World Defying Dan God - Volume 4 - Chapter 337
Liu Meng'er has pinched a meat of Shen Xiang waist, is charmingly angry: little rascal.” Sister Meng'er, your previous time walks such sharply, has not seen my big show skill time, is really a pity!” Shen Xiang disappointed was sighing. Liu Meng'er sees certainly, the Shen Xiang's performance truly makes her extremely shocking, to Shen Xiang some deeper understanding, she has softened the sound track: I listened to Xiangyue saying that your this brat really will also stir up trouble, right now annoys Xiao Ziliang.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I do not fear him, was right, what matter do you ask me to have?” „Can Gu Dongchen send you to go to One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain? I am prevent his, that place now very danger(ous), although you are very strong, but do not go , to promote the strength honestly.” Liu Meng'er stands up, the white hands are touching the Shen Xiang's cheeks: Previous time in Southern Wasteland on danger(ous), the Devil Path person possibly in inside, I have not felt relieved you!” Sees Liu Meng'er such to care about him, in the Shen Xiang heart is moved incomparably, he said with a smile: Sister Meng'er, you do not need to be worried my! Even if he does not make me go, I must go! Hehe, my a little gift must give to you!” Shen Xiang has pinched Liu Meng'er's face, then smiled is putting out five jade boxes to be placed on a table, he said with a smile mystically: Sister Meng'er, you open come to see, to get so far as these things, I, but laborious several months!” What Liu Meng'er guessed in the jade box was herbs, Shen Xiang stays in that forbidden land three months, Liu Meng'er has come twice, was looks for Shen Xiang's, but Gu Dongchen told her, Shen Xiang was closing up. Liu Meng'er opened a jade box, beautiful eyes opened the eyes, she saw Life Returning Grass, Nine Elements Flower and White Jade Lotus Seed, but she did not feel surprised, because Shen Xiang itself had grain of White Jade Lotus Seed, before had also said that must give to her. She is affected, she had said before does not want, because she thought that is more important to Shen Xiang, White Jade Lotus Seed eats directly also has very big use. Saw Liu Meng'er that affectionately look lovingly, Shen Xiang difficultly to laugh foolishly two, can be looked with this look by this generation of empresses, making him shameless one red, in heart happy incomparable. Liu Meng'er sees this appearance, beautiful smile: little rascal, your useful words are remaining, you are the alchemy master, this is bigger to your use!”

A Shen Xiang face is mystical , to continue saying: Gift also has, you continue to look!” Liu Meng'er also secret curious, Shen Xiang also will then prepare any gift to her, she opened a jade box, this time she was shocked. Because in is also Life Returning Grass, Nine Elements Flower and White Jade Lotus Seed, this refines Life Returning Pill three main herbs, collected one to be difficult, let alone two! But Life Returning Pill Earth Level High-Grade Dan, this little has appeared on Chenwu Mainland! Liu Meng'er thinks that does not understand how Shen Xiang gets so far as, she looks Shen Xiang that astonished a face smiles, sees only Shen Xiang to hint her to continue to open the jade box. After opening the third jade box, Liu Meng'er was shocked thoroughly, because in this is Life Returning Pill herbs, her abundant chest is very fluctuating slightly, she is moved very much, Shen Xiang gave her gift to be too precious, this made her feel Shen Xiang at this time to her regard. After she is calm, continues to open the jade box, inside Life Returning Pill three main herbs, this time she had the preparation, but is unavoidably surprised, she guessed that last definitely is also. After the fifth jade box opens, she has closed eyes, long took a deep breath, in that also refines Life Returning Pill three main herbs, but was Hell Spirit Grass has replaced White Jade Lotus Seed. Shen Xiang walked, moving the eyes moist beautiful woman hugs in the bosom, asked in a soft voice: I do not want to lose you, you must cross Nirvana Tribulation smoothly!” Liu Meng'er also closely hugs Shen Xiang, face is pasting in the Shen Xiang's chest, she sighed: little rascal, did you know?” If Hua Xiangyue displays well, this is five grains of Life Returning Pill, should suffice! Later do not have too many worries on this matter, you can certainly cross Nirvana Tribulation.” Shen Xiang is encouraging her. Um, Nirvana Tribulation truly makes me feel the fear! Later you will understand that I do not think the time makes you sad, therefore...... Therefore I will avoid your.” Liu Meng'er whispered.

Shen Xiang smiled, has put out Huang Jintian to his Yin-Yang Sphere, when inside has about Liu Meng'er transcends tribulation matter that can have. What is this?” After Liu Meng'er sees, knits the brows to ask. You are taking, fuses in the mind, this thing was also I suffers very big hardship to get so far as!” Shen Xiang said spoke. Liu Meng'er guessed that this is inherits the stone and so on thing, can fast to learn any fierce martial arts, she complies immediately, is taking that Yin-Yang Sphere, releases Divine Sense. Quick, that Yin-Yang Sphere vanish from sight, the Liu Meng'er whole face was also shocking. This...... This is......” Liu Meng'er is startled unable to speak, because she can clearly know when her Nirvana Seventh Tribulation the disaster that faces, knows these, can make her easier to face. Nirvana Tribulation terror, on the one hand, again in does not know that what disaster will have, even if were capable of dealing, by various these sudden disasters suffering lethal. Let alone comes out!” Shen Xiang hastily prevents her: You say do not permit, can only you know!” Liu Meng'er nodded immediately, she lowers sound to ask: little rascal, what relationship is Huang Jintian with you? He can know in advance that the Nirvana Tribulation matter I also know, this is my parents tells me!” Shen Xiang was closed into that Extreme Martial Sect famous forbidden land, Huang Jintian also continuously in that forbidden land, before Liu Meng'er , the affirmation Shen Xiang affirmation and Huang Jintian have relationship, because she can see Shen Xiang's Yin and Yang Divine Veins.

Shen Xiang sighed, Liu Meng'er also lightly sighed one: Relax, I later well will protect your!” Liu Meng'er affirmed that now Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian are master and apprentice relationship, the Huang Jintian past matter she was very clear, because her parents mentioned frequently. Sister Meng'er, I give you that many gifts, how you must thank me!” Shen Xiang hugs closely Liu Meng'er, said with an evil smile. On Liu Meng'er's jade face slightly one red, then closes eyes, gains ground slowly, on own initiative and Shen Xiang kisses. Liu Meng'er planned to break out Shen Xiang, until she crossed Nirvana Tribulation, but she knew after One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain matter, was extremely worried that Shen Xiang will also go to there investigation, uneasy whether sitting or standing she can only come to look for Shen Xiang, but has not thought that Shen Xiang actually eliminated her to crossing Nirvana Tribulation the fear, at this time Liu Meng'er completely let loose, was kissing with the Shen Xiang affection violently. Liu Meng'er does not know how long one and Shen Xiang have kissed, her suddenly felt that own chest was rubbed to pinch by a bad hand, this makes her be similar to receives an electric shock general, cannot help but the tender body trembles, instinct draws back. little rascal, you were getting more and more bad, does your this learn from whom?” Liu Meng'er charmingly angry [say / way]. Learns from whom? Shen Xiang thought that this is self-taught, he thought that the chest of woman touched to the man, what otherwise long goes all out? Moreover is so good to touch.