World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 330
Shen Xiang's strength is inferior to Xiao Chou, but his Divine Sense actually goes far beyond Xiao Chou, he is Divine Dao practitioner, therefore he can very successful Ice Spirit Devil Aura ingenious injects the Xiao Chou soul, freezes his spirit. Xiao Chou only felt that now bewildered cold, he thinks does not understand Shen Xiang this fierce alchemy master, why can also practice this situation ice cold True Qi, the alchemy master gives the impression of person is the flame is very strong. fist energy when they crazily to the fist, Shen Xiang leaves fist release to be returned by Xiao Chou, meanwhile was taken advantage of somebody's authority the counter-attack by Xiao Chou, when Xiao Chou with his True Qi counter-attack, his fist energy was also returned vigorously by Shen Xiang, moreover they leave the speed of fist to be quick, only looks lets the person to see innumerable fist image. Shen Xiang just started to be compelled retreat again and again, but now the Shen Xiang retreat speed was getting more and more slow, finally also stops in same place, this makes the people slightly surprised, they think Shen Xiang may be consumed finally strength, was defeated by Xiao Chou, because the Xiao Chou time imposing manner from the beginning is very full. In Xiao Chou body vigorous True Qi is vigorous, but he thinks too cold, thought that body some are uncontrolled, is unable to display strongest strength to come, the speed or the strength weakened. In Shen Xiang heart secret haughty, but he thought that has not sufficed, because Xiao Chou has not collapsed completely, he must suffer this rampant little rascal is incapable of hitting back, finally and Long Xueyi defeats him with strongest strength, making him know that the flower so is why red, making him know that said one are the descendant of god is a how laughable matter. Xiao Ziliang also saw anything comes, but he actually does not know that what happened, he thought that Xiao Chou should not consume strength quickly. Tang Yichao and Yue Jianglin they look secretly are being happy, just started them to see Xiao Chou to be so intrepid, thinking Shen Xiang must lose without doubt, but currently Shen Xiang has the surpassing potential of instead, they crusade against the Shen Xiang's time, but loser, they do not want to see Xiao Ziliang to win total victories, that will make them not feel better. What ghost this little rascal has done, why does that kid become that weak?” The Liu Meng'er congealing eyebrow said that these Dean Big Shot eyesight are very sinister, can see strange place, but actually the understanding cannot. Ice Spirit Devil Aura that Shen Xiang releases now were more, this also lets the Xiao Chou spiritual close brink of collapse, but he can also make the so powerful attack, pouring makes Shen Xiang admire.

The time that they fight is very long, is Shen Xiang is pressed, but the Shen Xiang actually perfect reversal situation, hits Xiao Chou again and again retreat now, this makes the person look at the secret exclamation, strength that because currently Xiao Chou uses compared with he just went on stage weak many times, but Shen Xiang's strength is actually such, can see this is the Xiao Chou issue, Shen Xiang consumes compared with Xiao Chou for a long time. little rascal, you know that now anything was outside the person some people of one should always strive for better!” Shen Xiang jokes. Shen Xiang, you have the classification to use that ice cold strength.” Xiao Chou also chokes with rage, that bewildered cold, making him lack the ability to do what one would like, has strength not to be actually able to control spatially, looks helplessly one were pressed stubbornly by the enemy. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: „Didn't your this speak bullshit? You have to plant don't and I hit with your vigorous True Qi!” These Dean Big Shot suddenly one startled, ice cold strength? This keeps them from understanding, because they have not induced to Shen Xiang use ice cold True Qi from beginning to end. Shen Xiang has definitely used martial arts, making Xiao Chou feel the whole body ice-cold, Xiao Chou this little rascal once for a while will also shiver.” The Lian Yingxiao doubts said that he is also an experienced person, but never has actually heard this martial arts. At this time, Xiao Chou knocked out fist slowly a point, the small face is hit by white tiger head that the Shen Xiang's bang hit, this made him exude a painful cry, Shen Xiang's that fist has exhausted strength. little rascal, making you experience this Sir's strength!” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing. Immediately firepower full, the speed or the strength have the large scale promotion, the bang that wild White Tiger Divine Fist is relentless hits on Xiao Chou, the fist looks like, although is very chaotic, but can actually hit on the body of Xiao Chou, hits float in the air that diminutive body. Sees Xiao Chou suddenly to be devastated by Shen Xiang that wild chaotic fist heartlessly, the people secretly suck the tongue, that fearful tiger's roar connects the deafening sound, transmits eight sides, reverberates in the horizon, making people think that is having one crowd of fierce tiger to carry out the violent fight to be the same here.

The Shen Xiang's present white Tiger King fist is not only that simple, he hits when the body of Xiao Chou, that strange Ice Spirit Devil Aura pours into the body of Xiao Chou directly, but also massive, now Shen Xiang already successfully with Ice Spirit Devil Aura complete destroys Xiao Chou that firm will, has destroyed the Xiao Chou spirit, making Xiao Chou as if place oneself, in filled the death cold air in Land of Ice and Snow. This brat...... exactly what happened?” Hua Xiangyue beautiful eyes brilliant glittering, Shen Xiang this reversal, although not suddenly, but is unreadable. Xiao Ziliang is anxious, Xiao Chou is his trump card, but actually so is beaten savagely by Shen Xiang now. Was similar, if that Xiao Ziliang prevents, completely was hopeless!” Long Xueyi hastily shouted, she anticipates and Shen Xiang joint strikes. With Heavenly Dragon Seal, beats up this little rascal maliciously!” Long Xueyi shouted. Heavenly Dragon Seal! Moreover and Long Xueyi displays with joint forces, this was too rather terrorist! Can kill him? Although this little rascal rampant a point, but how to say that is also Herculean Clan, he now is only naive.” Shen Xiang said. Herculean Clan you have not imagined that small and weakly, otherwise he already died a moment ago! You only need with releasing Divine Sense, fuses together with my Divine Sense, then all give me to come, Heavenly Dragon Seal that I display is strongest, with your difference!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang is beating savagely Xiao Chou, while defers to Long Xueyi's to do. Quick, his Divine Sense fuses together with Long Xueyi's, what makes his surprised is, the situations in all around many human bodies got a panoramic view by him, except several Dean Big Shot dantians is one group of fog, is hard to see clearly, other can see clearly.

The people see the Shen Xiang's lip to move slightly, is reading anything likely, this displays the Heavenly Dragon Seal incantation, but this is completes by Long Xueyi. Before this incantation and Shen Xiang , the difference of reading, moreover was very complex, Shen Xiang can feel True Qi in within the body to surge clearly crazily, magic power rose suddenly, constituted very complex spirit pattern in his body. Shen Xiang judges immediately, Long Xueyi uses Heavenly Dragon Seal that his body displays and he displays complete different, and is very formidable! This can brat do?” Gu Dongchen retreat several steps, have raised head to look at the sky hastily. All people discovered that in the sky is cloudy, Fragrance City above Spirit Qi welled up the plaza sky, lightning flash thunder cry, the cloud layer surged, as if a cruel ominous beast must rip open the sky, lowered Mortal World to be ordinary. Xiao Ziliang they already heard that Shen Xiang has fierce martial arts, but this type first time sees!