World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 331
A Shen Xiang fist hits to fly Xiao Chou, Xiao Chou worthily is Herculean Clan, after he beat savagely a moment ago, but can also open the eye wickedly to stare him. When Xiao Chou must crawl, only listens to call Long Xueyi tenderly snorted one, four white dragon claw suddenly have braved from the ground, stubbornly holds the hands and feet of Xiao Chou, making him lie down in the ground. In the sky tyrannical Spirit Qi surges, strong winds to erupt, the explosive has startling thunderclap once for a while, was the rainstorm must approach likely such, some people only thought that this was the coincidence, they do not think that Shen Xiang can have that controlling the forces of nature strength. However these Dean Big Shot actually induce obtains on the upper air in fast condense strength, they cannot think that unexpectedly has this powerful martial arts, can to rely on accumulation world Spirit Qi attack. Xiao Ziliang thought wonderfully, him did not discover that at this time the hands and feet of that Xiao Chou the white claw that braved from the ground stubbornly is grabbed by four. „It is not good!” Xiao Ziliang just wants to prevent, to see is only cloudy the day air burst to lighten a dazzling white light, with together deafening gets angry Dragon to roar to transmit, between Heaven and Earth as if by this dragon roar sound covering generally, making the person think that has probably the a dragon tearing sky, arrives at world such. This might these Dean Big Shot deeply were shocked continually. Heavenly Dragon Seal...... Furious Dragon's Retribution!” In the Shen Xiang mind presents Long Xueyi's to shout tenderly that sees only huge White Dragon suddenly to break the dark cloud, the hit head down comes, but appeared checked, dragon head on fierce digging in ground, long jab Xiao Chou that immature body. Jumps quickly!” Gu Dongchen explodes roars.

White Dragon drops from the clouds, such as lightning general long jab, after the potential of thunder shells the Xiao Chou body, then submerges the ground. suddenly, a violent vibration transmits the person, big plaza has many cracks instantaneously, these are thick and big stone brick complete smashing suddenly, but plaza probably is jolting violently the small lake, the dust stone raises intermittent wave now. The dust submerged entire plaza, many people can, even if jump arrives airborne, avoids that violent turbulence, when they descend on plaza, plaza has the earth-shaking change. Some place bulge, likely are small massifs, some places present many fissures...... Becoming horrible to look. But only a place is complete, is barrier under that four Nirvana Realm cloths, stone brick of ground also completely breaks to pieces, Shen Xiang stands there, gasps for breath in gulps, Xiao Chou is both eyes opens, faints there. Many people crack cursed, some people crawled at this time from the thick dust, some releases strength, from deeply under attacks, making outside person know that can rescue. The Xiao Ziliang complexion is ugly, entire plaza has ruined most probably, he looked that the Shen Xiang's look fills killing intent, wishes one could to pass Shen Xiang to pinch immediately, but he actually does not dare, moreover cannot achieve, because Gu Dongchen at the same time is looking. Tang Yichao and Yue Jianglin they are also shock extremely, they are very self-confident to their barrier, after is four people collaborates, but plaza so was destroyed, in their hearts secretly is happy, because Xiao Ziliang must compensate. Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er on tall tower, looked by them from beginning to end clearly, although plaza was ruined, but Hua Xiangyue is actually glad the whole face rosy, she thought from the beginning that compensation has not hoped completely, because that is four Nirvana Realm barrier that collaborates to arrange, she wants a Xiao Ziliang guarantee, in order to avoid has the accident. But now the accident truly appeared, moreover is a very big accident, entire plaza was ruined, Shen Xiang does, that is 10 billion, but reconstruction this plaza is also only more than 100 million, Hua Xiangyue thought one gained turned, now she thought that Shen Xiang more looked more pleasing to the eyes, wishes one could hastily to fly to grasp Shen Xiang and he kisses.

I have won, you a bit faster compensate me!” Shen Xiang was also in a daze the period of time, Heavenly Dragon Seal that because Long Xueyi displays was really too powerful, mainly after was the white anger dragon of that energy formation penetrated Xiao Chou, disregards barrier of ground, entered deeply to erupt strength, caused entire plaza to be ruined. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming hastily descends in Shen Xiang behind, because Xiao Ziliang has been mad results in the whole body to tremble, releases the terror the pressure. Hua Xiangyue also hastily grazes, stands on the side of Shen Xiang, indifferently said: Xiao Ziliang, you spoke to probably keep a promise, my plaza is destroyed this now!” Xiao Ziliang only thought that now an old blood suppresses unable to spurt in the throat, he wants to attack brutally very much, does not hesitate to write off Shen Xiang. The words that but now Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming and Hua Xiangyue here, he gets rid, Gu Dongchen they will also get rid, when the time comes he not only could not kill Shen Xiang, oneself possibly also met die. Shen Xiang lightly smiled, said very magnanimous: Xiao Senior, has sorry, although plaza is my I destroys, but actually wants you to be responsible for! Like this, I want your hundred million crystal stones.” Hua Xiangyue has resulted in 10 billion compensations, definitely will have his one, few 100 million nothing. At this time Tang Yichao they walked in abundance, gave Shen Xiang storage pouch, then departed in a hurry, they worried that Xiao Ziliang will borrow money to them.

True Martial Sect, Beast Martial Sect and Proud Sword Sect altogether give the Shen Xiang 500 million compensations, that is hundred thousand grain of True Elemental Dan! Although they are not feeling well very much, but cannot help but was sincerely convinced, Shen Xiang's strength too heaven defying, moreover back Gu Dongchen was also very strong, this time he will help Hua Xiangyue this Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean gain on ten billion crystal stone, Hua Xiangyue definitely will have treated as the treasure same to protect him. They thought that continues with the Shen Xiang entanglement words again, before that big storm has not come, their sect by Extreme Martial Sect extinguishing, them have decided well to develop the sect's strength, deals with that forthcoming big storm fully, fortunately survived to say again. After this disturbance, the Shen Xiang's reputation will be advanced the peak again, the young people of this strength terror, later definitely become the Extreme Martial Sect's pillar, the people thought Shen Xiang has in a big way possibly becomes next Extreme Martial Sect's Dean! Hua Xiangyue also gives the Xiao Ziliang breathing heavily one breath, she worried that Xiao Ziliang was irritated, when the time comes her 10 billion may malinger. The Xiao Ziliang continual deep breath the small moment, thought that felt better, he lived was so long, first time thought that was irritated this view not to exaggerate. He was robbed the position of Dean not to have now by Huang Jintian to be so uncomfortable in the past, but all these are Shen Xiang create! I...... I that many, I have not divided for 50 years to give back to you now, every year also you 200 million! I had not said the one breath before to you.” Free Immortal Sea that Xiao Ziliang establishes is very young, he also knows that big storm must come, he will pay off will only pull out spatial Free Immortal Sea. 50 years regarding these Dean Big Shot at all are not anything, Hua Xiangyue also knows that cannot compel too anxiously, in any case the Xiao Ziliang person there, cannot run away.