World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 336
Shen Xiang must go to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to find the person, this makes in the Gu Dongchen heart have doubts. He early knows that Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er walk very nearly, but also joined up the pit his crystal stones, but Xue Xianxian was the Shen Xiang's wife, Shen Xiang asked her not to have anything. And other Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Empress will come, when the time comes you passed with her that's alright! The matter that I must say now is very important, after you listen, must be ready.” Gu Dongchen said. Shen Xiang nodded. Thinks that you did know that big storm matter? Now only then some sect inside core disciples are quite clear this matter, big storm must certainly come, but was unable to say now, otherwise meets the worldwide chaos.” Gu Dongchen said that at this time also had ten elders to come. That big storm is three realms great war in Legend, you should not be strange to this matter, especially these days passes on fiercely.” Wu Kaiming said. After that ten True Martial Realm 9th Stage disciple hears, the whole body trembles, they already associated to that three realms great war, but has not been confirmed that now a Wu Kaiming such saying, that real. Is very unfortunate, has a fusion mouth on Chenwu Mainland, when the time comes there is hole that Demon and Devil comes in! Therefore our Chenwu Mainland's pressure is very big.” Gu Dongchen sighed. Shen Xiang learned from Long Xueyi there, the Mortal Martial World that he is, is numerous mortal world quite big one, has the limitless sea on Mortal Martial World, marine continent are also many, but Chenwu Mainland is quite lively continent, because here has Extreme Martial Sect this time-honored sect, the population are also many. But now is on Chenwu Mainland presents one with the Demon and Devil World fusion point, this is the Mortal Martial World only entrance!

It is said that previous time fusion mouth also in our Chenwu Mainland, but that was the hundred thousand year matter! Place in One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain!” Gu Dongchen also said that this makes in the Shen Xiang heart jump, he prepares One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain. In the past fused time, each continent's expert in Mortal Martial World got together here, collaborates Demon and Devil that resisted Demon and Devil World to come, in the past that fight was very frigid. In Mortal Martial World died many outstanding expert, at that time has been also lost many precious martial skill and alchemy technique wait / etc., but this time was the history repeats.” Hears the Gu Dongchen words, everyone knows that definitely will be very when the time comes miserable, Nirvana Realm metropolis die, let alone their these are smaller. You must go to One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain. You go to there nosing, now the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain situation is not very wonderful, initially died there strength of that crowd of ghosts is strengthening slowly, if passage opens ahead of time, the person on our Chenwu Mainland is absolutely impossible to stop! Our these Nirvana Realm is relating overseas many continent's expert, making them come here, when the time comes will hold a Mortal Martial World heroic congress!” Shen Xiang has thought only One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain is only a piece of dangerous mountain, but has not thought there truly hundred thousand year ago Human World great war Demon and Devil World place, he knows why now Huang Jintian made him go to there to take the thing. The one who lets Shen Xiang compare to care is that heroic congress, but when the time comes other continent's expert arrive, must know that Mortal Martial World is big, has many continent, the person who they come will not be definitely few, is that type is very definitely strong. You were only examine the situation, in One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain had the unusual situation, so long as the True Martial Realm 9th Stage above past, there will make a sound of shrieking and howling wildly. Even if were we go into hiding cultivation base not to be good, I once want to enter forcefully, but actually encountered a very formidable resistance, will trigger the earthquake, now each sect sends out True Martial Realm 9th Stage went in inside nosing, therefore after you went, had anything to not to retreat to me carefully.” Last Gu Dongchen said specially heavily, he does not want to make the disciple sacrifice. Elder Wu, you have their ten to understand the first One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain trust situation, making them be familiar with these Devil Qi! Shen Xiang stays in Southern Wasteland has not needed, Shen Xiang you come with me!” Gu Dongchen brought Shen Xiang to leave, arrived at his secret residence.

Shen Xiang True Martial Realm 5th Stage, but Gu Dongchen also makes him go to One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, definitely has other intention. Young Martial Uncle, you must go to that One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, is afraid?” Gu Dongchen asked that he knows that Shen Xiang was the alchemy master, the busy matter were many, he made Shen Xiang handle this danger(ous) matter also to feel somewhat guilty. Naturally did not fear! You had anything to say that's it directly.” Saying that Shen Xiang does not care about, even if Gu Dongchen does not make him go, he must go, because he must take that Suppressing Devil divine art. Good, this One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain inside situation is very strange, I suspected that inside these ghost remaining strength were concentrated together, was used similar altar these things to make anything thing such, will therefore form a fierce barrier, lets our these Nirvana Realm is unable to go.” Gu Dongchen looks serious, his whispered: If cannot find out anything to come, you set on fire inside burn down, I know that the Young Martial Uncle flame was uncommon, fills Extreme Yang to just strength, should have very big lethality to these Devil Qi!” Shen Xiang nodded, this is makes him put Mt. Huoshao, regarding One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, he does not fear, he compares to care about inside that Suppressing Devil divine art use in a big way, moreover that is very difficult to study. When the time comes I go, you make other Senior Brother not enter the deep place! To be honest, I look for Master time, Master his old man transfers me to pay attention to One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, he also makes me go to the deep place to nose, he said that I can be competent this matter!” Shen Xiang thinks that has made up an excuse, this can let his go it alone. Gu Dongchen one startled, he knows that Huang Jintian has having foresight strength, therefore highly believes: Good, I hit move of hū! that Liu Meng'er to come with other sect, she should be looks for Junior Sister.”

Liu Meng'er came, she mourning band, is wearing black clothes wear a look, is throwing over the black robe, appears quite low-key. She is not looks for Elder Dan's, but is looks for Shen Xiang's. Some Gu Dongchen strange Liu Meng'er must look for Shen Xiang to do, but he had not asked that making Shen Xiang take away in Extreme Dan King Courtyard Liu Meng'er. This is Shen Xiang first time lives alone in Extreme Martial Sect inside and Liu Meng'er, this makes him cannot help but indulge in flights of fancy. Extreme Dan King Courtyard now only then Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er, Wu Qianqian here, she does not undergo the training in that King Martial Courtyard, she does not promote the strength like Shen Xiang so many ways. Sister Meng'er, you are really my infrequent visitor!” Shen Xiang hey gives Liu Meng'er to serve tea with a smile, but also suddenly has kissed her face, this makes Liu Meng'er feel charming, although this inside does not have other people, but is actually the Extreme Martial Sect's domain, in her heart many have some not to feel relieved.