World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 335
Huang Jintian drew quickly that map, after he gave Shen Xiang, said: You arrive at One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, takes this map, should be able to make him find the road to take Suppressing Devil divine art.” Suppressing Devil divine art! This unexpectedly is divine art, this makes Shen Xiang be surprised. Since getting down, Su Meiyao, Bai Youyou and Long Xueyi did not have the sound, they worried was discovered probably by Huang Jintian, moreover they thought faintly that their existences had been discovered by Huang Jintian this strange old man. How after this cultivates Suppressing Devil divine art, can make you have Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, this Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi is the fusion in your True Qi, copes with the Demon and Devil two things to make them receive the multiple injuries, this Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi is not easy to learn, but I believe that you can learn.” Huang Jintian answered. Some Shen Xiang doubts asked: Master, don't you understand this Suppressing Devil divine art? That is One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, very danger(ous).” Your this brat here dares continually, but also fears that One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain?” Huang Jintian ridicules saying: Suppressing Devil divine art, only then deals with the Demon and Devil World fellow to be useful, copes with a martial artist function of Human World not to have! That big storm comes time, the Demon and Devil World thing can run over, the function of Suppressing Devil divine art hit!” Shen Xiang spits the tongue, three realms great war has not come, naturally some people will not study this useless martial arts. „The Suppressing Devil divine art whereabouts are the Extreme Martial founder hand down from generation to generation, does not know Little Featherhead that you went to One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain to take that's alright, although a little danger(ous), but you can definitely deal with come! three realms great war is not the matter of cracking a joke, is very when the time comes brutal, let alone your this small, Nirvana Realm must die one in large numbers.” Huang Jintian said with a sigh. Shen Xiang also painstakingly sighed one, because his unexpectedly has caught up with this disturbance, moreover now had not determined when must come. „The words that being all right hurry get lost, do not waste the time!” Huang Jintian said: Was right, remembers do not tell Little Featherhead their Suppressing Devil divine art matter, they practice to them do not have the advantage, they are not suitable to practice this martial arts.”

Shen Xiang has not said goodbye with enough time, by a Huang Jintian foot trampling. Little Bald, I was living.” Shen Xiang lies down in the lawn, looks at the beautiful sunlight, said while loudly laughing. Congratulating Martial Uncle can return safely.” Wu Kaiming also said with a smile, he here waited for three months, he has to admire Shen Xiang, can boil below is so long, before he and Gu Dongchen at most were a moon/month. Shen Xiang after the Xiao Ziliang matter passed on to Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, hurries back Extreme Dan King Courtyard to look after his spirit herb. He attended the Danxiang Taoyuan grand meeting to go for three months, stayed in that forbidden land inside and Huang Jintian for three months, in the half year background frequently concise golden dragon saliva, currently had many! Shen Xiang plans to drench sprinkles on that Life Returning Grass and Nine Elements Flower, moreover must use that ten drops of Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk, he must cultivate to be many fast some Life Returning Grass and Nine Elements Flower. Your Master is fierce, he should be Undead clan, this is one has the infinite life mysterious race, but has Yin and Yang Veins in this race inside person again, that loved rarely seen.” Long Xueyi exclaimed in surprise again and again, her finally dares to speak now. He later can definitely be a legendary character, but he hides also is very here intelligent.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang hastily asked: „Have you heard that Suppressing Devil divine art matter?”

Antique ten big rare technique sets the base, the refinement difficulty did not say high that the use is not big, except for being used to cope with the Demon and Devil World life, other had no merit to speak.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang in that small medicine garden, looks at that Life Returning Grass and Nine Elements Flower, cautious and solemn is watering golden dragon saliva. Life Returning Grass can grow the grass seed, Nine Elements Flower can also grow the flower seed, but needs to grow to ten thousand years is good! So long as can grow these things, you can be the seed by this, the batch planter! Generally is in 5000 maturity.” Su Meiyao said that she also understands Dragon Saliva Art, before little had not handled this matter, has the rich experience. Three days passed by, Liu Meng'er gives his Life Returning Grass and Nine Elements Flower under the massive golden dragon saliva irrigation, grows the seed that has been able to reproduce, has ten grains respectively. This Life Returning Grass and Nine Elements Flower have planted here, specifically are used to plant the seed, these spirit grass(es) spirit flower can grow infinitely . Moreover the longer the better, your Azure Profound Fruit Tree is an example.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang is secretly excited, his hastily plants five Life Returning Grass and five Nine Elements Flower. He uses massive golden dragon saliva to water, but golden dragon saliva has used quickly up, he concise a half year, but completely uses up in less than half a month. At this time he has to use that Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk, because of that five Life Returning Grass and five Nine Elements Flower soon maturity, so long as maturity, he can take to Liu Meng'er, he five grains of White Jade Lotus Seed, a grain does to plant now, but can fill with Hell Spirit Grass on, such one, five came back to life pill's herbs. Also passed for two days, Shen Xiang's Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk has used up, although consumes his golden dragon saliva and Ten Thousand Years Spirit Milk, but he feels very excitedly, because he has succeeded to plant five Life Returning Grass and 5th Stage Nine Elements Flower, this is the refinement comes back to life pill's main herbs, if gives him again some time, his White Jade Lotus Seed can plant a big pile. Shen Xiang grasps all day in that small medicine garden, no matter who looks for him, he does not see, completes until own matter, he thinks strange, he has not seen Elder Dan to the present, Elder Dan resembled suddenly to be missing was the same, although she had said that must close up very long a period of time, but Shen Xiang thought that some were uncomfortable.

Thinks Elder Dan, he will not be bored, all day can sexually harass this mysterious and formidable female. Life Returning Grass, Nine Elements Flower and White Jade Lotus Seed, this is refines Life Returning Pill herbs, Shen Xiang will be divided into five, puts in five small jade boxes, one box replaces with some Hell Spirit Grass. He just went out of Extreme Dan King Courtyard, was planning that Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire looks for Liu Meng'er, actually sees Wu Kaiming to fly hurriedly. Wu Kaiming not saying anything further, draws Shen Xiang to fly toward Elder Courtyard, has probably anything very urgent matter such. Smelly brat, you made everybody wait for several days.” Gu Dongchen sees Shen Xiang, immediately said. Has ten to come individual in this Elder Courtyard, these person of he did not know, but actually knows that is some fierce True Martial Realm, unexpectedly is True Martial Realm 9th Stage! Dean...... I must go to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to find the person, very important matter!” Shen Xiang said that he anxiously is delivering herbs to Liu Meng'er, foreknowledge of Huang Jintian to her transcends tribulation.