understand why Herculean Clan can be popular in Heaven World, because they have absolute strength. Shen Xiang resulted in whole body paralysis by that strength impact, is good is also very strong because of his fleshly body, and has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor! Some Dean Big Shot when exclaiming in surprise Herculean Clan strength, by Shen Xiang frightening, Shen Xiang is not Herculean Clan, but is the fresh-faced young people who 30 do not arrive, unexpectedly so is also abnormal, not only stands erect under the attack of Xiao Chou terror not but actually, but also sexually harasses Xiao Chou.

Xiao Chou displays such terroristly after striking, sees to have an opportunity, flies to trample again and again, although his foot has not moved Shen Xiang, but explodes Qi Energy that shoots to make Shen Xiang be hard to move aside, he has to release Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover to defend. Shen Xiang now is not defense constantly, his double fist has not been idling, displays the white Tiger King fist, making double fist condense white light tiger head, dreadful murderous aura that to rely on Slaughtering Heart releases frighten Xiao Chou, creates certain pressure to Xiao Chou. Ice Spirit Devil Aura! Freezes his spirit, making him as if be in a Land of Ice and Snow world!” Bai Youyou suddenly said that ice-cold sound touches the Shen Xiang's mind. When the Shen Xiang associative compound, that crazy such as the thunder rainstorm fist makes, was poured into Ice Spirit Devil Aura by him secretly, this strange strength is secret, is one spiritual attack, if were attacked by Ice Spirit Devil Aura for a long time, the spirit will be affected, will think one coldly are very very cold. This is freezes others soul fierce devil art, Shen Xiang few uses, if not obtain Bai Youyou's to agree that he does not dare to use before such person at will. Xiao Chou also continuously knocks out the fist to striking Shen Xiang's White Tiger Divine Fist, he sees his fist energy times Shen Xiang that white tiger head bang broken time, in heart self-satisfied, disdains to Shen Xiang's fist energy very much, that murderous aura that but was released by Shen Xiang covers, makes him feel that an demon deep fear, making him feel Shen Xiang probably is a deep sleep Slaughter God. Their quick fist wrestles, explodes the air wave that shoots to shake barrier humming sound to resound, the ground always transmits continuous shivering, White Tiger Divine Fist that Shen Xiang releases, although the imposing manner is very full, but Xiao Chou that type the fist energy forcing that is bringing vigorously True Qi plans, hits Shen Xiang retreat continuously, could see that Shen Xiang is slightly weak on True Qi. However, no one knows Shen Xiang, when the fist will smuggle faint trace weak Ice Spirit Devil Aura, superficial infiltrates the body of Xiao Chou, accumulated little on the body of Xiao Chou, Xiao Chou just started not to think anything, but to afterward, thought that the body was somewhat cool, he suspected Shen Xiang, when attacked him, has used ice cold True Qi, therefore has not cared.

It looks like in Xiao Chou, his powerful fleshly body does not fear this type icy coldly, quick can eliminate! Shen Xiang has not exhausted now fully, otherwise he displays these devil art words, perhaps this Xiao Chou already had been destroyed completely by Shen Xiang, Bai Youyou teaches to his devil art, that same isn't cloudy person excellent devil art of? Shen Xiang, waits for this little rascal by Ice Spirit Devil Aura suffers the collapse the time, I completely lend you my strength, he is defeated, ruins this plaza, making that Xiao Ziliang compensate 10 billion to give that Little Fairy!” Long Xueyi said mischievously: Who makes this Xiao Ziliang bring this young pest, lets Grandma Long my very angry.” Shen Xiang ** said: Grandma Long, my to rely on your strength fleshly body will be damaged, borrows me not to be comfortable each time, considers as finished!” This, when the time comes you use the strongest attack, then I add on I 50% strength in secret, my strength can disregard that nonsense barrier, like this you can ruin plaza with ease, making Xiao Ziliang compensate!” Long Xueyi excitedly said, she wishes one could to start now. This?” Shen Xiang asked that in the heart secretly was also excited, ten billion crystal stone, truly can make Xiao Ziliang compensate has the blood unable to put out. Naturally, strength of this dragon is mysterious, even if cannot release through your body, will not be discovered by others, but when the time comes you must coordinate my.” Long Xueyi proudly said. Sees Long Xueyi this small greedy dragon to take destroying the destruction as happily, in the Shen Xiang heart is very speechless, he thought that has the opportunity should well ** one this little girl, so as to avoid her adolescence gets up to act unreasonably in this Mortal World, that is a big catastrophe.

Five Elements True Elemental Dan of Shen Xiang within the body also has many not to digest, five elements of True Qi that Five Elements True Elemental Dan provides are many, comes in waves, making Shen Xiang as if have inexhaustible True Qi such, his fist is also crazier fiercely, was quicker. Xiao Chou thinks more and more cold, although he lived over 600 years old, but usually in cultivating oneself that mysterious vigorous True Qi, does not have what experience, naturally does not know that own soul had been iced the cold corrosion, even if in the stove, he will think cold incomparable. Felt that Xiao Chou strength weakens unceasingly, Shen Xiang knows that Ice Spirit Devil Aura has implanted in the Xiao Chou soul, this will be destroying the Xiao Chou soul slowly, keeping him from leading oneself that terrifying strength. Sister Youyou, your devil art is quite fierce! Can this be discovered?” Shen Xiang pleasantly surprised, is some worries. Did not fear that Ice Spirit Devil Aura is only because is too strange, too strong has been listed as devil art, is in itself not cruel, lets Righteous Path is Engulfing Devil Art this type that truly is hard to accept.” Bai Youyou indifferently said, Shen Xiang praised devil art that she taught, making her feel somewhat happily, after all Shen Xiang uses the devil art opportunity not to be many.